Sullivan University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to think about what I really wanted to do with the rest of my life and not waste money on classes I will not need. I would tell myself to take college seriously and not to slack off, ask for help if I need it, go to open labs, etc. I would tell myself to prioritize myself first comes school, work, and then all the fun stuff. I would tell myself to not let life knock me down or demotivate me from achieving the goals I have set up for myself, and not let harships get in my either.


Don't be in a rush to get a job, but make sure you have your money for school and your pocket money in order. Also don't be afraid to talk to other poeple including potential chefs that you may work for and find out information about the industry. Be on time to class everyday and take great notes. Have fun, but know when it's time to study. Keep all your things in it's place as well as mentally and you will be in great shape for the future.


I would tell myself that college is far more demanding than high school. You need to break the habit of procrastination (luckily I did) and focus less on video games. I would also tell myself not to miss any classes if possible, it isn't like high school. I missed many days in high school because I didn't want to go or knew I could get away with it and still get the grade. However, college is different and missing one class means a lot of information gone. This information is typically on the next test and losing participation points for that day could mean the difference between a letter grade. Beyond the acadmic side of things, I would encourage my high school self to fill out more scholarship applications. I could have done a lot more to further my financial aid than I was doing in high school. I didn't get serious about scholarships till the last few months of my senior year. I would also push myself to get involved in at least one more after school activity, perhaps tutoring students who were having trouble.


If I could go back to my senior year in high school I would start off telling myself to take things serious, stop hanging out with people that are only going to hold me back when going to school. I would also talk myself into going to the college in New York; I would say it would be okay to move away that my family would have supported my choice to move so far away to better my schooling. I would tell myself I needed to move away and be responsible enough to start and finish school at one of the top culinary schools in the US. I would make sure I knew it was ok to have fun and take school serious at the same time.


I would advise myself to stay motivated and push myself to make excellent grades. Also, start being more responsible and independent and plan early for college, such as gathering information about schools and apply for scholarships,.


I would tell myself to choose the university that I had wanted to go to in the first place. That to not stay in the city because it was what everyone else was doing because it would be "cheaper". That I would have plenty of money from scholarships and stuff that I wouldn't need to worry about anything. That I need to not listen to what other people say about colleges.


I would have done alot better in school and gotten scholarships to help with school. I would have also payed a lot more attention to all of my english classes, and papers I had to write.


I would tell myself that your higher education is what you make of it not what you expect it to be. Its time to buckle down and do what is neccessary to maintain and be prepared for when you enter college. There is a time to be serious and there is a time to have fun be able to differentiate between the two and know which should be used. Always ask for help when needed even if that means putting your pride aside it will benefit you more in the end. Go into everything you do with an open mind and a humbling spirit it will carry you far.


Going back to high school I would tell myself to try harder. I was the definition of a student who coasted by until graduation. My thoughts were that as long as I passed the assignment then that's all I needed. I would share my desire for the best grade possible and the blissful feeling that comes with being on the deans list. One of the biggest senior issues I would handle with myself would be deciding a college major. Being in college for about two years I have come to realize how harmless being 'undecided' is. I would explain to myself how the college schedule actually worked. Basically for three semesters I took super generalized classes. By the time I had an idea of what I wanted to do I just transfered my credits and dove in. Lastly I would express how powerful education could be and that I have young cousins looking up to me. Just find yourself and what you love and then learn everything you can about it.


If I could go back to my senior year in high school I would have dedicated more time to studying and getting more involved in student activities around school. I would be more focused, determined, and mature about a lot of things I did in high school. Also, I would have learned better time management skills. I did a pretty good job in high as far as grades I always made Honor Roll, but the childish behavior I would have changed. College is serious, and totally different from high school you have to be more mature and find balance.


Going back to a 12th grade immature me I would have to say this. There is nothing in life that you can't do. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It is amazing how far you can come with something if you at least give it a try. You need to find out what you love and run with it. I couldn't draw a stick figure in high school, but I loved art. I 'tried' drawing the simplest of things because more than anything I wanted to be an artist. Now I draw portraits. I would have never have accomplished it if I never tried though. Knowing that I wasn't going to be amazing in the beginning, I still put everything into learning technique. When I got that I ran with it. Graphic Design is my game now and I am in love. When you're in love like that going to school and work is never pain or a struggle. If you want something in this life there are ways to grab it. You need determination first followed by patience and you'll be golden. Just find something you love. P.S. Always give 110% (it pays the big bucks.)


i would tell myself "don`t wait" get into college as fast as you can and get a degree. the more education you have the better it will be in the long run!


As a high schoo senior, I was unsure of what my future held. I was going in a direction completely opposite of my current profession. My passion for baking was in the back of my mind and growing in my heart, but I took the route of attending a University that both my older siblings attended- I thought it was the only way to go. After my first year at the University of Kentucky, I stood back and looked at my first year, there was something missing. I was missing the whole picture, completely. I was sutdying to become something that held no interest for me, it just made a lot of money. The passion and soul was lost. As do many indiviuals experience, the right answer came to me, randomly, as I was standing in front of a bakery window (because this happens so often). I knew what I had to do; I had to follow my dream, regardless of how much money I would make. Happiness in life is so much more important than any sum of money. I would tell myself as a senior, to follow your heart and pursue the career that will fulfill your soul.


With the knowledge I have now, I would tell my high school self to put the best effort possible into all assignments and to study until I have a firm grasp of the material. I would say that if I want to get into a good college, with enough financial to get me through, I need to have the best grades I can muster. The main thing to keep in mind is to stay focused and confident, and to put in the effort necessary to understand what I'm learning and obtain good grades. This wouldn't be enough advice, though. I'd look on myself and see how depressed and self-hating I was. The most important advice I would give myself is this: it doesn't matter what other people think of you. Be yourself and believe in yourself, because what everyone else thinks doesn't matter. Only you can keep yourself on track, and only you know what your dreams are. Be the creator of your own life, and make it your masterpiece. Fall in love with the world, and let this love give you the energy you need to move forward.


There are so many things I would do differently. I would have told myself that college is extremely important and I need to get it done and do my best. Being that I am 40 now and going to school, things would have been a whole lot easier in my life had I have gotten my education done after high school.


I can sum up the advice I'd give to myself in 3 words: do your research. When I entered college, I did not do my research. I did not research my interests nor did I research colleges. I chose to go to the nearest University to my family and chose the major that I thought would most please my famiy, not neccessarily please myself. What I learned from that choice of action is that you won't end up happy and remaining driven and dedicatied to your school work will progressivly become harder with each semester. Once I reached my breaking point, I decided to finally do my research and explore my interests and find career choices that would best fit those interests. I ended up discoving my passion, confidence, drive, and ultimately myself. Through this experience, I also learned not to be afraid to do what you love and to not make career decisions solely on what your family expects or how much money you can make. Although, if you do your research I truly believe you can find opportunities that will allow you to reach all of your goals, even your salary goals, and still be happy.


I am a single mother of a two year old boy. Before he came along, my life was in turmoil. Now that he is here, I want to give my son everything that he needs and some of the things that he wants. My education so far consists of a GED. Jobs are scarce with an education,and even worse without one. The only way to have a chance to provide for my son is to get an education and make something of myself. My college experience so far has been wonderful. I have great instructor's who make sure I understand the material. That has been what has impressed me the most. I'm sure I couldn't have gotten the grades I did without their dedication. Attending college has been valuable in the way that I now have a better view of myself and it has shot my self esteem straight up through the roof. When I decided to go back to school, I made the best decision of my life. I want to thank you for your time and consideration.


In college, I have gotten an education that will be valuable in the future. I know that by obtaining a Bachelor's Degree I will be able to get closer to my dream job doing what I love. An education is something that cannot be replaced, but that can only help those of us wishing to advance our careers. A college experience is something that I will not only value for the rest of my life, but will make sure that is available to my children so that they can do the same.


I was out of school for almost twenty years and upon returning found myself more focused and better geared to understand my classmates differences and attributes. My college experience has been good academically because life experience has shown me what I want out of life which is far better motivator than what I felt I needed.


Cooking, knife skills, santation and the ingredients to become a great chef.


My college experience has not only offered guidance in my journey to finding my true passion, it has also provided stability and a hope for others to follow. College offers discipline, ambition and goals. It is not only valuable for my attendance, better yet , for others to see what it takes to pursue higher education. As a very independent woman of 26 years old, I hope to offer guidance and inspiration as many others have offered me. I would be a first generation graduate and look forward to sharing my story with others.


After my freshman year at community college in Connecticut I have realized that my path to a fulfiling future lies in a more non-traditional college. I believe that higher education is necessary to acheive the skills needed to succeed and prosper, but so is a true desire to do something you will enjoy working at for a long time. To this end I have enrolled at Full Sail University in Florida to pursue a career in Recording Technology and the music business. My college experience so far has taught me the value of persistance, discipline and hard work. I intend to apply these lessons when studying the music business in the fall. Thank you for your consideration.


I returned to college after being in the workplace for almost 15 years. Returning to school has allowed me to anticipate greater things for my future and to achieve a long term goal that I set for myself in high school 23 years ago. I have a greater sense of accomplishment and pride in myself since returning to school and I've shown myself and my young family members that you can do just about anything you set your mind to do. While I work full-time and go to school full-time, I am still able to maintain a 4.0 GPA and I take great pride in that. My college experience has allowed me to have a brighter outlook on my future and I am now able to set goals for my future employment that I never thought possible. The value of my experience is immeasurable in terms of the improvement to my future goals and current self-esteem.


What i got out of my college experience is to go to school and get more educations and so i can move on far with my career.


I attended Minneapolis Community Technical College where I received an associates degree in Digital Film Making and Screenwriting. One of the first new experiences of college was the location itself. I grew up in rural Wisconsin and moving to the big city introduced me to a new climate of people. I also learned how to balance classes, a part time job, and living on my own for the first time (renting an apartment). I always considered myself a creative person. In high school I would make funny short videos for classes and occasionally write outlines to stories but college taught me how to structure and improve upon that. Now, my short films far more dynamic using dramatic cinematography, lighting, sound effects, and editing techniques. Screenwriting class showed me who to give a story and its character a thematic arc. I went from just scribbling down rough ideas to making a character with emotional arcs trying to obtain a goal while the world he/she lives in does everything it can to prevent it. Through the contacts and friends I made at college I got to be an extra in a Coen brothers film and interned at the Screenwriter?s Workshop.


I have learned that I truly am a smart and well-rounded human being. My experience with college has been one of value and trust and has shaped me into the successful person I am today. I am looking to further my education by pursuing a Masters degree because of the satification I have felt both in the classroom setting and within my personal and professonial life.


College is a coddling enviornment to prepare us, students, for the real world. I believe it is a crutial phase of life. This, generally, safe enviornment is the perfect place to figure out who you are and who you're going to be. I came into college with my major undeclared. I thought Imight want to plan events, but Icouldn't possibly know without any experience. So, I found work with a local wedding planner. As soon as Istarted working with her, I knew I was made to plan events. Without going into this learning envirnment, I would never have discovered this wonderful career path that I love. College has allowed me to explore myself and what I am capible of accoplishing. I've begun to learn the greatness I can and will achieve. Even with just a year of college under my belt, I am more prepared for the real world than i could have ever imagined being.


I have not officially attended the University. Hopefully, my college experience will be very rewarding. This is something I have always dreamed about. Having that college diploma, and being a professional. It will be valuable to attend, for me, as well as for my family. I hope that it will be rewarding to my husband so he doesn't have to work as hard, valuable for my children, so they know how important it is to get an education, so they can have a better job, than their parents. Mostly I know that this is an important career move for my future, as it is what I always dreamed of doing. It will be valuable to attend this Sullivan, as I will have an advantage over other students in the same field. At Sullivan we have the most up to date technology, we have the means to work side by side with researchers to develope new drugs, work with real medications, and Sullivan places us in valuable intrenships in the field.




It is vital for me to attend because if I complete my college education I will be the first in my family to every attend and complete college in that is an honor in itself. It is also important that I finish what I started because without my degree in Hotel and Restuarant Management it will be impossible to accomplish my dream of owning my own Hotel one day . This is a dream that I've been hoping to accomplish every since I was a little girl and I would be tramatized if I fail when I'm so close to accomplishing it.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior with the knowledge that I now have of college, I would tell myself to put more work into appying for scholarships and financial aid. I would also tell high school-self to take the transition more seriously. Although I had expected it to be much harder than it initially was, it DOES get harder as the semesters advance. I'd tell myself not to take the whole thing lightly. This is serious business. There is no room for slacking off. That's what I would tell myself so that I would not make the same mistakes and misconceptions that I had when I had first entered the brand new world of college.


If i was to go back in time as a high school senior i would tell myself to stay focus and take it serious. take advantage of whats right in front of. i would also tell myself to come to school


Keep an open mind and do not hesitate to try new things and accept people whose cultures, habits, and pasts differ from the perceived norm. Coming from a small town, I was accustomed to living a certain way with a specific type of people; therefore, transitioning to a diverse community in an urban setting caused a bit of shock. However, I soon realized that not everyone enjoys the same things I do, was raised the same way I had been, or has the same set of skills and knowledge which I possess. I also noticed that, although the people surrounding me differed from those people with whom I had become comfortable, they still offered countless opportunities for me to learn new things, not only about my profession, different cultures and customs, and new hobbies, but also about myself and the values which were instilled in me at a young age. In short, I would have told myself as a high school senior to accept people for who they are, but never forget who I am and what I believe in.


I would tell myself one very important thing. Sullivan university is the school, No questions. I would also tell myself about how to deal with the disappointment from my parents. they do eventually decide to support you. your decision to pursue Baking and Pastry arts is a life changer and you will never regret it because you get to do what you love everyday, and even though you pay an arm and a leg to do it, its worth every penny twice over.


If I were to go back in time and talk to my past self, I would simply say to not fret anything. To just go and be yourself. Do everything you were taught in high school about studying, and try your hardest. This is my second college, and I don't regret going to the first one, I learned a few things about college life. I learned you just have to do your work, attend class, and have some fun. You don't have to spend every waking minute working and worrying about school. You'll need something to get your mind off the stress. Go hang with your friends, go bowling, go see a movie, or even just go eat dinner somewhere. Stressing about college will not help you out at all. College is all about your future, everything you do in high school leads up to it. But in college, you'll meet new people, you'll have some hard times, but once you're done, you'll have a great sense of accomplishment, knowing that you just made a difference in your own life.




i would tell myself that time waits for no amn or woman and the "saddest words of tongue and pen are those of that might have been". every man dies, not every man lives. knowing now how easy it is to go to school regardless of race, religion, finances, gender. even if a young person in high school has dropped out because of peer pressure, or pregnancy , hooked on drugs, joined a gang or raped at home or subpar living standards they can turn things aroundthey can get g.e.d , get child care, get pell grant. never give up.


Do not let your life start for you, go and get your dreams before you start a family. Have goals that you will achieve no matter what life throws at you along the way. Give yourself credit for doing something good. And also finish what you start no matter what!! Have the confidence and trust in yourself on the decisions that you make or don't make.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior about college life and making the transition, I would advise myself to think independently. I would advise myself that education stays with you a life time. No one can take away your mind. You must remember that you cannot depend on others to create a successful future for you. You must create your own opportunities. As a high school senior in 1988, I graduated; I was married; and I had a child. I graduated college with a two-year degree, and my husband was not happy with my decision to attend college. He said that we could not afford college. Fortunately, I did not listen. My husband passed away in 2005 unexpectedly. I always wanted to go back and obtain my four-year degree, but after my husband's death, I didn't think that I could afford it. I did not listen! I registered as an online student at Sullivan in 2007. Although I can only take four classes a year, I will graduate with a four-year degree in 2014. "Create your own future and don't let anyone tell you otherwise."


As a high school senior, I was not interested in going to college right away, and I went to work instead. If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior in high school, I would plead with myself to not wait until many years down the road to attend college. I would point out that in today's society, having a college degree is absolutely imperative in obtaining a good career. The longer you wait to further your education, means the longer you wait to better your life to today's standards. The transition into college, 10 years post high school has been very difficult, and most of what was learned in high school has passed me by. It is very important to go to college straight out of high school, and therefore, you will not have to play catch up on what you have already learned. Also, you will not be misplaced as being the older person in the class, with peers that are much younger and straight out of high school. If you do not wait, you are that much closer to getting that perfect job you've always dreamed of!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior, I would tell myself to get involved in more after school clubs and activities. I would tell myself to try to get a job in a restaurant somewhere. Lastly I would tell myself to volunteer for community service opportunities. College is expensive and all of these things can make a difference when applying for scholarships and for future jobs to help pay for it. Not to mention, these are all once in a lifetime opportunities to gain invaluable experience for the road ahead.


Learn to be more disciplined and focus on study skills. It is important to manage your time well and make sure that you get things done in advance of their due dates. Do not procrastinate. Make sure that you recognize that not all things will come easily to you and you must put effort into everything to be rewarded. College life can go by very quickly, so enjoy every minute and don't become too stressed over things out of your control.


Find a career you enjoy and go to a school that best fits it. Don't go to the big name school just because that's where all the prestige is. Research the smaller schools and even the career based schools like Sullivan. Get in & get out!


To stay focus on my academics, and get to know a well diverse group of people.


I would tell myself to try harder in school and not slack. To not give up on trying to pass just to get out of highschool and be undecisive about my future. I would also tell myself to start looking at school during the early start of the school year and start looking for ways to pursue my dreams. Tell myself to not let the highschool drama get to me and put me on hold to getting my life started after highschool. Also to let the little stuff get to me as easily and just to focus on getting to go to a great college.


RaiShon listen up because the things that im about to tell you will be very important for you to be sucessful when you get to college. Remember when your high school teachers told you that when you get to college your professors are not going to babysit you, accept late homework, nor allow you to be late to class? Well they weren't lying none of that flies in college, your responsible for yourself and your sucess. Secondly, did you know how exspensive the books that you dropped all over the floor and lost from elementary up to high school cost? Very exspensive, the ones I've needed seem to be running $100 or better. I never knew they cost that much. Now when it comes to finding your way around campus just know that you stand out when your walking around with a map in your hands talking to yourself, try not to do that at least not so loudly. RaiShon, remember to be nice to everyone because you never know when they may be your lab partner and don't forget to get involved in student activties, best way to make new friends.


I would remind myself that time flies by fast and to go for the extra classes in high school. I would continue by saying keep working hard, take extra keyboarding classes, math classes and language classes. I would also say to take more of an interest in art classes to better your career. I would tell myself to think long and hard about having a committed long-distance relationship, who my friends are currently, what I want from my college experience, and who I want to live with.


I would tell myself to go through with my original plan in attending a community college to save money and then later transfer to a major university, keep focused on finishing school, don't let anyone distract me from doing what's best for me, open up to others, and get more involved in campus activities. Don't give up! Stay positive!


Prepare for college in high school, decide on a major and stay focus on getting it. Maintain a exceptable grade point. Push to graduate as soon as possible. Write down your goals and put them were you can see them. Believe in you and God and you CAN make it. I did!


I have been out of high school for quite some time now, however, I would have had a stronger conversation with myself about staying in college to complete my college education and not have dropped out. I have always enjoyed school as I currently do. I have a deeper appreciation of the experience of wishing I had stayed when I had the opportunity and then embrace the challenges presented as an adult and family those types of responsibilities. There is the benefit I reconize with the opportunity I have now that I am better disciplined in my attitude(s) and time management and this has served me well since returning to school. I understand that it is because of my life experience I was able to identify that Sullivan University was a good fit for me.