Suffolk University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who does not care about their professional and personal future should not come to this school. Suffolk University is well known in the area for placing driven, hard working students with local, state and federal internships. Having connections at this school goes a long way, especially after graduating.


If you don't like to be challenged and don't like a heavy work load I wouldn't suggest attenting Suffolk. Althoug hthe curriculum can be extremely challenging and sometimes stressful at the end of the day I really enjoy it. Also if you don't like the city I wouldn't suggest attending Suffolk either because we are right in the heart of Boston.


A person that enjoys a rural community feel for their college campus should not attend this school because the campus is in the heart of the city of Boston.


someone who is not serious about their education, but those people shouldn't attend any school.


Those who want the typical college campus or someone who does not want to live in the city.


If you are not willing to work hard and push yourself I wouldn't go here. Suffolk students strive for excellence and want everything out of their experiences and time here. This is a great school and I have learned a lot from our professors because they push me to think outside the box and want me to suceed; so if you aren't willing to put the time into your education Suffolk isn't the place for you.


People who need to go home every weekend or people who are very reliant on their cars. There is no way that you can attend Suffolk University and have a car in Boston. A majority of the student body lives in the city of Boston or its surrounding towns, so no one ever really goes home for too long. Also, people who aren't willing to walk everywhere (and I really do mean that) should not go to any school in the Boston area. You walk over two miles a day, easily. The party scene makes up for it though.


I would say that any individual who wants the classic college experience, dealing with a campus, fraternities, sororities, and big sports teams would be extremely dissapointed with Suffolk University.


everyone should


Anyone can attend this school because of its amazing diversity. It is an easier school to get into but in my opinion can change lives. Suffolk is very internationally oriented as well and can fit almost any persons needs.


An easily scared or timid person, whom has not yet had any real life experience living in a big city.


Heavy partying students shouldn't attend this school. It is a very academic focused university. There aren't very many varsity sports either.


someone who wants greek life and/or wants a lawn


Anyone who doesn't like an urban campus shouldn't attend this school. If you don't like small classroom sizes, this isn't the school for you! I can't really think of a person who wouldn't fit in, since there are so many different people!