Suffolk University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Suffolk University is in the heart of Boston which allows almost everything to be in either walking distance or T accessible, and the city is filed with so much art, history, and excitement.


What i brag about most when i tell my friends about school, is basically the location and the opportunity that i have to find a job with a degree in Accounting and FInance. I love suffolk university and and really excited for the journey ahead.


I tell them that Suffolk's Student Activity Center is one of the best at any school I have attended. They have clubs for every race, interest, ethnicity, and ideology. It is a very diverse campus and it aims to please all students. They center is extrememly helpful for new students who want to meet people. They can join a student organization and gain friends for life!


I usually brag about the dorms because it’s not as small as other college dorms. It’s spacious and one can have up to 10 people in a dorm. The school have dorms that are apartment like that includes a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. One really gets the feeling of living on their own and being independent.


It is exciting to be a part of the city life everyday and do be reminded that you are a part of this place filled with people who are doing things and going places. On the Suffolk campus you see your potential within the other students, the professors, and the men and women who pass by you on their way to work in the city.


I love all my professors!! My management101 professor is the bomb!! He's taught in Belgium, Congo, and now Suffolk. Suffolk has a university in Senegal and he is going to teach there next semester. I don't remember one class where we didn't laugh and not one class I didn't stay after to have a nice little chat with him and my classmates. My Chinese101 teacher is the nicest teacher I have ever met. Our class consisted of 9 students and everyone was able to joke around with one another. We were like family


Small class sizes, close relationships with faculty


The study abroad program- students are encouraged to pick from over 50 locations to study away for a year, semester, 6-week, or summer studying or taking classes such as Salsa Dancing in Madrid, Spain. Financial aid is readily available and the professors are knowledgeable of the programs because it is a huge part of academic life.


I brag to them about how we dnt have a campus persay. Our campus is all spread out all over the ciry of Boston and we are right in the heart of it with the State House and the comon in our back yard.


I brag mostly about the fact that the school is very diverse and offers a look into many different cultures. It makes me proud to know that I go here. I love the fact that it's in the city and everything is easily accessible right here.




I'd say that most of the students here are really talented and smart and most of them know what they want in life after they graduate. Most people think of Soffulk as a Law School, but I try to emphasize it's growing science based majors.