SUNY at Binghamton Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


No idea what the most popular ones are. There's so much stuff to do. There are separate activities like contests and barbecues for each dorm community too, so I can't speak for them all. There's tons of traditions as well; for example, Mountainview has King of the Mountain every year which is where each resident building competes in a bunch of activities to see which building is the best. It's not terrible competitive, more just friendly and definitely fun. Many friends are made that day. Frats aren't as important as you probably think. Binghamton is not a "Greek or geek" school whatsoever, and those that are in frats aren't too clique-y either from what I've seen. There's also a lot going on on campus even if you aren't partying or drinking, like Late Night Binghamton.


I'm involved in the SAPB concert committee and it has many students in it because it's so enjoyable. On campus, there are many things you could do like bowling, playing pool, and even playing arcade games. Another thing that Binghamton students can choose to partake in are fraternities and sororities, but most students are not involved.


This is up for grabs. There are so many clubs and activities that I couldn't even begin to start on which is the most popular. There is something for everyone. I'm involved with B.U.M.P. the Binghamton Underground Music Project, bringing up and coming and underground musicians to the light of the University Campus for affordable, entertaining, and enriching shows on campus. Athletic events are definitely popular, but our team pride isn't that high. We have occasional even speakers, but not too many. Theater wise, the Hinman Production Company puts on a few shows a semester I believe and they are quite interesting. The dating scene is what you make it, just like anywhere in the world. Many people are in relationships, many aren't. It fluctuates in a delicate balance. My closest friends, who I consider my family at Binghamton were met simply from a couple of mutual friends between my floor and other students I had known previously. It is very easy to make friends at BU if you try. Two in the morning on a tuesday? Not wise in the first place, but if you're up at this time, you're either leaving the Rathskeller's pong tournament downtown, studying for class/finals in Glenn G. Bartle Library, or just a plain old insomniac. Every year Binghamton has it's Spring Fling, which is a big spriing semester concert featuring popular artists. Artists such as Drake, Wiz Khalifa, an Weezer have appeared in concert at Binghamton. There is usually 2-3 Concerts per semester at Binghamton University. Party goers also depends on the people. You can sign up for Chemical-Free housing and never hear someone stumbling in your hall the whole semester. However, the party scenee at Binghamton is most definitely present. Many students work tediously and diligently during the week to reap the benefits of a free weekend to spend at a favorite frat or downtown bar. Frats are pretty big party wise for freshman and pledges, though they are not a big part on campus. Sororities are even less of a deal than Fraternities. As of right now, I'm on break, so nothing at school. My last weekend of the Fall Semester? I was busy spending my time in the Library hopelessly cramming for Final exams. A typical weekend for me though consists of spending a night or two out, a day of homework/studying, and a day of relaxing with friends or catching up on rest. Binghamton always has the opportunity to attend 'Late Nite Binghamton" which is a University sponsored, weekend event that takes place every weekend in the University Union. Activities range from Billiards and Bowling to Karaoke and Video games or movies. Each weekend usually has a different theme, and some even have large party like events. Off campus you can visit the mall, go downtown, visit University Plaza and get some 5 Guys; quite a number of things really. The Binghamton Senators also play nearby, and are a great AHL Hockey club to watch.


There are a lot of SA organizations tailored for specific cultures and majors. Depending on the organizations there are guest speakers that run from business executives to physicians.


Extracurriculars are a big deal at Binghamton. There are so many really active things that it's hard to say what the biggest deal is. What I like best is that people seem to feel free to choose the activities they really like -- no one's gonna judge you negatively for playing Humans vs. Zombies, or being an athlete, or anything like that. And it's awesome that a lot of organizations participate in campus life outside just their own meetings: they set up tables in the student union to sell things or to spread info or that kind of thing, they run activities at Late Nite Binghamton, and they have campus-wide events. You don't even need to participate in a ton of organizations to enjoy the vibrant extracurricular culture. Greek organizations are visible on campus, but they don't dominate the social scene. Some people who are involved in fraternities and sororities get super-involved, so the option is definitely there, but if you want to have nothing to do with Greek life, it's easy to avoid it. The degree to which the dorms are social can be variable. My floor (I live in Dickinson Community, by the way) is very social, which I love. We've had several community-builders organized by our wonderful RA, ranging from ice cream in the lounge to going off-campus to see a movie, and I've also had some amazing unorganized times with some of my floormates. In my building at least, people hang out in the lounge kind of a lot, and I really like that because it gives you the opportunity to get to know people you maybe don't know well enough to hang out in each other's rooms. Also note that the social boundaries are fluid -- some of the people who are often part of the stuff I just described actually live elsewhere, but they hang out with my actual floor all the time because they're friends with some of us (to the extent that our RA even made them nametags!).


Like I said before, a lot of frats and sororities. Everyday, you're going to see people wearing a frat/sorority sweatshirt (except, of course, when it's too warm). I feel like there's not much to do on and off campus other than partying. I don't mind parties, but what about other things? And it's not like everyone on campus would go to parties. It gets really boring here.


My social life is amazing


Corridor style living in Newing and Dickinson (and parts of CIW) is a little more social, the suite style living is more comfortable but also a little more isolated and private (in CIW, Mountainview and Hinman). Events here are fairly well attended, there are concerts by major artists every year, last year the Foo Fighters to campus, this fall Lupe Fiasco is going to be here. The weekends center around partying for most people, on campus and off, but there are still plenty of people left in the library studying at all hours so Binghamton is really what you make of it. If you want a safe/non drinking atmosphere the campus runs Late Nite which can sometimes be kind of fun. Off campus there are some depressing local scenes since after IBM left over a decade ago most locals were left without professional jobs, or jobs at all, but there is a fairly lively bar scene, a zoo, and local events.


social life at binghamton it is amazing you feel like home because there is too much thing to do that you woulld never feel bored whenever you have free time. at binghamton the fraternities and sororties are very important because it is something that is part of the students something that students want to do and the university support it! off campus there are also alot things you can do> all depends on you, you can go shopping, go to the movies ect


You can really get involved with anything on campus but sometimes certain clubs arent as active. You can also take over clubs and start new clubs


There are endless groups, fraternities and sororities you can join. Dorming helps you meet the people you end up knowing until the end and helps you socialize with everyone. People party everyday. You can basically find good parties from Thrusday night to Saturday night. Every weekend there is Late Nite on campus where there are free activities and movies. My biggests complaint is the lack of good food both in and out of campus (be prepared).


I love the Binghamton social life. Weekends are great. I feel there is always something to do, although I would say its definitely harder for freshman to find something to do, since they are without cars, then it is for upperclassmen. Especially since most upperclassmen probably know people who live off campus.


The Anderson Center presents concerts, recitals, and other cultural events from all across the world. Some highlights in recent years have been the Royal Drummers of Burundi, Chinese opera, flamenco dancing from Spain, and the Royal Scotts Dragoon Guards of the United Kingdom. Downtown Binghamton has a lot of bars, nightclubs, and restaurants that cater to the student population. Partying on Friday and Saturday nights can be intense and sometimes lead to incidents that require police intervention. Fraternities and sororities take an almost unnatural importance at BU, in my opinion. The Events Center on campus hosts seasonal basketball, baseball, and soccer games. The closest friends I have made are from the courses I have taken. I am happy to say that I still keep in touch with them even after graduating.


frats and sororities are popular as are club sports. some residents leave their doors open, most unlocked, depends where you live. basketball games get the biggest turn out. guest speakers are often here and the school has a strong theatre program. dating scene depends on who you are. frat guys normally date sorority girls. hard core jews find their matches at hillel and chabad. athletes meet at mixers. my first good friend was through a linked class and she introduced me to most of the ppl i am close with now. if im awake at 2am on a tues its prob cuz i cant fall asleep so im tossin and turnin. u have concerts, spring fling, parents weekend, homecoming, alumni weekend, bar crawl. if ur in a frat ur partyin tues thurs fri and sat. if ur less of a partier it will be fri and sat or just one night over the weekend. you dont have to be in a frat or sorority to have a good time in college but they are def prevalent. if ur not a drinker late night is normally fun, or pool, or bowling, or ping pong or just hanging out wit ur friends playing board games (which i do alot) off campus is normally just for food and partyin


There are alot of social groups and organizations that give students alot to do outside of class. You can have a very good social life if you choose.


Studen thearte is popular. I do policy debate - eccentric, eclectic, very smart group, mostly pretty nerdy, but nice and easy to get along with. Guest speakers are generally not too popular unless they're very prevalent. I met my closest friends through debate and living with them. If I'm awake at 2am Tuesday I'm either working or procrastinating. Bar Crawl happens at the end of every year. Most people party every weekend. Frats/sororities play a big role for a lot of people, but can be avoided. Late Night Binghamton on campus doesn't involve drinking, but is generally pretty lame. Not much to do off campus.


The school does everything in its power to curb drinking/anything involving it. This cuts down on school spirit because realistically if you want more than 20 people to show up to anything you need alcohol present.....can deny it all you want but it's true. The event of the year with the most school spirit is bar crawl and they are working very hard to eliminate it.


Frats are not as important as other schools because the houses are far off campus, people go to the bars 7 days a week, late night on a weekend in the union are many non-alcohol related events such as bands, movies, sponsored events such as video games and crafts etc., groups are very clique, very little integration between fratsorority/non-fratsorority students


The campus is heavily jewish the jewish groups sweep away award ceremonies etc. CARP ( Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles) is focused on united the campus and binghamton community through volunteer work and programs. The dorms on campus are divided into several communities. Each community is said to embody a different personality of student. So the community you live in will determine the type of experience you have. I am an RA in th Dickinson community which on many of the floors agree for an open door policy( the residents decide) to help with closeness among the student and to crate a sense of family


Alot of frat parties, drinking is cheap and fun downtown.


Students are drawn to very different things, and everything seems to draw a crowd. Hillel-JSU usually gets 300+ active members, and the Student Association tends to keep the student body pretty occupied outside of the classroom.


Sports teams are popular and have good parties. Greek life is big which is good and bad. Great parties, some typical greek life sort of people (negative). Sports events are well attended, guest speakers almost always sell out, awesome theater shows, music events, etc. Closest friends are suitemates and teammates. Have met a lot of awesome international people. 2am on tuesday I am pounding my roomate in madden 08. (PS2) Bars are good almost any night of the week. Easy to get into, generally lax cops, nightlife is fun. Spring fling is really good, this year was amazing with rides, events, bands, food, everything. Saturday night without drinking = minor league baseball or hockey both in the city of binghamton.


Binghamton has a vast ammount of actvities that range the gambit from academic to social. There are acappella and theatre groups, sports (varisty and club), student government, fraternities, sororities, clubs of everykind and much more. There is always something going on. People are for the most part very friendly and welcoming. In my dorm we all keep our doors open and we wander in and out of each others rooms, I know almost everyone in my building. The Dorms have their own traditions and rituals, for example Dickinson Community has Mutant Mania, which are Dorm Wars between all the buildings and they compete in everything from academics, sports, singing, cooking, sewing, theatre and eating competitions. It inspires hall spirit, as well as providing an opportunity to meet other people.


OK, theres parties always. House parties and parties held downtown at clubs and bars. It never ends. I was never a partier so I barely went, meaning I kept myself occupied in other ways. We usually stayed in and just entertained ourselves (video games, movies, cooking food for ourselves, anything...) Also, Binghamton offers a "LateNite" in the union every thursday friday and saturday night involving crafts, live music from local and not local small bands, free food, bowling, free movies that recently were in the theatre, etc. That was always great to have. I stayed in my dorm all 4 years because it was so amazing. My friends lived across the hall from me ( we lived in suites) and we always kept our doors open. Same with a lot of people. We were just in a very social community as well as our floor. I met my best friends on my floor - I was just coming back from LateNite and someone from across the hall was just coming back the same time, so we introduced ourselves, and I met the rest of their suite, and suddenly we all hung out together and have stayed friends ever since. There are a ton of greeks on campus, but there are 14,000 undergrads, so its really not overwhelming. There are also a ton of us that arent part of the greek life so everything evens out.


downtown bing where the bars are is fun and not very uptight about your id as long as you have one


Whatever you're interested in Binghamton's got it, and if we don't, you can make it happen yourself.


BU students do like to party. Not everyone is a part of this culture, of course, and the library is a popular place for a sort of subculture of resident students on the weekend. There is no football team, and the basketball team really isn't that popular, so BU has formed a rich patchwork of extracurricular activities.


People party every weekend. The bars close at 3 here so everyone is out late. If you don't want to drink there is Late night binghamton, plenty of restaurants with live music as well as the mall and movies. Frats and sororities aren't too important. If you live in newing, it feels like they are everywhere.


Students often leave dorm rooms open. Basketball games are the only popular athletic events. My closest friends are on my floor and in my band (I met the band at orientation). At 2 AM on a Tuesday, I would be studying or playing video games. People party at least twice a week, generally. Fraternities and sororities are fairly important, with most members concentrated in Newing College. On a Saturday night, people have the option of going to Late Nite Binghamton, where movies are showing, bowling is offered at reduced rates, live acts perform, and free drinks and food are available.


Life is vague, and gray bodies are hard to discern from the low clouds and cracked cement walls. This place is a vehicle to nothing and a crypt for dead fascists. The splatter of blood is the only warmth that hands may bring. For though there is nothing to hope for, nor any end worth a struggle, the warring is without cease. A week ago, a man from Serbia who beat another into a coma in the company of two dozen others who watched in silence. There are dozens of those roving marauders. The fraternities. But there is no brotherhood. These creatures are attracted by the prospect of blood and a handle of cheap imported vodka, and they are not disappointed, as these things come hand-in-hand in Binghamton. Empty buildings host ironic celebrations of the past. Fools play sad games on Sunday evenings to stave off the numbing and nonsensical winters.


I don't know which student group or organization is most popular, but I can say that hall and community government is very active. The newspaper is well-written and most students read it. Students often leave their doors open since theft isn't very common. Going downtown is very common on weekends, but I often go to clubs to dance and not to drink. Sometimes I stay in, though, and my suitemates and I will watch movies or play board games. I was a transfer student and came in mid-year, so I'm currently not involved in much, but I figured it'd be hard to adjust and it really wasn't at all. Everything's pretty comfortable. I've attended basketball games and have been to concerts. I think the biggest events I've been to are Relay for Life, where we stay up all night to raise money for the American Cancer Foundation, and Spring Fling, which is our annual spring carnival.


The best advice anyone can get as to how to have a good social life at Binghamton is to get involved. There are tons of clubs, groups and organizations and there really is something for everyone. Once you start getting involved you meet more people and have more fun. Although this may sound obvious it is absolutely true here. There are also many great traditions here especially in my living community CIW. There are tons of great events that happen every year such as turning our dining hall into a casino for a night and then the university wide Spring Fling. There were also 3 concerts this year, all by well known artists.


I am involved with Sal. Its a coed fraternity for community service. They basically get you involved in community service events like Relay for Life and Special Olympics. The girls are hot. There are a lot of guest speakers. Spring Fling is really fun at the end of the year. You can go to parties off campus anytime, but if thats not your thing, there is plenty to do on campus. Late Nite Binghamton is decent. Just hanging out with your friends is pretty fun, too.


There is almost always a party going on somewhere in Binghamton, except for Sundays and Mondays. Frat parties usually happen during the weekends where people go from about 10 to 1 and then off to the bars, which are usually pretty close, and close at three. During the week, the only place to really go is to the bars, which close pretty early - at one. Definitely bring a fake ID, or at least learn how to chalk before you get here, or it's going to be pretty hard having a good time.


all sorts of clubs and organizations and remains fairly easy to start your own interest group. im involved in the taiwanese american student coalition students generally leave their doors open so the atmosphere in dorms are generally a friendly one athletics are ok popular depending on the sport and how successful it is. alot of partiers and tehre are a few concerts a year that contains some starts.


Binghamton offers a great social life, Late Nite Bing happens every weekend and there are always new movies and activities for students to do. The Rat is a bar thats close by that students enjoy going to, and any frat party happening is always only a cab ride away. Either way, whether you're straight-edge or a partier you'll have weekend options that will keep you entertained.


Fraternities and sororities are the most popular groups on campus. I am involved in intramural sports. Students leave their dorm room doors open. Basketball games are really popular. Most people try to hook up at the bars every night they go out. There are relationships here and there. If I am awake at 2am on a Tuesday I'm either doing work, doing nothing, or downtown. There is a Spring Fling carnival every spring and musical guests come throughout the year such as Foo Fighters and Gym Class Heroes. People party Tuesday through Saturday. Last weekend I went to house or frat parties then went to the bars. On a weekend, you can watch movies or go to Binghamton Late Nite.


Most popular: Athletes, some poeple like the frats, but sorry, athletes dominate. Im on the swim team and its awesome because you always have a group of people behind you. I would definitley recommend joining some sort of sport, even if it club. Its still fun. Almost all student leave their dorms open, in my building anyway. Athletic events are very popular especially soccer. I met my closest friends through sports. 2 am on a Tuesday I am visiting people if I'm not sleeping. Traditions: SALAMANDER DAYS, KING OF THE MOUNTAIN.. inter community athletic contests. People party maybe 2 a week. Frats are cool if youre into that. Last weekend I went to parties at the swim house and the baseball house. Saturday night - drinking = homework, board games, movies. Off campus I go to sports houses and the bars.


Frats and Sororities Guest Speakers ppl never go to sleep xD


tuesday thursday friday and saturday are the nights to go downtown


Anything as a group or activity you can think of, Binghamton has it. If you find something not made and are interested in getting it started, you can do it no problem. I'm involved with student government. It's awesome, I'm the President of my communtiy and it's a blast interacting with all the students and faculty. I feel so involved and like I'm making some sort of difference. It was probably the best decision I've ever made. Basketball games are the most popular events to goto. Soccer draws out okay crowds. Co-recreational football gets a lot of people interested and participating. It's pretty big around campus. The dating scene...a lot of girls are already taken, which sucks. There aren't too many attractive girls that are single, which makes it a challenge. But everyone has different tastes. My closest friends were met through befriending the RA's. They're awesome and fun to hang out with. If I'm awake at 2am on a tuesday, I'm usually hanging out with a group of people or doing school work. Traditions each year are campus wars, spring fling, dorm wars within each community, Hinman, the community I live in is all about community, so we have a lot of traditions. People party twice a week usually. Greek life is big on campus, but a lot of people aren't involved and are content without being in it. Last weekend, I went to a bar to celebrate my 21st birthday in the VIP room. The day before we participated in Hysteria, which is a tradition. Our building won! Of course there's stuff to do besides drinking on a saturday night. There's always the movies, bowling, ordering in, playing board games, going to Walmart. I don't do much off campus besides bowling, laser tag, eating at restaraunts.


people drink. people go out, especially slutty girls who are like 17. living on campus is easier to be social, but University Plaza also seems to be productive to the social scene.


There's a nature preserve behind Mountainview dorms!


There are different types of residence halls on campus. I recommend corridor style living as it'll allow you to make friends on your floor if you're coming in without knowing anyone. I leave my door open all the time and wander into other people's rooms freely. There are enough concerts, clubs, guest speakers to keep things interesting. I don't really feel like saying much. This survey is long...


THERE IS NOTHING TO DO HERE. you'll probably spend a lot of your weekends in. why? because transportation is hard, and no one knows where anything is anyway. There isnt much you can do besides drink. it's rather... lacking.


I know there are a lot of activities, but have not explored them. THe most social dorm communities are Newing and CIW. Mountainview usually has all doors closed, Hinman is ok, and I have no experiences with Dickinson to judge. Kids go out on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights usually (not them all each week, but those are the nights to be out.) Everyone parties and studies different amounts, we are all so different it is impossible to generalize. Frats and Sororities are not that important, and geared towards a very narrow student description. However, for everyone else, all they offer are parties to attend for 5 bucks on the weekend, and a big headache as you walk around and hear, "she like, totallyy got that gucci bag on canal street, oh my gawdd what was she thinking, so like, who should we mix with this weekend? I cant wait to pudding wrestle with my big-uhhhhhh." Last weekend I went to the Rat (its a bar here.) I bartended there for like a year actually, its one of the funner bars in my opinion. Its for people who like to dance, where many of the bars here are more "stand around and be social while listening to 80's music" bars. On a saturday night, there are bowling alleys, movie theatres, restaurants, and things to do around campus if you look hard enough. Not everyone is a booze hound.


Students generally interact very well on a social level. Depending on the community, student's will leave their dorm room doors open and invite neighbors to drop by for a visit. Certain communities accomplish this social network much more efficiently than others. Athletic events are growing in popularity. Relatively recently, Binghamton acquired a Div. I basketball team, which usually gets good turnouts to the games. Binghamton is starting to really make a name for itself in Div. I sports. I met my closest friends at orientation and by living in the same community as them. There are many social events organized throughout the year and plenty of clubs that students are actively involved in. Partying on the weekends is traditional, often at the fraternity houses or bars in downtown Binghamton (a short cab ride away.) The fraternity/sorority scene is very prevalent, and actively involved in campus affairs. There are always social events arranged on campus during the weekends for the people who don't care much for the partying scene (called Late Night Binghamton.)


The football team here is undefeated, probably because there is no football team. However, there is still a homecoming day celebration. Some people leave there dorms open, especially people that leave their dorms rooms open. Everyone is outside playing in the courtyards when its nice out since there's only nice weather here for a month out of the school year. The way I met most of friends was through a game the school runs. It is called assoxination, and basically you get the name of someone in your building and you have to hit them with a sock to get them out. The last person standing gets a prize which is usually money. It is super fun, but some people go so into it they're afraid to leave their rooms and get knocked out of the game.


Greek life is very poplular on campus, we have about 50 or more organizations recognized. I am a memeber of Sigma Lambda Upsilon/Senoritas Latinas Unidas Sorority, Inc. I am very roud to be a part of this organization because two of our goals deals with acadmic excellence and sommunity service. Most of my floormates leave their doors unlocked but I always lock my room.


There are constant activities at this campus. Athletic events are highly attended and a good place to show school spirit. There are also individual events for each community, such as "Woodstock" and Casino in the Woods. There is also binghamton late night(for people who dont go to parties or to the bars).

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