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Describe the dorms.

there are primarily 4 quad each consisting of 1 towerr (20 story building) and 4 low risers (3 stories) there are: Indian State Colonial Dutch --> each quad has either, suite style living or corridor style living. Each tower (20 stories) is suite style living meaning there are 2 or 3 rooms and a shared bathroom within the room the other style living is corridor style (typical college living situation with a communal bathroom) and then you have the 2 apartment complexes: Freedom and Empire

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7 different places to live on-campus. THE QUADS Indian:Freshman quad. State: Mostly Freshman and Sophomores. Colonial: A mix of under and upperclassmen. Dutch: Mostly upperclassmen. Apartments Freedom: The oldest of the three. Mostly juniors. You still have roommate but comes with kitchen. Empire: Mostly seniors. Single rooms. Kitchen. Washer and dryer. Air Conditioning. Liberty Terrace: Brand new next year! All singles.

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dorms are very small and hot in the summer because the windows are small and there is not air conditioning. in the winter they blast the heat. everyone can live on campus if they want to and the apartments for upper classmen look great and comfortable.

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