SUNY at Binghamton Top Questions

Tell us about your professors.


My professors have been absolutely amazing. My calculus professor last semester, for example, was really thorough and organized when teaching class, and he was incredibly willing to help outside the classroom too. If I wanted help, I could easily talk to him and meet up in his office. His willingness to help us succeed was tremendous. Same with my computer science professor and my writing professor. All three had flexible office hours and were easily reachable by email if I wanted to schedule a meeting. They generally displayed positive attitudes during class, and while some of my professors did have habits of coming very late to class, they were mostly very serious about their jobs.


Professors are engaged in their course work. Since Binghamton is a research institution, the professors are teaching and doing research in their field of study while employed at the University. They are helpful and available through office hours and through appointments. Most are willing to speak to students about their research and classes. Much like there are good professors there are some that aren't as good. Some don't teach as well as others, and some would much rather be doing research than teaching an entry level class, but for the most time they are helpful.


This truly depends on the class, but most professors of smaller classes are absolutely excellent. With so many classes and different sections, this obviously varies per experience, but there are many well qualified and intelligent professors at Binghamton.


Every school has some great professors and some not-so-great ones. The best thing about ours is that they're always available. They answer emails and have office hours at least once a week.TAs also hold hours and respond to emails, so if you're ever in need of help, you have resources. There are also websites you can use to check out your professors before you take the class, so you can know what to expect. Word gets around, so you should be able to avoid any not-so-popular professors.

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