Suffolk University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


The most helpful resource I wish I had known about my university is the peer mentor program that they have in which they match you with someone that can help you with the transition from high school to college. I am happy I got involved with that program because before coming to the University I thought I'd be on my own to find out how to do well. Thanks to my mentor I have learned the different things I should do to well in school so I can accomplish my dream of becoming a lawyer.


That everyone is there to help, its easier to get involved than you think.


i wish i had know more about the campus.


More about the financial help they are willing to give.




Nothing... I went to orientation and took a tour of the school and I didn't have any real suprises upon my arrival to school.


That I would have to find a job on my own. There aren't a lot of job oppurtunities here.


how truly expensive the city and everything at the school and around it was.


Nothing, It was everything I had expected and more.