Sullivan University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are always actively listening and enganging in lectures.


My classmates are great they are helpful and engaged in their education.


My classmates are a diverse group of people.


The people that I see everyday are creative and inspiring.


They seem to be very nice and communicative. I am currently doing my classes online but we do have discussion boards that we have to interact in.


Diverse, driven and represenative of many age groups.


Unique, focused and successful.


I dont know as of now i haven't started yet.


My classmates are a diverse group of unique individuals, falling within a wide range of ages and ethnicities, who all offer different strengths and weaknesses, but are committed to their futures and do not hesitate to try new things and befriend new people.


i have some of the friendliest classmates anyone could ask for. in the cafeteria you can sit at a table and 5 minutes later you could be bffs with the total strangers sitting there. most people are helpful and will give advice on teachers, assignments or how to get candy from the librarians.


This semester I have 4 classes, and in each of them, my classmates are all different. Some are older than me, some are younger than me, but yet we are all there for the same reason. To become major parts of the Restaurant/Hospitality world. In my baking lab, there are 22 of us, and the strange thing is, we all get along. Even though we are all different, we work together as a team, we all get along, and we all are committed to learn everything we can.


Sullivan students are typically working professionals balancing jobs, families, and education to the best of their ability.


Some classmates are older than you expect, weirder than you expect and sometimes smellier than expected.


The students in my classes tend to be non-traditional; they are older individuals who have a career already started, but want to either go back to school to get another bachelor's degree, or finish one for the first time; like me, they attend school at night so that they may keep their jobs during the day; they are hardworkers, dedicated and motivated to do their work and improve themselves and their lives.