SUNY at Binghamton Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Binghamton University is big and always has many activities happening on campus everyday.


The weather's temperamental and our favorite complaint, Off-campus life is dead, though some call the town quaint, The football team is undefeated, since it does not exist, And once you sign up for a club, you're stuck on its mailing list, The dining halls are bland and hugely overpriced At the end of each semester, canned tuna will suffice, The professors can seem distant, the TAs hard to understand, And academic advising leaves your future quite unplanned, We love to hate Binghamton, to argue is blasphemous, We're 15,000 strong, and all a bunch of masochists.


Perfect balance of academics and social life.


My school is very diverse with many clubs to get involved in


Enriching the lives of people.


A university at which a person of virtually any culture or ethnicity can readily attend without feeling like the odd one out, where a deep and broad education is valued, and where the focus is on the individual student - you don't have to blend in like a wallflower if you don't want to.


The campus is very diverse; the dorm communities all have different atmospheres and there are multiple sections of campus with different feels to them. Binghamton has a closed campus, so the students and the general public do not mingle and the entire campus is gated. It is closed off to unauthorized visitors at ungodly hours of the morning when there shouldn't be any visitors anyway. Starting from right to left when in the middle of campus: Hinman is a cute little resident community with an apartment co op-type feel. There are plenty of fields for outdoor activities in the heart of the community. Mountainview is another community that overlooks the entire campus and is located the farthest away from it, on what seems like a mountain. College In The Woods is a hilly community surrounded by trees (thus it's name). Newing is currently in the midst of construction, with gorgeous new buildings and a very modern look to it. Dickinson is the oldest community, the only one located inside the "brain" right now, and definitely looks the part. As far as academic buildings go, the main part of campus is how any college campus would look, with stone paths for walking between buildings and little cute trees dotting the area. Lower campus is the section with all the science buildings, and has brand new sidewalks and some construction going on.


It was very much focused on improving itself, and focused on research.




Binghamton is a tight knit community that cares about its students and the environment around us.


Binghamton university has a defining intellectual setting but simultaneously peaceful energy.


It is a school where you get a lot of academic and moral support.


My school is very diverse and offers so many opportunites.


Even though the school is a medium large school, the oppertunities available were extensive and elaborate. We were able to create a smaller school for ourselves within the larger structure.


binghamton is depressing at times with the cold weather but there are engaging activities on campus. you just have to make time for them.


Fun atmosphere that is academic at its core.


SUNY Binghamton is diverse and energetic... there are lots of opportunities.


Binghamton University facilitates challenging degree programs, and helps not only to improve it's students' academic success, but also to build it's students' characters by it's location in an economically depressed area of New York state.


As long as you do work, you will get a high grade and it allows you to have a social life.


Binghamton University provides you the opportunity to receive the best education available to prepare you in the field of your choice.


SUNY Binghamton is a large institution that offers excellent coursework, particularly in the humanities, coupled with all the daily priveleges and necessities one would expect from a state school.


Binghamton boasts a great education for a good value, but since it is a state school, you don't find much diversity in its ideas and population.




Work hard, party hard.


There are so many optortunities to get involved in interest clubs, sports, study abroad, and professional groups where there is a place to find like-minded friends that will last a lifetime.


Binghamton University is an institution of high-level education and research, where students and faculty come together to do important work, grow together, and form long-lasting friendships as a part of a cohesive, tight-knit community.


the best choice i ever made.


SUNY at Binghamton provides a lively and eventful campus filled with helpful professors, advisors, and peers with a wide range of clubs and organizations.


Binghamton University is a community of driven students who enjoy success and have fun in many different ways.


Binghamton is a diverse environment that really helps its students to strive and succeed both socially and academically.


Considering quality of college experience and future career prospectus, it is not worth the lower tuition and you're better off going to a private.


There are alot of trees and hills.


SUNY Binghamton is a public school with private education, the world of unknown is unfolded before your eyes and folded again to leave the ending up to you.


It is a beautiful school with an exciting and involved campus with intelligent and fun students looking for education, fun, and good friends.


Binghamton is a great place to be with lots of class selection, good dorms and dining halls and enough diversity for everyone to find their niche.


Binghamton University is a wonderful place to aspire hire and persue your dreams.


My school is diverse, challenging, and fun.


My school is ethnically-diverse, secluded, and provides many opportunities for entertainment and academic advancement.


It's an open field for experience, learning, and fun.


it's binghamton can't say nothing else




Binghamton University environmentally friendly


I'm not a fan.


The school is full of students who want to do well, but also know how to socialize and relax, and aren't overly competitive with academics.


This school kicks ass.


My experience is that Binghamton University is a high quality school with small classes, good professors, a deep library and helpful support services, but with lower funding than perhaps it should have.


Binghamton is a mosaic of vast cultural, political, and economic interest morphed into a vast landscape of clarity and fairly reasonable peace.


Binghaton University is the cold, just-far-enough-away-from-home (home read: NYC) place rich parents send their less-than-acdemically-stellar, spoiled children for a decent, safe, inexpensive education, or simply don't want to shell out the money for a private school.


Binghamton University is a diverse institution that educates and guides students to reach their full academic potential as well as develop a sense of success and determination to develop a career path.


Good Value

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