Sullivan University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person that can't be discplined about the clothes they wear, this is a school that focuses on being a career school meaning that people of all ages attend and this school does expect you to be very professional every Wednesday is professional dress day and if not dressed accordingly you are asked to leave class, this is also not a school for someone that wants to wear hats because it is not allowed at all.


If you like big time social events, or big class sizes then you won't enjoy going here.


A person who is not sure about what they want to do or is not passionate or driven about what they want to do or finding out what they want to do should not attend this school. A person who is not interested in diversity or challeneges should not attend this school.


Anyone expecting the "Hollywood" representation of college life. The school is career focused and many leave in two years with an associates degree, while it is a good institution, its focus does not lend to broadening horizons as much as it teaches base skills and prepares one for their chosen career.


Anyone who is looking for a school that offers small class sizes and instructors who work with students to help them in any way needed to be succesful in their classes. It's a great school for someone coming from a small town or returning adult students.


I dont think anyone who isnt serious about attending school and really applying themselves should attend any college or university. It really makes it hard for those who are really serious about their education concentrate, and learn. People shouldnt attend college if they arent doing it for themselves. It isnt enough to want to do it for someone else, you have to do it for yourself.


someone who can handle strict rules and traditions. rule breakers and policy benders are usually done away with (expelled). attendance is required so if you want to skip classes whenever you want, it isnt gonna work out here. someone who is ready to learn, everyday.


I believe that any person could attend Sullivan University. However, I am enrolled in the online program with Sullivan. In order to be a successful online student, you must be organized and diligent about your studies. Being an online student allows me the opportunity to schedule my life around school. The online schedule makes it possible for me to continue my education and work a full time job.


Someone who isn't motivated to pursue their dreams. Someone who just wants to party through out their college experience and not get to where they really want to be in life.


A person that is looking for a lot of activities to get in to. Also a person that is not focus on what he or she wants to do or become and which way they want to go in therir career feild.