Suffolk University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who loves the city and doesn't mind being on their own a lot would be a good candidate for this school.


Anyone who wishes to be what they dream of and more should attend Suffolk University .


A wealthy person should attend this school so they can pay for it without too much trouble, and people who are very clingy and still stuck in the highschool days.


A student who wants the bells and whistles of a major university but yet weary about leaving home would probably enjoy this school. The quality of the classrooms and the building are for the most part pretty good, but it's small stature might be more comforting than overwhelming to students who are nervous about being on their own.


A person looking to be completely free to voice his or her opinions, be him/herself, live the city school life, be in a very well known business environment and someone who loves to be around fun,energetic and caring people.


Anyone who is looking for a good location and a chance to meet a lot of people.


People with motivation and a clear view of what they want for their future; people who prefer smaller classes and more intimate teacher-student relationships.


Someone who would like to live in a city. Doesn't mind the cold winters. Likes small classes. Doesn't mind not having a big sports program.


a strong, independent person who can appreciate city living