Sullivan University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I am not sure. This will be my first year attending Sullivan University, but so far it is great!


The constant renovations. Although they will be pleasing in the future, they are a nuisance as of now.


you can't do some course work off campus


Again, it is hard to find access to a computer. They do not have limits on time for using them, nor are there limits on sites you can go on (Facebook, Myspace, etc). More often than not, when you look to find a computer, you will find that everyone using them is checking their social networking sites, and not doing academic work on the computers.


building seems old and musty smelling. Need new facility.


There is not something typically I do not like about the school. I do feel like the school is expensive and they do not offer a lot of programs for assistance.


Nothing. I love what my college has to offer me. I'm glad I chose to attend this school.


The financial aid department is very slow to respond to students. The student activites on campus often cost money or are not woth the time to go to.


I throughly appreciate my school and the experience(s) it brings me. If there is one thing I could see as a deficiency would be that the school's location will not allow a larger continuous campus.


I have no bad things to say about Sullivan University, it is a great school and I love it.


Getting your book vochers and all your papers done in time. Mostly cause there's a lot to feel out for your first year at this school. Plus I'm going online so it may be different at the campus itself.


Probably the worst thing about Sullivan is the availability of classes. Because of the school's size, many classes are only offered twice a year. Some classes may only be offered in the Fall and Summer while others may only be offered in the Spring and Winter. This sometimes makes it difficult to organize your shedule appropriately.