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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


The stereotype is very accurate. Most of the population is actually made up of Jewish students, Asian students, or students from Long Island. Of course, there are many many students who don't fall in any of those demographics, like myself. Now, the stereotype about not being good enough to get into actual ivy leagues...I don't know about that. Most choose Binghamton because of it's cheap tuition.


Binghamton students, at least the ones I know, do tend study hard, but I haven't met anyone who does nothing but study -- this is a pretty social place -- so even the most dedicated students definitely have lives outside their classes. People do party, just like at any other college, but it's mostly confined to the weekends. If you don't party (I don't) it's totally fine -- there's no real pressure, and there's plenty of other stuff to do. As for career prep versus education for its own sake, there are students (mainly in the professional schools, meaning the business school, the engineering school, etc.) who come here primarily to get ready for their careers, but there are also a lot who come in hoping to explore the subjects that interest them. Most people are somewhere in the middle. Like a lot of things, this is what you make it, and wherever you fall on this spectrum you'll probably meet like-minded people. And differently-minded people. In my opinion you can learn a lot from both.


Quite true, but there are some rich kids here who come here because of its reputation: the "public Harvard"




There are a lot of Jewish and Asian and Long Island students, however there are certainly also students from all around NY and a fair number of foreign exchange students. There aren't really very many out of state students, and if they are from out of state they're usually from NJ or nearby.


no! like in all other school there are diffenrent kind of people that act differently and think and view life in a different way> at biinghamton all the student that i hAD met had been very nice and friendly




While it does take some creativity and imagination to find new and different things to do in Binghamton, there's actually a lot to do. And, while there are some lower-class Wal-Mart shopping citizens in the area, they are not the most prevalent number of citizens in the Triple Cities area.


Pretty accurate, but then again stereotypes are always based on something.


Most of them are. There are other things to do in the town of Binghamton besides Wal-Mart, especially since Wal-Mart isn't even in Binghamton, its in Vestal. The Oakdale Mall is actually a pretty good mall, offers a lot of stores. Although yes it does get cold, it is absolutely bareable and does not keep people from staying in. Downtown Binghamton, although not the greatest Main Street I've ever seen, offers its own spunk. Places like the Lost Dog Cafe, and even the bars are really fun. A short distance away you also have Cracker Barrel and two movie theaters. Yes, there are also a lot of Long Islanders, but being a proud long islander, I see nothing wrong with that. Sometimes though I did wish there were more variety from the United States. There are a lot of international kids though.


Due to its distance from NYC, Binghamton provides a good environment for study. I think it is more suited to graduate and post graduate students, than undergraduates. The diverse student population is disproportionate. There are large numbers of particular nationalities - Turkish, Indian, Korean, and Chinese. Other nationalities and ethnic groups are not widely represented.






About half the time


Girls were not that bad, large jewish pop, terrible city with awful townies, about 300 days of rain/snow/clowds.


Change everyone to most and it's true, Our other sports are Division I and always in the top 3 of their conference


of course no, but the occasional classification described earlier dose occur. They maybe 90% of the time be from NYC / Long Island but people are rarely snobs.


Not really.


Alot of asians, alot of cool kids that could have been in ivys- more laid back version of ivys. alot of underachievers


generally no. There are many students from long island, but we also have many people from different areas, states, and parts of the world. Not everyone is Jewish, or practicing at least, so you cant tell either way. There are many Asian students but they tend to keep to their own groups and tend not to present as a third of the school. The housing communities are stereotyped by what is seen most often. Many frat brothers/sisters live in the same areas on campus, people tend to smoke outside in CIW (a few can spoil the image), Mountainview is suite style living, so you get to know your suite and not many people other then that (those who are outgoing tend to negate this). local students and locals ingeneral are not scary or sketchy, they are actually the nicest people I have had the pleasure to meet. Most welcome the students, if the students dont treat them as if they were trash (this stereotype is continued by people who are [for lack of a better word] douchbags. student government is one big clique. There is tons of things to do in binghamton, pretty much anything you would find in a large town or smaller city (but some just like to be college kids and drink until they pass out.)


Intelligent people in their own right. A lot of jewish people, everybody is from near the city. Not as cold or snowy as buffalo or syracuse, not upstate, near PA


There are always cases that match sterotypes, but for the most part they are false


-It's true, greeks hang out with greeks, Asians with asians, sports teams with sports must find your niche to have a great time at Bing. -Most of the time, it does seem like everyone went to the same high school... but you. -For the most part this is true, but I'm brown and all of my friends are white.




Yest, but the student body is far too diverse (for a school in upstate NY, anyways) and large to make definite stereotypes.


Majority of the people from Newing are.


While townies seem to be more prevalent in Binghamton than in most other towns that people are used to, they are certainly not the norm. Also, Binghamton is close to a few other towns and is actually located in Vestal, which is a much more affluent town. With a Jewish population of 30%, the Jew from Long Island stereotype is pretty accurate.


These are not stereotypes.


I would definitely say we're not a huge party school, but in no way are we "quiet". It's a good environment to stay focused in. As for the Jewish/Asian part, no, we're actually really diverse. And hippies? You could definitely find your "hippies" on campus, but not EVERYONE is like that--not at all.


Both are somehwat accurate. Everyone I know here has hated it here at some point, but the soon grow to love it or leave before they give it a proper chance. It doesnt rain that much up here, at least i havent experienced that much rain.


Actually, yes, they are pretty accurate.




its accurate if you let it be. as with everything in life, what you do is up to you, as long as you make the decision to be a certain way, you can be like that. so yes its true if you want it to be. but it can be false as well.


Yes, they are both very true.


There are definitely a lot of people from Long Island but they certainly aren't the majority, the same goes for Asians. The school does have strong science programs. It is definitely a party school. Binghamton is not my favorite city, that's for sure. It definitely is the premier public university in the Northeast. If you're not going to an Ivy League school, then it's the next best option.


It depends on who you know, what you like to do, and if youre an athlete or in a frat. Not true. They're cool.


to an extent


100% completely accurate about 95% of the student body


No, except for the last one.


YES. very hard for outsiders to find a place to fit in.


More than not, but you will find unintelligent people and those that are active. You can find any type of group/person if you're looking for it. Every college is a party school. Students are interested in learning.


Yes, although the campus is much more diverse than just that.






absolutely not


There is definitely a lot to do in the town you just have to find things for yourself. And yes, there are a lot of people from long island, and many of the girls are stereotypical long island girls.


The stereotypes are far from accurate because the courses in this school are difficult and you can see it from the students effort and time taken to study and they are still disatisfired at times by their grades. Science and pyschology are very diffcult in this school and a lot of students decide to take it in another school and transfer the credits. Now party wise, yes we do party but I never let it interfere with my school work, I have above a 3.0 GPA.


Yes, these groups make up a large part of the binghamton university community.


Both aren't true. The high school stereotype is because BU is in such high demand among New York state students, so a lot of people from home will go here if you are from New York. But, there are close to 14,000 student here. If you don't want to see your high school friends, don't. As for the city itself, there are parts that aren't so pretty, but every city has that. In fact, Binghamton is rich in culture and ranges from a metropolitan center to suburban shopping mecca, depending on where you are.


sometimes but it is not a bad thing to go to a school that saves you money

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