Suffolk University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Because of the small class sizes, your professor knows your name by the third week, most likely in less time! Over 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the professors are adjunct, so they're professionals in the field that they are teaching you as well as a professor at Suffolk. They are all required to have office hours and so there is a lot of time for one on one help. It's also really easy to get involved in internships and co-ps through those professors. There are three parts to the curriculum: core requirements, major classes and free electives. You can even study abroad to fill those credits. Next semester i am going to Madrid, Spain (Suffolk has it's very own campus there!) As a public relations major i am involved with one of the biggest departments on campus and have several inside and outside class opportunities. Requirements are more then capable of being fulfilled and leave enough room in the day for a work study, off campus job and plenty of involvement in clubs or even sports. Suffolk gives you the tools to be independent and to work hard and gain responsibility but the help to be successful and gain knowledge and experience.


Suffolk's academics are really outstanding. Although it is not the most difficult school to get into, most students are very motivated and interested in their classes. The professors I have had so far are extremely dedicated and clearly love what they do. Their focus is not on trying to make the class as hard as possible, but to make sure you understand the material and to challenge you. The small class sizes are the best part about Suffolk's academics. My classes have ranged from 15-30 students. Professors talk to students, not at them and make an effort to learn names. Most classes are not boring lectures, but discussions where students' opinions are valued. I am a marketing major in the Honors Program, and I strongly suggest that you look into the Honors Program to see if you qualify. Honors scholars currently receive full tuition, priority housing and class registration, and have many other special privileges such as networking events and internship opportunities.


As far as academics go, bottom line, most people who go to suffolk came here because they didn't get in anywhere else. Its acceptance, although becoming more competitive especially over the last year, lends itself to taking in a lot of underachievers. The overachievers that do end up at suffolk usually came because suffolk gave them a huge financial aid package and those students are usually isolated to the honors program. Therefore, the student body in general does not consist of the best and the brightest. However, the professors make up for this, they are knowledgeable, easily approachable and good at what they do. Therefore, you may be frustrated by students who aren't the sharpest tacks in the box, but if you take your classes seriously and milk the professors for what they've got than you'll get a solid education. As for the English Department, the one I'm in, it is a much more traditional approach to English studies than at most liberal arts colleges and certainly more traditional than at Emerson down the street. Expect to be taking a hell of a lot of shakespeare before you can study anything even remotely relating to contemporary literature. And as for writing workshops, there are only five in the department that I know of.