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Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Brilliance, boldness and best value.


As a freshman I haven't seen a lot of them. One that I saw was Dickinson Day. It was great. There were prizes, games, forts, sports, and friendly competition. I also tried mud sliding. It's not recommended, and can be dangerous, but I had fun. It is kind of a tradition I guess.


As a freshman I haven't seen a lot of them. One that I saw was Dickinson Day. It was great. There were prizes, games, forts, sports, and friendly competition. I also tried mud sliding. It's not recommended, and can be dangerous, but I had fun. It is kind of a tradition I guess.


My favorite so far has been King of the Mountain, which is an olympics-type event for students living in Mountainview only. Each building has its own color, so residents wore their building's color, put some war paint on their faces, and fought against the other three buildings in activities such as tug-of-war, volleyball, ping pong, dancing, and others. Loud music coming from the event could be heard all the way across campus, and it was just an incredibly fun way to make friends and compete over which building is the 'best'.


The pre-med research programs and the research that is conducted on campus. Binghamton is a green campus. It's often cold but it's worth all of the gloves, scarves and jackets that you have to layer up in.


Our school is best known for the business school. Binghamton School of Management is known for its comprehensive program that engages its students with real hands on work and gives us valuable experience and a taste of the business world. I think that The School of management is very good. Our sciences are also very good with a capable and talented staff of professors. I think our school has a long way to go but it definitely is doing a lot and will go far.


The School of Management 5 year Accounting program is number two in the nation and companies such as: Deloitte, PriceWaterhouse Cooper, Ernest & Young and KPMG come to recruit student for full-time job opportunities.


It is one of the most environmentally green campuses, and once you get past the coldness, it is a beautiful place. It has one of the top Nursing and Management programs in the country. It is not even bad having so many Long Islanders, it makes going home that much easier knowing that your friends are only a short trip away. Everyone is around on the weekends.


Our school is best known for its value. Binghamton is a public school but has high standards and is seen as a "Public Ivy." These standards are part of the reason I came to this university.


academics, research opportunities


their lectures


Publi Havard.


I believe that my school is best known for its Business School and also for its degree programs in the Natural Sciences. It also has the reputation of being a priemer public university.


Our school is best known for our division 1 sports as well as an outstanding academic standing. Binghamton's male basketball team won the America East Conference tournament in 2009 and qualified for the NCAA men's basketball tournament. Binghamton is also considered to be the "premier public university".


For a SUNY school, Binghamton University has a really outstanding and rigorous academic program. We are best known for being a "Public Ivy" because of the high academic standing that the students are in, and have to be in to be admitted into the university in the first place.


Job placement after graduation. Most students who have interned for a company will be offered employment for them after graduation. These jobs are usually in the business field.




Binghamton is best known for its business, nursing and engineering programs. It's becoming known for its basketball team as time goes on as well.


Undergraduate Business Program, especially Accounting


Probably it's price for the education, or for the basketball team. We're also stereotyped for having a lot of Jewish/ people from NYC people attend the University. There's also a lot of diversity of race and people on campus.



I don't know.


good value


Getting your bang for the buck! Private school education with a public school pricetag.


The Ivy-League of public universities.


Best public University in the Northeast. Well thats what they say, haha.


The Bearcats...RAWRRR!!! Known to have no football team, but we make up for it with our other D1 sports; soccer, basketball, swimming, etc... It's known for the cold weather. It's also very well known for an affordable yet excellent degree, superb academics, great professors, and respected in the business world.


The School of Management


Best education for the price of tuition.


Business and nursing. Partying. Drinking.


best known for the weather.


Binghamton is best known for the Undergraduate School of Management, Decker School of Nursing, and our reputation as the Ivy Leauge of the State University of New York schools.


Binghamton is known as being the best in-state school, academically and financially. It is a fantastic institution and a good price considering the reputation it has for being such a great school.


binghamton is best known for its value. it is one of if not the best state schools in new york. it is quickly becoming recognized as an ivy league quality school. it is also quite evident that the expansion at binghamton is helping it become more of a household name. but i cant stress enough that it is promarily known as the best education for the tuition, in and out of state.


My school is best known for its academics. Graduates are able to find a job very easily because they have a degree and extensive training from this university.


bill pullman


Being a good SUNY

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