Sullivan University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Sullivan University?


The individual attention you receive from the beginning meeting with admissions. Not only are the administrative staff very helpful, they will assist you in acheieving everything you are looking for when exploring and registering for classes.


I often say that in order to fail at Sullivan you really have to work at it. All my instructors have been extremely helpful and willing to work with me to help me be successful in my coursework.


I brag about how friendly the staff is at Sullivan.. My first day there I felt like Family and even though I had never been there before. I felt like I was being welcomed back home. The staff was really helpful and they really were really knowledgeable about their field. The absolutely best thing about Sullivan is the small class sizes. I get individual attention. Also Sullivan has the only Pharmacy reference library in the state of Kentucky.


I express the quality education, supportive environment, and relationships I have developed since attending the university. I am proud to be a student at Sullivan University, there is the sense of belonging to a "special" club.


Someone who is very career oreinted. Someone who has goals for their future jobs and are very serious about attending college. The type of person that should attend should put forth the effort and focus on schooling. Someone who thinks it


The is a high quality of learning here. The professors are very involved in their students' education.