Suffolk University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


There are the rich "Suffolk is the only school I got into because my parents gave a huge grant" kids who walk around looking down at you from their Gucci sunglasses and scoff at anyone who doesnt look like they're going to a photoshoot on their way to a monday morning class. Equally as obnoxious are the pretentious, artsy segment of NESAD's (New England School of Art and Design) students who look like they're straight out of an urban outfitters catalogue and sit outside 150 Tremont chain smoking cigarettes and talking about how much they love Vampire Weekend. There is a large international population that mostly keeps to themselves and then there are the "I could be going to Northeastern or BU but I got a free ride here" kids who mostly make up the honors program, therefore there's no chance in hell you'll ever see one of them in your classes if you got an average score on your SAT's. Suffolk is very cliquey, especially if you live in the dorms because there are so few students that you see on a day to day basis (most of Suffolk is a commuter campus) ...Then there are the minority that are actually nice, friendly, accepting people who cant really afford to go on shopping trips for designer clothes (because they're traditional college students without a trust fund) , wear pajamas to class occasionally and don't judge people by what type of music they listen to.