SUNY at Binghamton Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Extremely hard working, dedicated and competitive students looking to set the foundation of their futures at an extremely well respected State School.


My classmates at SUNY Binghamton are generally down-to-earth, caring people. We all have unique experiences and are very accepting of one another.


i love them


Most of the students fall into one or more of these categories: Long Islanders, Asians, or Jews. I think every student could find a niche in this school, but in order to do that, you're going to have to do some active research. There are hundreds of clubs and organizations here (one of my friends is in 7), but even if you don't join anything just yet, a lot of students tend to make most of their friends within the walls of their dorm building anyway. As with a lot of colleges, sweatpants/sweatshirts are the norm, and you'll see a LOT of Binghamton sweats being worn (we just love our school that much). Partying is pretty big but it doesn't dominate over other activities, and I'd say that despite how it looks on the weekends, really only like half of the people here party all the time.


So far everyone on campus has been welcoming. I have gay friends that don't complain. No one really cares what you are. I'm African American and I haven't been treated differently from my friends. Everyone understands that Binghamton is one of the most affordable SUNY's so no one expects you to have a lot of cash. Honestly I've seen so many different kinds of people in Binghamton I don't know who would feel out of place. Perhaps Latinos. There aren't many on campus, that is true. And everyone gets a long. My group of friends alone consists of Caucasians, Asians, African Americans, Caribbean students and Latinos. it just depends on who you are and how you interact with others. Others do onto you as you do onto them. That's all.


There are many different races and nationalities at SUNY Binghamton. Usually, each race will mingle together, just because they have a common ground but it's not unheard of to break this tradition. Overall, the students here are very goal-oriented and strive to do their best academically.


As I stated earlier, there is a high Asian and Jewish population at Binghamton. The only thing that even stands out is the constantly advertised services for Jewish students. The only type of student that would feel out of place at this school is one that is going to a big college for a big city. Binghamton itself is not the greatest of places, and was recently hit by a devastating flood that will probably cripple it for years to come. Many students just throw on their University sweatshirt/pants combo and walk to class. The ambitious students don't usually do anything more than a tshirt and some jeans. Occasionally you'll see the random School of Management student suited up for an occasion. Students of all types are brought together at Binghamton. I myself have never noticed a seperation in interacting students as it is. I guess however, that yes, different types of students interact often. The dining hall; one table is full of your Alpha Sigma Phi brothers, another, full of students that are exchange/asian descent. Other than that? The other two are filled of whoever sits down at them. Most students are from the New York City area/Long Island or New Jersey. There are many varying financial backgrounds at Binghamton. I for one am qualified for full TAP/PELL grants. However, I know students paying full out of state tuition through their parents as well. Students are definitely politically active and aware. I'd say Binghamton leans a little on the liberal side, as most college students do, but the balance is pretty fair. Many students talk about their futures, but most are busy working towards them.


A large percent of our campus is from Long Island and is religiously Jewish. But as large camps there are niches for everyone.


There is a nice mixture of students at Binghamton, even though it is majorly caucasian. You will never feel alone because there are clubs tailored to every relgion and ethincity. For example, there are caribbean, asian and african ameican clubs as well as jewish, christian and atheist clubs. Recreational clubs include live action role playing (for the mythically inclined), taste buds (for our food lovers), different sports clubs and much, much more. There is rarely a club we don't have and if you find yousekf wanting, you can always start your own!


Most of the students are from New York, but we have a fair number from other states, and we're about 10% international, which is really cool -- if you're from the US, you definitely learn a lot from talking to them, and if you're international, there's a good support system in place for you. In my experience people from different locations tend to interact well, and while sometimes international students tend to hang out with people from their home country, there aren't what you'd call social barriers among groups. Most people dress pretty casually, but some dress up a little; most people don't focus so much on clothes, but if you do you won't be alone. The school is financially diverse, and most of the students are comfortable with that (perhaps a little less so in the beginning if they're from economically homogeneous places, but the overall atmosphere is relaxed). There are some students who are very politically active, and some who don't care at all, and a lot who fall somewhere in between. Most are liberal, but there's also a decently sized conservative contingent, as well as some fairly vocal libertarians. In terms of religion, students run the gamut; people are respectful for the most part, no matter what you practice or don't practice. There's not a ton of LGBT visibility on campus, but the Rainbow Pride Union and other such organizations are active, we do recognize pride week, and Safe Zone certification is widespread on campus. Overall, Binghamton is a welcoming environment -- it's not clique-y, and most of the students are always open to meeting new people.


Overall, my classmates have consisted of bright, engaged intellectuals pursuing a higher education in order to accomplish goals they have set for themselves, and so it is not a surprise when the tutoring centers, the computer pods, and the various libraries that can be found around campus are filled to their capacity through out the week.


The school attracts children from all different ethnic and racial backgrounds. The students are motivated, hard working, and determined.


Everyone was really diverse, and this was both good and bad...I thought that I personally knew in 10 seconds whether I would like or dislike somebody. Then, I realized that getting to know people is infinitely more complex than that.


I'm not in a position to screen out anyone. I think everyone is equally good enough to allowed in every competition. =)


very interested in learning


A lot of frats and sororities. People go to parties every weekend. People can be pretty serious about what they want. There's a club/organization called Beyond Coal that has had multiple rallies calling for Binghamton University to stop using coal.


Many of my classmates are very outgoing, open to meeting new people and helping others out when needed.


Very intelligent and ethnically diverse.


My classmates are equally concerned about their grades and achievement and that helps me to be motivated to succeed.


They are academically focused most of the time, and know how to have fun at the same time.


Most of the people I've talked to on campus seem friendly and nice. In classes though, people keep to themselves more unless they really know you.


My classmates are very friendly, open-minded and crave knowledge.


they're well driven, focused, and fun people.


Determined to be successful and find a good job in their field by succeeding academically.


Many of them are disinterested, but the ones who care become really involved and interactive.


My classmates were very eager to form groups and work together on classwork.


Great people all around


My classmates are generally rather helpful, most of the time bonding over the amount of work given by a professor, tests, or etc. There are those times when with a horrible teacher's assistant this can lead to forming separate study sessions outside of the formal class times.


They are fun, engaging, helpful, interactive, friendly, and above all want to do great while helping others as well.


My classmates all come from a variety of places and are very intelligent.


Engineering classmates who were mostly boring, but there were a few exceptions


Classmates are helpful/supportive of one another yet competitive at the same time.


My classmates are diverse, have many different opinions and ideas; some share the same school goals while others are persuing other fields of interest.


Pretty cool people who are focused like me and want to succeed. Though sometimes opinions are a bit radical.




They are just as driven as I am.


Focused, energetic, and sun-deprived.


There nice but I woulnd't hang out with any of them outside of school


For the most part they are friendly and helpful but at the end of the day we are all competing against one another.


My classmates are friendly, helpful and really cool people that make college fun.


Extremely intelligent individuals; most of whom are extremely friendly outgoing and socially adept.


my classmates are focused and helpful.


Competitive at times but mostly friendly and helpful.


Most of my classmates are interesting, hard working, and helpful.


Great friends.


My classmates are very friendly for the most part. We get together for study groups and engage in discussions outside of class. Also, during class, if I missed something on the board, my classmates would be more than willing to show me their notes.


My classmates are a mixture of everything, but are eager to learn for the most part.


My classmates are welcoming, committed and focused individuals who aim to help others and share a common goal of becoming successful.


Long Island JAPs, lots of rich spoiled brats who got into better schools but chose Bing b/c it's less expensive, so their parents gave them a car


There's a group for every kind of person on campus. There's a catholic church on the edge of campus, there's a very active Hillel group and Chabad, there's other religious groups and political organizations, a Food Co-op for organic and vegetarian food, there's RPU (Rainbow Pride Union)... the list goes on, so it doesn't really seem like anyone could be left out, though if you go look around the cafeteria the Asians all eat together, the Black students usually eat together, it gets kind of segregated outside of classes.