Suffolk University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Being a city gal at heart i LOVE LOVE LOVE that Suffolk is in the bustling city of Boston! Average classroom size is 25 and i barely have that many students in my classes. I'm not just a number in a lecture hall of 300, because well, there aren;t any lecture hall's anyway! Most of the time i'm doing things for one of my two on campus jobs ( and there are so many to choose from) or one of the organizations i'm involved in (over 70 student run clubs and organizations.) I have really found my home in getting involved and there are so many opportunities that Suffolk offers. So it's a bit unusual that the campus is spread out in Downtown Boston, but nothing is more than a 10 minute walk away and everyone finds their niche here because there is a little bit of everything fro everyone!!!


Suffolk is definitely different than colleges you see in the movies. There is no tree-lined campus with historic buildings and frathouses. However, Suffolk has a lot of things that suburban colleges can not offer. It's smack in the middle of downtown Boston and mostly everywhere you want to go is within walking distance. My friends who go to suburban colleges brag about the Dunkin' Donuts on campus or the shuttle bus to Target. At Suffolk you can walk to Downtown Crossing, Faneuil Hall, The North End, Newbury Street, and Copley Plaza, nevermind all the other parts of Boston that are only a few minutes away on the T. Although the big city seems overwhelming, Suffolk has a small campus so that you will not be lost in the crowd. When applying to colleges, I wanted a small, suburban campus and wanted nothing to do with the city. Once I visited the campus, I realized that Suffolk was a small community within a large city, giving it the best of both worlds.


Suffolk is definitely not the traditional college experience. For instance, there is no campus. In the brochures they'll try and make this up to you by saying that "Boston is our campus". However, if you're looking for the college experience that you've seen in the movies since you were ten than this won't cut it for you. However, if non-traditional is your thing than I guess this is the place for you. In fact, since the Boston Common is right in the middle of Suffolk, it acts as a college quad and once the nice spring weather rolls around its filled with Suffolk students playing frisbee (along with dogs, kids and homeless people of course) ... again... if non-traditional is your thing... Also, if you live in the dorm sometimes Suffolk can feel a little bit like high school. Because there are so few housing opportunities and the majority of Suffolk students are forced to commute or get off campus housing their first year, Suffolk feels even smaller than it advertises and therefore, if you get trashed at a party and turn a banister into a stripper pole, everyone will know by the end of the month. However, if you've always wanted to feel like you were a part of a city, Suffolk is the way to go. Its lack of school cohesiveness lends itself to its students becoming more connected with Boston itself. When you can watch the Departed and point out where every scene takes place, thats when Suffolk's pride comes in, rather than at the traditional college basketball and football games.... we care more about the red sox anyway!