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What kind of person should attend this school?


If you are looking to attend SUNY Albany then you have to be willing to try new things and grab at opportunities. If you are looking to be comfortable and to stay in your room all day, this is not the college for you. In order to have the most fun, you must be willing to explore and to make friends and acquaintances wherever you can find them. People will notice if you sit in your room all day, every day and some will try to get you outside so if you want to be a hermit, it is not going to be here. You also will not be happy here. You do not have to be an extrovert or a party animal to get along well, you just have to be willing to take a little bit of a chance. Everyone is looking for friends and to have a good time so make the most of that.


I think this is a great school for anyone to attend. There are people of all different personalities. I am an introvert but I do not find it hard to make friends. Everyone here is open to try new things and experience life with you. I am glad I chose a school with such diversity and a range of people. It gives you a chance to branch out and really find who YOU are. The friendships made here are very solid and will last a lifetime.


Yes, it's a party school, if that's your thing. However, UAlbany also works well for the serious-minded student. You can be social or anti-social, there's a fit for everyone. Make sure you ask around about which professors to take, there are absolute gems, which can make or break your experience. Especially if you're a NY resident, there aren't may better deals considering educational quality and price of admission... and yes, it's a party school. Even if you're not a regular partier, it's nice to have fun options to unwind!


The type of person best suited for SUNY Albany is someone who loves finding ways to stand out in the crowd. Albany is a really big school and to be happy you will want to get involved and get to know as many people as possible. It is in a great location for networking. The people who will best fit in here will be ready to jump right into the action and take no prisoners.


SUNY at Albany is a place where people who want to succeed certainly can but it is easy to get lost and unfocused if you're unsure of what you want to do. I enjoyed my time there but spent too long trying to find my place and I lost many opportunities to learn specific skills for a particular career path. Those in business and harder sciences seem to succeed here but those in arts seem to flounder.


I honeslty couldn't answer that


A partier. The kind of person who likes to have a lot of fun and always has something to do. A person who likes being involved and never needs an excuse to have fun. It's never boring here and that's the kind of person who would like it here. You have to be good at balancing your social fun time and getting all of your work done.


live close to suny albany


Only someone who is serious about their school work should attend this school. If you are just coming to make friends and fool around then there is no point in you attending.


I believe that any person who wishes to become a well rounded individual should attend the University at Albany. This school is very diverse and offeres a great anount of opportunities to take advantage of. Being outgoing is an extrme benefit at this school due to the fact that there are about 18,000 students here; a great chance to make friends and network. Because SUNY Albany offeres a wide array of majors, individuals who have different interests are evidently more than welcome.


A person who is willing to work for a proper education should attend this school. I personally believe that the Psychology department in this school is superb. Those who are interested in research and psychology should think about applying here. SUNY at Albany is a very friendly environment. It is easy to find make new friends here. Also, most of the staff here are willing to help out their students in any way possible. Those who are looking for a decent education and living environment should attend SUNY at Albany.


Anyone really. It is a medium sized university so it can meet the needs of most people. It is affordable, even for out-of-state students. They have tons of majors, and opportunities in the city for internships and real life work experience.


A person who doesn't mind larger classes. There are a lot of distractions, especially on weekends, so students must be able to focus when they have to.


Someone willing to make something of themselves, who isn't afraid to leave home (if needed), and who can manage their time successfully on their own.


someone who is the wild child of there high school


This school is designed for a variety of different people from many different backgrounds. They have a long list of majors that can suit most people.


One with a broad mind, open-ended, inquisitive, hilarious, somber, sportive, lonely (so that one makes a lot of friends), passionate, religious, committed to one's goal, creative, imaginative, coming from a middle-class family, prospective, research-oriented, should attend this school.


Since this is a large University, there are opportunities for a wide variety of individuals. While it is true that Albany is something of a party school, and therefore students looking for a not-altogether-challenging courseload and weekends filled with partying will be able to find exactly that, there is *much* more available. Anyone hoping to Study Abroad will be excited by the locations available. SUNY Albany is a "what-you-make-of-it" kind of school. If you choose to dive into difficult courses and join any of the hundreds of clubs, school will be challenging and enjoyable.


The type of person who should attend the school is a business oriented school. The arts is not something that is expressed much here. Also the weather is very gloomy. This school has a lot of oppertuniites for research and fraternities. Having a car does help.


anyone as long as the school doesn't cut their department.....


The University at Albany has a lot of affiliated specialty schools like the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering, so it is a good place for these certain interests--which someone should research. I also know that it has the second best Criminal Justice program in the country. Basically, Albany is one of the best SUNY schools, and the SUNY system is one of the best educational systems in the country because it provides student with a very good education and it's a lot cheaper than any private school.


the people that should attend this school should be eager to enrich their learning and their are many different choices of majors so it would be good for an aray of students


The perfect person for this university would be a highly motivated student that wants an excellent education for a lower cost. The student must also realize that it is difficult to get in and that academics are taken very seriously here. A person who wants to become involved in campus activities should also attend this school. UAlbany students have a lot of pride and are very active on campus and off campus.


I think people who are looking for a great education and diversity would love to attend this school.


Someone who is interested in being challenged socially as well as intellectually. There are like 100 funded clubs, as well as organizations within the community to join. You definitely need to familiarize with the library- it is an invaluable resource. You have to be self-motivated and able to create a routine for yourself to get your work done, as there are almost no teachers who will continually prompt you to do the work- they don't want to fail you, but they get paid either way!


SUNY Albany offers a variety of majors, clubs, programs and extra curricular activities that meets the means of many. One who is interested in higher education and recieving a valuable eduaction, in order to become competent adults should attend SUNY Albany.


Career focused students who also are interested in Greek Life.


someone who is motivated and inspired to do great things.


A person who is focused and is not easlily distracted.


Someone who could not get into a private school or a more well known school. Alot of people come here because it is cheaper.


A diligent person with who has set goals to achieve in his/her educational carerer path. someone with a defire to learn new things, not only educationwise but also in the social part of life ingeneral.


I believe someone who enjoys diversity, a school with a strong social scene, and enjoys making friends should come here. There is something at the school for everyone.


People who have good time-management skills, open mindsets, and can easily multi-task with classwork, jobs, and student involvement.


People who like partying, having a good time, making a lot of friends but at the same time gaining lots of knowledge and making them who they are through UA's spectacular education programs should attend this school!


Hard working, enthusiastic, passionate student who is ready to engage both their school and local community. SUNY Albany is an instution of higher learning that porovides endless possiblities for all students.


a person who is outgoing and a someone who is very motivated to get things done. Also someone who likes to be around a lot of people and isn't shy.


Anyone can fit in at SUNY at Albany; you just have to find your niche. Whether you're a party animal, straight- A student, or both, you will find dorms that cater to your whims, friends, and develop a social life. There are frats, there are academic clubs, there is a film club, and even a pirate club. SUNY at Albany truly is a mixed bag.


Someone who wants to get an excellent education at a reasonable cost and is willing to work hard.


To attend this school, one should be open minded. Someone who is open to new experiences, making new friends, and learning new things will enjoy this environment. For a student to attend this school, they should not only have a willingness to learn in the academic sense, but also in the social sense. Students that attend this school are put in a position to interact with many different types of people, those of which they may have never interacted with before. A positive attitude and an openness to others are the best traits to have at a school like this.


Sociable individual, accommodates many people though


Suny at Albany is a place for hard working individuals. Even thought there are lots of services around campus that help students get back on track if they begin to deviate from success, everything is ultimately in the hands of the students. People that have a determination level through the roof would succeed tremendously here. This is nothing like high school, especially the lecture classes, which the majority of freshmen take. Students have to be in the right mind state if the plan on attending SUNY at Albany and succeeding.


Someone who enjoys diversity and likes to work hard to achieve their goals. Someone who wants many opportunities for different majors, jobs, internships, etc. I believe that this school could be fantastic for anybody if they are willing to put in the work.


Someone who wants to have fun party and socialize.


A person who is dedicated to their education, and not easily persuaded should attend this University. The nightlife and party scene are in full swing at SUNY at Albany. It takes courage to stand out and be the one to study and excel, rather than be the one full of partying, who is mediocre.


People looking for a diverse enviornment


In order to be successful at the University at Albany, one must be willing to put forth time and effort into their studies, to ignore the peer pressures of students around them doing the wrong thing and not taking their education seriously, to be able to manage their time efficiently and effectively to put forth their greatest efforts in all that they do and to be ready to soak up as much as possible.


Someone who wishes to succeed academically without their parents watching their every move, but is willing to let academic advisors help should attend this school.


The only people I have known to have problems are those who have never been away from home and feel that they cannot make friends. SUNY Albany does have a large amount of people and this can be intimidating to some. Scholastically, I would not suggest this school for somebody who is looking for cut-throat competition (such as would be found in a private school such as Yale). The atmosphere is laid back , but hard work is encouraged by most professors.


Anybody and everybody would either love or hate this school. People I know range from hard workers, shy, social, lazy, and much more. There is nobody that wouldn't enjoy SUNY Albany and what it has to offer unless they didn't want to.


The person that should attend the Suny Unverisity @ Albany should be outgoing, freindly and all about the a higher education. My school has all the means to provide a solid college education, but the perosn must want to excel in the field of study. A hard worker who is ready to begin the next chapter in their life would be a perfect candidate for my school. Outgoing helps because there are so many thing to get into that a loner would miss everything that is happening. A sports person would be great , Albany takes it sports to a higher level.

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