Sullivan University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Upon completing high school go directly to college. College is a great learning experience and something that will always be a memory that you can tell your children and then be able to encourage them to attend college. There are choices out there and behind every choice there are concequences so make good choices. Get your education because knowledge is power and by receiving an education you will be able to get a good job and make it in life with stability.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to be brave in your decisions and to not be so afraid. Sure it's going to be hard to leave your family, friends and comfortable life to go away to school but in the end it will be worth it ! How you'll feel when you graduate and know that you did it will leave you with a sense of accomplishment that's hard to get unless you push yourself and get out of your comfort zone every now and then. Also I would say that you need to be confident in yourself because if you don't believe in yourself who else will? So be brave, be confident, take life by the horns, work hard ,always hold your family and loved ones close, and thank God for giving you the ability and means to follow your dreams!


Make sure that you make a list of qualities that you want in a college or university such as year-round, large or small campus, they have sports that you want to participate in, and is the school accredited. Also, consider issues concerning your major such as how good the program is/ is rated, do the professors have real life experience, what is the success rate after you graduate. With all of these questions and qualities in mind, research colleges and universities online. Do your work before jumping into a school. Make sure the college is right for you and not just that "you're right for college". I have had many friends say they are not right for college and school and drop out after a semiester, but I believe it is because they didn't do their homework and in turn, didn't find the one that was right for them. If and when you find the right school for you, you can then get the most out of your college experience.


As a college student what I would inform the students and their parrents would be don't get so fustrated about college make a list of the top colleges that you want to go to, then go and try to visit them. If you can't visit them then get all the information that you need inorder to make a decicion. Also I would tell you just apply to every college to see which ones you get accepted to. Sometimes its not a good idea to choose a college to go to just because your friends are going to you will make alot more when your at college. You need to choose a college that is right for you. A college or university that offers your program that you may want to consider. So theses are a few words that I would like to share with the students and their parents.


I would let parents and students know that college is not only about making friends or going to the college your current friends are going. Choosing a college is about finding the right one for you. If you learn better in small class sizes, like me, i suggest going to a small community, technical, or career college. The amount of students per class is usually between 8 and 30. If you want a college with sororities and fraternaties, sports teams, and dorms, i suggest going to a large University. No matter where you decide to go to school and how far away from your family and friends it is, you will always make new friends that will be with you your whole life.


You need to find the right pricing for you and make sure thats the degree you want to take and that they have it at the school. Also compare different schools by degrees, activities, prices, and extra. Also base it on finanical aidyou have recieved from each college.


Choosing the right college to attend must be taken seriously and with much care. What are the requirements for admission to the particular university? What options for financial aid are available to me? Are academics or outside activities the main focus at this school? Does the university in question provide a post graduate employment service? Is a diverse culture a part of the college or university? These are some of the questions parents or adults seeking higher education should investigate. A college experience is like anything else in life-you get out of it what you put in it. If a student works hard, while yet maintaining a reasonable social life, an optimal experience can be gained while earning an education. Attending college has the tendency to create a well rounded individual, thus, developing an educated and socially qualified person well suited for society.


To look at how long it will take for the student to finish school. The price of the school and if it is affordable. How well the admissions staff will remember your name. How your professor's are towards every student. How well one can find there way around the campus with out any help. Does the campus have any crime issues also.


I would tell someone that if they are really serious, to take all of the schools into consideration. if someone would want to be a part of a sorority/fraternity, that they should look at all of their choices and pick the best one they would be interested in. I would also tell someone if they are very serious about staying in college to recieve their higher education, to avoid party schools and stay focused as much as possible becuase recieveing a degree in what you want to do in life is very rewarding in the end. I would tell someone to get involved in their school community by volunteering or joining school activities and clubs that they are interested in to get more fulfillment of their experience. It is very important to know one's resources in their school so explore throughout and choose the right college that fits their needs the best in order to recive their higher education.


Find a college that is willing to work with you and your schedule. It may not always be totally to your benefit, although you have to ask yourself what are you willing to do and or sacrifice to better yourself for you and your family.


Searching for as many possible schools and doing exstensive research on those schools. Doing this will be a sure way to find the best school. But when it comes down to the final choice parents should let the student have a say, although the student should think long and hard about what they really want in life and trust their instincts. Above all always remember to be yourself no matter what others think of you.


If you are looking for a learning institution that encourages sports or outside activities, this is not the school for you. However, if you are looking for a career-based education, that caters to working individuals and their needs and want an adult-type learning atmosphere, Sullivan is the school for you.


Talk with current and former students that you know and trust, get real first hand opinions from people like you or you son or daughter. Take a campus visit on a normal day of class, check out the facilities, if possible sit in on a class you are likely to take. Shadow an older person while they go about a normal day, experience campus life. Meet with other classmates of yours and talk about their own campus vists. Make an appointment with a professor in your intended major field. Learn as much as you can about several schools, before you make a final choice. Figure out what type of setting you prosper in ( small classes, lagre classes, intimate groups, or vast diverse groups.


Take a good look at the daily life of a student that you would most resemble and make sure you would really fit in and be comfortable in that setting every day.