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What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Partiers who could care less about their education.


The stereotype of students and the school in general is that we are a bunch of partygoers. This has been prevalent for the last decade, and the image of the student body further regressed during a riot that occurred during St. Patrick's Weekend 2011. However, this is a small percentage of the entire school. While most students do go to parties, it is not a consistent habit and the trend has severely decreased for the past few years. The party scene is nothing compared to how it used to be, albeit it still exists just like in any other university. Students are still primarily concerned about school. Work on weekdays, party on the weekends, like everyone else.


There are several different groups on this diverse campus. If I had to choose a stereotype of the students I would say that we are a socialites. This school is very social and the level of being social with eachother is heightened at parties or large scale events. More often than not these large scale events are provided by various student groups on campus.


There is certainly stereotypes about our Ualbany students. there are stereotypes that our students are "party animals". Although this stereotype is somewhat true. In my opinion many Ualbany students balance both partying and their education. Many of the students here balance their work effectively that they can decide to go out on Friday's and Saturday's.


My school has a stereotype of mostly "downstate kids". These kids are namely from Long Island, specifically Nassau county. There are also a lot of kids from other places downstate, such as Brooklyn and Westchester. There is also a stereotype of "party kids" at my school- UAlbany is a well-known party school with a lot of the atmosphere revolving around alcohol and drug use.


People always assume that SUNY Albany is a "party school" and that everyone gets drunk and uses drugs every weekend. Although many students do party on weekends and some use drugs, I'm sure this is true for many other college campuses.


Most people think UAlbany is a party school, and yes, while there are a lot of people who like to party, there are still a good amount who don't like to party and school is important to them.


SUNY Albany has many students, for a long time SUNY Albany was known as a party school, but has recently gotten a lot less loud. There are many students who do use drugs, but are probably mostly potheads overall. There are also many people who are extremely focused on school, who don't drink or do drugs at all. Overall there are many students who do well, while still enjoying the party. There are many jocks on and off campus, but the jocks tended to hang out with other jocks and don't usually stray from their group. There are also many different types of Frats, there are social frats (whom usually run the parties off campus), there are academic frats (like the business, pre-med, and pre-law frats), and there are also cultural frats (like the Philippino frat). These are available for all students and are meant to fit the students needs.


The main stereotype our school has is that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is from Long Island. I have to say, this is pretty accurate. Westchester, Long Island- it's all the same. Unless you're from one of the five boroughs, you don't really stand out too much. My best friend somehow ended up with a native Japanese roommate, a suite-mate from Finland, and another from England. That was pretty unique and awesome.


University at Albany is stereotyped as a big party school, where the students are more concerned with nightlife than with studies. However, as an Honors student at the University who is involved in numerous groups and takes advantage of resources on and off campus I know that this sentiment is completely subjective. What student who goes away to school to dorm and live with others does not enjoy to go out once in a while? Even those who like to go out on the weekends every week, like I do, are not necessarily "party animals" who care for nothing else. College is about priorities and about learning how to make the most of your time. I believe in working hard and dedicating myself to my classes so that when I get my down time I can enjoy it. How wild one gets while partying is a matter of personal preference. Just because students at a University may go out, it does not mean that every single one of them will have an outrageous drunken frenzy of a night while they do so. The idea of parties and what happens in these settings is misconstrued and often exaggerated. Sometimes it is also accurate to the party scene. But if you know yourself and know your limits and goals, there is no reason to be thrown off by this rather silly stereotype that can essentially be pertinent to any school..


The stereotype of students at SUNY Albany is the crazy party kid. This is true to a degree, but definitely NOT for the whole student population. Firstly, there are never parties on campus. And secondly, there is plenty to do that is not drinking, smoking, and party related. Albany is a city that you can go shopping in, go skating, go out to dinner, see a movie, and attend plenty of school sponsored events. Another thing to be aware of is that not all students are the same. Sure, there are kids who like to party and will go out drinking Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but I would not consider this the norm. Pretty much everyone I know, and that is a great number of people, are involved on campus in one group or another or several organizations, and care a great deal more about their school work and future than partying.


Students at our school are typically seen as big partyers. While students at Albany know how to have a good time, they also know when to buckle down and get work done. Greeklife, while seen as a joke, is actually gaining popularity and organization. It is not only an excuse for sex and drinking, but contribute positively to the community. That is not to say that we don't have fun and go out, but we don't go crazy with it.


There are those who go out to parties every night and those who don't. Stereotypes are always a generalization that are never completely accurate.


Stereotype: The students at UAlbany are wealthy, spoiled long islanders that come up to Albany to be far enough away from their parents so that they can party 5/7 days a week and achieve good grades at the same time because the curriculum is so easy.


A lot of people think that the students here at SUNY Albany just party and thats all. But I know a lot of intelligent people who spend time at the library as well as have fun. The stereotype of my school is its a party school- yes there are lots of parties, but you don't have to go to them. There are plenty of smart people here, not just party animals


This stereotype about Albany is true for some people and not for others. If you want to come here and party, you can definitely do that. If you want to focus on school, you can do that too. Nobody really cares if you like to get hammered every weekend. Just make sure you make the most of your tuition, and don't do anything stupid that makes the rest of us look bad.


sterotype of the students in my school is intelligent. this sterotype accuracy is like 50 percent.


The main stereotype of the students here at SUNY al Albany is that we are all party animals. This is a rather new stereotype that has spread faster than wildfire throughout the country. This stereotype is however not entirely true. Although there are some students who love to party, it is safe to say that these students make up or every party hour by frequenting the library all week. Whenever a student goes into the library, he/she is faced with the reality of SUNY Albany; EVERYBODY IS THERE. It is sometimes even difficult to find studying space in the library and we currently have 2 HUGE libraries on the main campus and one at the downtown campus.


From what I have always heard, ualbany has quite the reputation for being a huge party school. Although this may be true for some students, this stereotype is completely inaccurate. Just like any other college, ualbany has its students that like to party, but this is not true for ualbany as a whole. I do not believe we are more of a party school than any other college.

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