Suffolk University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


What i consider the worst thing about my school is the high tution price.


The worst thing about Suffolk may be that cafeteria food doesnt vary much and after a while it can get old.


Communication with other offices. They are not responsive to your questions, and they act and do things without even communicationg with you first.


The one thing I consider to be the worst thing about my school is the lack of space they have to build more dorms. The reason being is because the school is located in downtown Boston where it’s full of corporate buildings and shopping malls. Because they have limited space and the campus is spread out they have to put their students in hotels. It’s extremely hard for the students living off campus and in a hotel because it’s away from the actual campus and takes awhile to get to class.


The lack of a campus makes it more difficult to meet people.


To be completely honest, I just transferred to my school this past semester so I have only experienced a few days. So far I enjoy it, but those who want a big campus should look else where. I guess the worst thing about the campus is the fact that its pretty small, there is insufficient housing for all their students and most turn to off campus housing. The main cafeteria is very small, it doesn't even resemble a normal college cafeteria. Other than that though, I haven't found too much to complain about.


The worst thing about my school was getting use to life in the city of Boston with a real college campus feel. It was difficult to adjust to having my school be spread out throughout such a large city but after a few months, it became the best part of my school. Boston has so many opportunities and things to do that it actually adds to everything Suffolk has to offer.


The worst thing I'd consider about my school is the athletics design, they do not do enough recruiting of prospective students to the best of their abilities as well as our athletic center needs much improvement and new equipment! and I t also needs to have a women's hockey team.


Long days


The worst thing about my school is the school bookstore. The faculity is always kind and helpful--but the prices for the books themselves are outrageous! A student can easily drop 115.00 for a language or science book, only to sell it back at the end of the semester for ten percent of less. It's infuriating.


Although the university offers everything a student needs, maybe it is a little overprized.


The worst thing about Suffolk University is the constant temptaion to aviod school work. Living and going to school in the very middle of the city lead many students to party a lot more than study, and at a level a lot higher than average campus dwelling college kids. There is also no sense of community, downtown Boston is your campus and that is not for everyone.


The professors have no respect or care for their students lives. We all live in the middle of a city, and we all have jobs to support ourselves. They aren't flexible with their time or their imput. I've even had a teacher tell me that a funeral was not an appropriate excuse for an absense!




Lack of on campus housing. Not enough to go around.


I think the worst thing is the cost, it is outrageous.


The fact that we do not have enough dorms for incoming students. As of right now, there are only three dorm buildings for the thousands of people that attend the school. Also, the book prices can b very high.


Many departments are very unorganized and hard to get straight answers out of, it requires alot of persistance.


Very little on campus life. You make your own fun


The worse thing is the athletic complex because its to small, and the weight room is to small. Also the gym isnt the greatest and not big on student college athletics.


The tuition because it is very expensive and when emergencies come around it is difficult to compensate.


The worst thing about my school is its a growing commuter school. Meaning, the housing is difficult, the cafeterias arent great, and our sports facilities are terrible.


There is no campus and at the end of the day everyone just goes back to their own appartments and keeps to themselves.