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This school offered a lot of different things to major in, in case i wanted to change majors, along with having the programs I was interested in.


The campus is constantly under construction as it seems. Everything feels local and easily navagable. Commuting uptown and downtown is very common since a large portion of living space for upper classmen is reserved downtown and the apartments on campus are expensive.


My school in located in the capital of New York State. This simple difference sets SUNY Albany apart from all the other schools I considered because it's location provides great opportunity. Being that we are in the capital, many internships and jobs are availible.


If one is looking for a campus with lots of cultural and ethnic diversity, SUNY Albany is it. The campus also has an immense amount of students, at least 15,000. I enjoy the annonmyous nature of the campus. It is very urban and professional feeling. The surrounding area boasts a huge amount of shopping, restaurants and other forms of entertainment. Many things are within walking distance and there is many modes of public transportation. The campus offers a large amount departments and one of the finest nano techonology departments in the world. There are also many famous professors.


My school is unique because there is a diverse population and a diverse surrounding community. Suny Albany focuses on giving back to the community and participating in community service. Many middle and high schools come to the campus and college students are able to tutor and mentor these students. Suny Albany participated in neighborhood clean-up days. Suny Albany has many students participating or running after school programs for middle and high school students off campus. This allows college students to learn how to work in a community and become a leader.


The fact is that UAlbany has great academics and low tuition relative to the publics. As the name recognition of UAlbany and all of the SUNYs rise your chance of admission will decline. This is the hidden gem but not for long.


I really enjoy the fact that SUNY Albany is located in the middle of a city as well as the capital of New York. There's always something to do or something interesting going on in the area like shows and festivals and such. Some other schools I considered were in the middle of a very rural area with nothing around except grass and cows. I don't think I'd be able to spend four years of my life in an area like that.


One thing that is unique about the school I chose is that in my personal opinion it has a good atmosphere. I don't really know how to explain it but I like how everyone is together in a way as far as getting along and knowing we're all trying to acomplish something during our time at this university.


it is cheaper than other SUNY's schools and it has serveral special majors that other schools don't offer.


We have over 200+ students groups on campus and if any of these groups still does not compare to your interest you can create your own student group. This campus is very open minded and diverse and allows there students to be creative.


The most unique thing about my school is the level of school spirit even though there is segregation amongst racist example blacks usually hang with blacks or latino and asians with asians when there are events people usually come together as one and celebrate as one.


What's unique about my school is the million opportunities you have to do whatever you choose. There are endless opportunities and clubs to get involved. Community service, tutoring, sports, greek life, etc. There are so many ways to get involved and there are also ways to get help with your education.


SUNY albany is on the top raking of woman in busniess field.


SUNY at Albany is a unique place to study because of its prominent social experiences that accompany its studious goals. While many schools do not flaunt the idea of a prominent social life, SUNY at Albany embraces it. The social experiences I've had offered go hand in hand with my studies. From events to dicussions, Albany's plethera of opportunities help me look at my studies in a different way while benefitting my professional career. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to jot down all of the experiences I had at SUNY that will impress my employers.


University is larger than a small school but bigger than a typical SUNY school


SUNY Albany is very diverse compared to other schoold that I applied too. There are really students and faculty here from all over the world with different genders/sexual orientations, ethnicities, religions, and interests. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would meet so many people who were different yet exactly like me in one place.


SUNY Albany is a very diverse place. I knew that coming here meant I would be able to meet all sorts of people. I have met many different types of people and even one of my best friends is of a different ethnicity. Also, there is something here for everyone. Whether itd be a class or a club, everyone can do something they enjoy.


Although the university is predominantly caucasian, compared to other state universities that I considered SUNY Albany is the most diverse.


I do not really know because I have only been to few universities at US. However, compared to Universities at Korea, SUNY Albany has better professors and discussion classes than Korean universities. Also, there are some classes which teaches me even how to success in University and how to participate in classes well.


There is a lot more diversity at my school than the others that I have considered.


diversity and research focus


SUNY at Albany is unique based on the students that choose to attend. Most things are comparable educationally, however the quality of people and the school spirit make SUNY at Albany a special place.


I consider University at Albany unique compared to other schools in ways that involve inclusion and diversity. There are so may different programs as well as big/small events celebrating diversity and awareness. For example, there are many different types of programs that students can attend to, and those programs can range from health awareness to different types of cultures. Besides that major availability of programs, there are oppurtunities to be part of the programs as well. That's what makes University at Albany unique. Everyone and everything emphasizes inclusion and embracing those inclusions.


There is a lot of diversity and oppurtinities. There is something that is a fit for everyone there is no way someone cant love it here.


Although I came from a small highschool, I had little trouble fitting in and becoming cofortable at Suny at Albany. It was a concern of mine because I lived in a small town, next to a farm all my life and was not sure how happy I would be at Suny at Albany because it is a large campus in a much more urban situation than I am used to. After a short time I felt cofortable and am happy with my experience so far. The professors are very helpful and the students are also friendly and helpful as well.


the astheitics of the campus make you feel up lifted, and confident that SUNY albany is at the center of the world of higher education.


People here generally get along, and you can get to know everyone and anyone if you put your mind to it.


I consider my school to be very diverse when it comes to students and professors. This is very important in my opinion because you will always want to be around people of your own culture and also different cultures because you learn from eachother. Since my school is so diverse when they do programs its interesting how so many people from different backgrounds can unite and learn from eachother.


Diversity is a key about Suny Albany. There ase so many people from different places that learning about other people's lives not only opens your mind but establishes new friendships and understanding of other people's cultures. What's really fun about this campus is the fountain located in the middle of the podium. Whenever the weather is warm and tolerable there would be a group of students around the fountain reading, socializing, etc


When I first went to visit the school the thing that stuck out amongst other schools was the amount of opportunities the students have to get involved in a club. I had never heard of being able to start your own club about anything that interest you until I got to SUNY at Albany. That was one of the main reasons I chose this school.


My aspirations for the future is become a criminal justice lawyer. Since, SUNY Albany has one of the top Criminal Justice schools in the country and has a special Law program, I knew SUNY Albany would help me achieve my goals. SUNY Albany also offers great financial aid and isn't as expensive as the private colleges. The atmosphere is calm and refreshing with a friendly student body.


The region


I like the environment here in this school. Compare to other schools, the environment here is the best that I have seen. There's fountains, trees, and grasslands everywhere. It is also very convenient here, I can go shopping, in just 10 minuets of bus. One of the best thing is that we do not have to pay for bus fees. That can save us a lot.


The unity that bonds the enter school together. Peopl want to go to school and encourage others to come also. We all take pride in our school which can be seen through all the great work from out clubs, sports teams, and academic achievements. SUNY Albany empowers students to do theri very best in what ever field they are passionate about pursuing.


The students in every department really enjoy what they are being taught and there is a lot to choose from to make everyone happy.


My years in undergraduate played an important role in developing my personality, my intelligence, and my drive to succeed. Each individual takes this opportunity and turns it into what they believe is vital for their growth. I looked at these years as a challenge, academically and cognitively. Albany gave me the motivation and direction I was in search of, helped me understand the value of a social support network, allowed me to explore the world via study abroad and also develop my sense of community by leaving me confident that I have the ability to truly change the world.


more awesome


SUNY Albany is located in the capital district of New York State, therefore there are a variety of local state government internships which enable students to gain an understanding of working in the real world, whether or not the government field is their choice after graduation. SUNY Albany also has one of the top ranked criminal justice programs in the country.


The school spirit, the hearts of the students that want to get involved and be a part of an amazing family is what really drew me in. I enjoyed my freshman year so much that I became a part of the school spirit experience; I became an RA, and now I get to spend those basketball games with my residents!


They have a forensics lab right on campus, they had a wonderful biology program, and it was close to home.


SUNY Albany is a very diverse school and they have tons of programs and events and clubs to make sure everybody has a variety of activities to involve themselves in while they are attending the school. I believe that is what makes it so unique. Even if they dont want to involve themselves in any of the clubs, they cannot resist SUNY Albany's famous Fountain Day. This day is only celebrated at SUNY Albany and it is a day for they whole school to kick back, relax and come together in unity.


The school I am currently attending provides various opportunities and I do not know how I would have performed differently if I attended another university to which I have applied. I am open to many majors but have my heart set on being a pre-med student, so I believe I receive academic support from various individuals and with the friends i have made, I could not wish to be anywhere else.


One thing about the University at Albany that I find very unique is how diverse our school is. There are students and faculty that come from over one hundred countries, to attend or work at the University. With the University being so diverse it helps understand people's background and that there are millions of different opinions about the littlest thing, I think because the University is so diverse it helps me be more open minded about the world and what is going on within it.


When comparing Suny Albany and other schools, I always prefer Suny Albany because at Suny Albany it have many different majors we can chose from and it is public school so the tuition is not that high, which is an amount most people can afford. Another good thing about our school is it 's very big, it contain uptown and downtown university. Which give us more space to study.


I had no choice but to go to this school. We will leave it to that. But I am trying to make the best of it and boost my grades with the few classes that interest me.


everything about this place is diverse


We have fountain day where everyone goes inside the fountain and have a blast.


The school is very conducive to each students' academics as well as a broad range of activities and events. transportation around the school is easy and free, security is tight and work on a 24/7 schedule so students feel safe. The living style on and off campus is remarkable and enjoyable. the scenery and surrondings are nature-like and can offer a broad range of things to do around. The school is not far from the town where one can experience city life.


I feel like everyone gets along and we can all come together and have a good time.


Although it is a really big campus and has a lot of students, this school is organized in such a way that it is easy to find your way around. Most people tell me that they were intimidated when first hearing about how many students attended SUNY Albany, but changed their mind about it after seeing our campus. Also, there really is something for everyone at this school, no matter what it is that you are interested in.

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