SUNY at Albany Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known that college professors are not what high school teachers make them seem. I stressed about this until the first day of classes. My classes have ranged from 30 people to 500 people. If you make an effort to see the professor in their office, they are more than willing to work with you and help you. I was scared that the professors would be mean and stuck in their ways but they are not. I wish I knew this coming into school because it would have taken a lot of the stress off my shoulders.


I wish I knew more about financial aid resources and how to get the best scholarships to help me pay for my Suny Albany education


I wish I had know more about the different clubs and that I had joined my club I'm in earlier.


I wish I would have known that making friends is really important, not only in succeeding socially but also academically. Having friends means that you have people to help you study, and make the week easier to get through. College is all about making connections and the friends you make are the start of those connections that will help you later in life.


Even though downtown Albany is not super close to the University, I would recommend living downtown, near Lark Street. It's a great location for getting out and exploring the city!


Before coming to SUNY Albany, there are many things I wish I would have known prior. The one thing that I wish I would have known more than any of the others is that on an academic level, they stand out but socially, there are alot of cliques at this university. This makes it hard for a socialite like myself to be involved in a large variety ofcampus groups as well as developing close knit friendships.


I don't believe I have anything to say on that part.


I wish I had known how large the lecture halls are, especially considering the student to faculty ratio.


Albany is a great school in a great location. There are tons of opportunities because it is a capital city, and despite SUNY A's size not many students take advantage of the internships, programs, or prof's office hours. Take advantage of the location by interning in the state offices, Federal senator's offices, or many non-profits in the area. It is worth your time to stop in during Professor's office hours, not only will they offer you help help on paper's and assignments, they will know who you are for recommendations.


I wish I would've anticipated the real cost of higher education and the toll it takes on my family.


I wish I had know the impact dorming on campus has on a student's life academically and socially. Also, i wish i had known that the students party excessively during the weekends.


I wish I knew how big the classes are. Some of them are a little bit too big for me.


That it'd be a good idea to join clubs early on, to get to know people sooner; that it's a good idea to know people on your floor in the dorms; that you shouldn't slack off too much on homework.

Young Joo

I did not attend this school yet but something I do wish i knew before attending Albany is the many oppurtunities offered on the campus. I am looking for schlorships and different ways to pay for my college fees and tuition and it would be helpful to know where i can find oppurtunities for a job or a special schlorship


nothing, albany had great brochures and campus tours to get all the information you needed.


I wish I knew more about my major and the fact that I'm allowed to look outside the box and take classes that aren't included in my majors list of classes.


Before coming to SUNY Albany I wish I knew that the weather was going to be different from what I was used to growing up in my hometown.


Not much I think I knew everything I needed to know.


I really wish I knew more people and joined more clubs. Since I was a trasnfer student it was hard to meet new people and adjust to a bigger school.


Nothing specifically.


I wish I knew more about myself before I entered college. I feel that I was not able to fully enjoy college, and the university experience because I was searching for who I was, and chasing what I wanted to become. I put so much stress on myself to excel in class to prove that I was worthy to attend college. Instead I should have realized that my hard work would achieve the grades I wanted, I did not need stress. I missed a lot of things I would have loved to experience if I just stopped, and looked around.

Brenda A

I am transferring to SUNY, Albany, Fall 2011.


Before coming to this school i wish i knew where the majority of the transfer students stay, i am a transfer student and it was hard to meet people and make friends becasue the place I had been living at was all upperclass man and they all knew people before hand.


I wish I had known exactly what I wanted to do.


Before I came to SUNY at Albany I wish I had known what the surrounding area had to offer me. Everyone always looks for the perfect college town to live in, and I wish I had known what the city of Albany had in entertainment and in their intership and career options. Also, I wish had known what to expect from college classes, because they are nothing like high school classes. You can do great in high school, and not do so well in college. Here you're on your own.


Honestly, the only thing that I wish I knew before deciding to pursue a degree from SUNY Albany was how cold it truly does get there!


I wish I had known that they would give you credit for courses taken in a community college and also for AP courses.


I wish I was aware that this school was very serious about their sports ( football in particular). I also would have liked to know that once you are in the school, there are really no more opportunities to recieve sholarships (once you get in you are really on your own financially). And that practically all of the jobs given on campus are work study jobs so if you dont have work study, it will be nearly impossible for you to find a job on campus.


I wish I would have known more as to what professions and extra curricular activities are offered.


That the advisment staff would discourage me from taking the classes that I should have taken. The classes are too large. The science department has subpar teachers.


I should have taken alot of Economics and Finance classes.


Deffinitly try hard freshmen year. It makes a cushion of safety for the years following.


I wish I had known that Albany the city is dull compared to New York City. The school is the main reason I want to go to Albany, nothing else.


The resources that are available to students including the library, professional staff and residential appliances.


I wish I would have known that some of the dorms are pretty bad and tiny as well. The process of getting a dorm can be somewhat a hassle.


I wish that I had known more about the special programs and classes pertaining to my academic study, my major.


My school is one of the best University's on this side of the Mason Dixon Line. Everyone is so helpful and professional you get the sense that everyone that is employed by this University is rooting for you to graduate and will help in any way they can to assist you with your educational goals. Whatever I did not know when I came to this school, there is always someone whether staff or student to get information from and many sources to confirm your information.


What academic resources I could take advantage of, how the system worked, and thus how much concentration I had to devote to working the system.


The quality of food and the strength of the science department.


I don't know, I was really happy with the way everything turned out.


I wish I had known more about choosing my classes before I came here. I made a few mistakes in picking more electives than I should have but I am taking more classes in the summer so I can study abroad in Japan.


I wish I had known more about career development and advancement. The services are there for students to use but I definitely did not use them to their maximum potential until I graduated and needed help finding a job and again applying to graduate school.


i wish i knew that a lot of people from where im from were coming here.


I wish I had been told to stay involved like I was in my community college. It has really contributed to a great campus life for me ever since I got back into Student Government.


Before i had attended U albany i wished i had spent more time finding a school that i would enjoy staying at rather than tryin to find a place that might be cheaper and save me money by commuting. Sure moeny is a very big thing for me since i havn't received any financial aid but at the same time i would have liked to be at a university that i find more attractive and exciting.


I wish I had known of all the great professors that seem to really care about what they teach. I also wish I would have known of all the additional opportunities the school offers besides education, such as opportunities to get involved in the community and society as a whole. The University at Albany offers several groups for people to get involved in and you can also form a new group to encompass your personal interests.


When I was looking at Albany, it was great to know so many things about the school that could be useful to have when I would start at the university. The one thing I wish I had known was where the Health Center was because it is not located on the main campus, but off campus. I came down with Mono and needed to visit the Health Center, but I had no idea where it was or how I was going to get there. I wish the adminstration told the students at Orientation or move in day where it was.


I wish I had known that college was more than just a party and social atmosphere. High School required little attention to details and there was little reason to study the course material because it was feasible to get expectional grades without it. However, freshman year in college is the greatest change that ever occured in my life and Suny Albany helped with the transition from high school to where I am now. I also wish I knew before I came to college that the most important thing in college is your G.P.A., not social standing on campus.


Upon coming to college I had only mentally prepared myself for what it would be like to be away from my family but not for the difference in academics from high school to college. I did not expect the big lecture halls, the online assignments and the heavy reading. In high school one has the constant remainders from teachers when an assignment is due and their concern. But in college it is all about responsibilty, hard work and maturity. It is up to each individual to maintain a good academic standing and to succeed using their own methods.


I wish had a better idea of how intense the workload would be and of how busy life at SUNY Albany could get; I wish i knew how important good time management would be.

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