Sul Ross State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think the only bad thing about the school is location. the nearest city is 2 hours away.


I think the recognition of athletics is the worst apect about my college. Many athletes do not respect Sul Ross and it is extremely difficult to recruit athletes. The programs do seem to be getting better, and the athletes we have this year are kind of turning these sports around. Many other colleges do not show us any kind of respect and I find it very sad. I wish athletes were more involved and really wanted to turn our programs around. We have so much potential and I wish every one would see what I see.


The worst thing about this school, is the time the classes are offered. The classes are offered at times students may not be able to attend.


There is really nothing available on the weekens. People get really bored thats why the alcohol and drug usage has increase over the years. This campus needs more activities available for students.