Sullivan University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Sullivan University?




Someone who is career focused and has a clear understanding of what direction they want their life to go in. This is a career-based university, with classes shaped to fit the major you are in. Students aren't taking classes that will not be used in their professional life. It is a university that takes on serious students who want to learn in the field of study- a student who has chosen their path and now needs further education to get them there.


A person that is dedicated to their education, and not just out for a joy ride through college.


Anyone who is willing and ready to put forth the effort to get it done. People who are just as eagered to learn as I am. Someone with drive, dedication, and determination to be someone in life.


Students with a passion for fast-paced, hands-on learning who strive to improve their chosen field of interest, as well as their personal qualities, and who hold professionalism in high regard should attend this university.


the kind of person who should attend sullivan is a person who likes smaller class rooms than the bigger universities


A person who knows exactly what they plan on doing for a career should go to this school. Sullivan University goes straight into your major without a year for general education classes.


Sullivan University appears to be best suited for the working adult. Sullivan offers a flexible schedule of courses including online classes. Day, evening, weekend and online courses can accomodate almost anyones' schedule.


The person that has an idea of what career field you would like to be in. this school provides hands on work experience with real life examples to better help the students prepare for the real world.