Sul Ross State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


High school work is very different than university work. It is important to develop good study skills and know how to manage time between class, study, job and fun time. Do not give up. I quit school and tried to find my way through a career without a degree. I was wrong. I was getting passed up left and right becuase of my lack of a college degree. Even if the road to graduation looks long, keep going. The benefits will be seen when you apply for a job you deserve. I never thought I would be working on my Doctorate in Education when I was a high school senior, but since I have matured in my study I cannot get enough. I have truley become a lifelong learner. Make sure to choose a school that is relative to your experience in education. Make plenty of campus visits before making a decision. The most important advice I can give now is to learn how to manage your time and your priorities. Go in having and committing to a plan toward graduation and never give up!


I would tell myself to save as much money as I could in high school so that I did not have to work and I could do more in school. That I would be just fine there was not anything to worry about, it is not that much different then high school. Also to go out and make as many friends as I could.


I would tell myself to listen to my teachers! I was SO hardheaded in High School. I wanted to drop out and find a job and just help my mom with the bills. I remember my teachers kept nagging and nagging about filling in applications for college and all that and I honestly put all of it off until about the last few weeks before I graduated. I would tell myself that going to Sul Ross would be the best decision of my life! I would describe the crazy but amazing friends that I have made and I would tell myself that if I went to college, I'd meet a boy on the first week of my freshman year and I wouldn't be able to live without him after that! I would smack myself in the head and force myself to fill in more applications for scholarships but I would just relax and remember that I am doing that now.


The advice I would give to myself as a High School Senior would be to first involve myself in more community service projects, participate in my last year of Varsity Swim team, take more AP classes (including math) and participate in leadership. I would tell my Senior self that soing ALL of those thing would help in appling for Scholarships and would help the finicial burden of college be lighter. Not only that but I would be more proud of what I did my Senior year. All in all, I did do a pretty good job. And I dont have a lot of regrets, just A LOT of good memories.


I know you hate high school and don't want to go to college, but you must understand that college is completely different. Gone are the days of math, science, english, and social studies every semester. In college the majority of classes involve something you are interested in. If you don't like waking up early, you don't have to! Your schedule is flexible and customized by you. The first thing to keep in mind is do not procrastinate. The paperwork involved with applying for college will take you through a beaurocratic labyrinth that takes much patience to navigate. College classes are harder, but the hard part is not keeping up with the work. The most demanding aspect of college life is taking care of yourself. There is nobody to tell you what to do, and many rules are hardly enforced. You have to wake yourself up, maintain housing, feed yourself, and clothe yourself. Temptations and distractions are everywhere. If you are not careful, licentious women, readily available drugs and alcohol, constant partying, and the general big city mentality will suck out your soul and discard you in some back alley 4 years later, broken and riddled with debt.


I would tell my high school self to keep writing because eventually he will actually become good at it. Also, I would tell him about all the amazing people I've met at college and not to feel discouraged.


As a senio


I would tell myself that it is time to grow up and become the man I know I can be. college life is not all about partying and social life. To be successful as a college student you need to be able to balance the school work with life itself. Have fun, by all means, but be determined to reach your goals, The quicker you realize this the better off your future will be. Treasure these moments because they are the best years of your life and you will make lifelong friends because of it. Focus on the task at hand and that is to be the best at what you love to do abd have a passion for.


So far from my college experience I have learned how to take responsibility and live on my own not always relying on my parents to do everything for me. I have also gotten alot of one on one help from professors at SRSU unlike big universities where the student to teacher ratio is usually like 40:1 and the one on one help will benifit me later on in life so I think it is very valuable to attend.


Well for starters, I have gained a wnoderful education. I feel that when i have finished with college i will be ready for the career that i choose. I say this becasue i am a single mother so to me everything that i have gained from being in college has helped me and will continue to help me even when i have completed my studies here.


I would prepare myself more than I did. I didn't give myself the credit I deserved. I barely started applying for scholarships my senior year, because I thought there was no possible way I would be chosen. I definitely could have used the money the first semester of my freshman year. I would have applied for way more sholarships than I did, and gained much more confidence. I should have made a well thought-out plan for everything i needed to do my senior year. I settled with what I could get easily. I only applied for a few colleges when I know I could of been accepted to so many other colleges. I could of also played for other colleges but I settled with the first one that recruited me. I would tell myself to not settle for what comes first and keep looking until I know I made the right choice for me.


I would tell myself not to get private school loans, to try and apply for as many scholarships as possible before resorting to loans. I would also tell myself to work hard and fast to finish my degree in the shortest time possible. I would apply for better universities and research what it was interested in studying.


I would let myself know that I needed to be more reliable on myself. I need to go in college making a strong statement the first semester. I need to be willing to sacrifice my alone time to my academic time. I need to build up my confidence in every subject to become successful in my degree plan. Everything will pay off in the end , so i need to be aware of all the advantages i have at the school i'm going to and use them to the fullest. The one thing that stops students from receiving their degree is themselves because of the lack of study and time they use to prepare themselves for class. I need to go to school likes it's my job. I have responsibilities such as taking notes, listen to the professor, and paying attention to every detail in that class. I also need to be aware of my financial aid and take care of it as soon as possible. Because if I don't get any help I need to apply for a loan right a way, so it is there before the deadline.


When i chose my college, iwent somewhere close enough where if i needed home it was there, but far enough! Playing volleyball was really important to me, that played a big part in my decision, i knew i would be able to play there, but more importantly i knew i would be able to play, work, and concentrate on school at the same time.


Make sure the school has the degree in which you are intrested in, and that you are able to deal with your different surroundings.


My advice is to research the town it is in and research the school itself. Look at the financial aid available for the school especially if you or your student is an out of state student. Ask what kind of housing is available, and what kind of meal plans. Wikipedia has great information on different colleges, from the population and the location of these colleges. If possible try to visit the school first before you fill out any paperwork. And research the department the your child is entering in, the teachers and the classes available.


Take the campus tour, until you set foot on the campus you can't know if you will really be happy living there. When you find that right school, you will know deep down that it is the one. Don't just choose a school because of the school, look around the surrounding town as well, its going to be your home for four years.


Always explore the campus and its students before making the choice of attending. Knowing the place you will live in and devote your social and academic life could make the difference between loving it and succeeding in life or loathing it and attaining a mediocre education.