SUNY at Binghamton Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


At Binghamton, there are six living communities. In each community, there are 4-5 residence halls. Each community has its own atmosphere, traiditions and dorm styles. This is very unique to Binghamton and I think that is one aspect of why Binghamton is special. There are several living options and if you don't like typical corridor style rooms, suites, flats and on campus apartments are available too.


I mostly brag about the dorm life here. I am living in the new buildings, which make it feel more welcoming and it really feels like a community.


There are so many fun things to do at school on the weekends. I have been hiking, to concerts, and even mechanical bull riding!


The diversity in people I meet. I've learned so much about myself and other people by meeting the friends that I have met. It's a true college experience. I love the nature preserve as well.


Best experience of my life.


I am a co-founder, site administrator, author, editor, and webiste designer for the website I also am a fairly talented musician, I pick up most instruments rather easily and also play soccer.


I tell that everyone in school including faculty, staff, friends, and other students is nice and friendly.


I brag about the intense education it offers, and about how much I admire my professors. For a public university, it really does offer a really good education, and I love what I'm learning for my major(s) and career. However, some of my most encouraging experiences involved one-on-one conversations with professors, who are always willing to help with current work, advise about career opportunities, or just chat about world events and abstract ideas. On top of that, I've made so many good friends here - even here, that's rare - and I feel at home.


I would love to tell my friends the dome that I living in have people come from all over the world, and we get along well with each other. Sometime, school will arrange some events for students to taste different food that students from different countries will make their home cooking food. Also, I learned a lot from courses that I engage in, and some of the professors will not take attendance. So if you realy like to listen to those classes, you could just go and listen. Finally, there will be speakers from outside come to school.


When I tell my friends about my school, I like to brag and say my school is a lot of fun. There is always some kind of activity going on somewhere on campus. It may be a notable speaker talking about a certain subject, a cool concert going on, or some kind of club activity going on. There is never a reason to complain that there is nothing to do. Even just going to the dining hall can be fun. The special or cultural dinners are always intriguing.


The dorming experience is great.


When I tell my friends about my school I brag about my freedom and the amount of events that take place when school is in session. My school does its best to involve all the students so there are many activities to get involved in. I am one of the directors of the gospel choir at school so we have the opportunity to travel around performing at different venues. It is fun being on my own and doing what I love.


It is extremely competive to get accepted into Binghamton University . When I started 2 years ago, I didn't realize how difficult it was to get in. It is a great source of pride for me now that I have a better perspective of the quality education I am receiving.


The number one thing I brag about most at my school is the class choices we have. There are so many to choose from, and most of them are really awesome! We can take anything from a regular history course on Ancient Rome, to a history of music class, or a Children's Literature class where we read books we read when we were in middle school, but go into depth about the adult nature of the books.


When i tell my friends about Binghamton, i brag that its the best public school in the north east. Binghamton is a tough school to get into and a good quality education counts thats why i chose to go here.


The most amazing parts about Binghamton University are the wide range of interesting classes as well as the beautiful and easy access campus.


I brag about how I don't live in my hometown anymore (I'm from Albany and there are a lot of colleges around there).


The strong focuses on both socialness and schoolwork.


One of the best business schools in the country, for a low cost.


At Binghamton University, there are some amazing suite style living spaces to choose from to live in, and if you choose to live off campus, the rent is usually very cheap, so paying is almost never the biggest issue. There is also a lot of majors to choose from, and minors as well. No matter your interests, there will be an academic program or club geared towards them. In addition, the library has so many resources and there are public computers all over campus and you receive about 70 pages of free printing a week.


Its pretty cold and wet, but a great place to study.


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Proximity to snow Availability of distance education courses.


I probably brag most about the people who were at SUNY Binghamton. Almost everyone I met from freshman year on is still a friend today. Each person was able to positively contribute to the wonderful experiences I had, and continue to have. However, if you asked my parents this question, they would definitely say they bragged about the price.


I do not brag about Binghamton becuase I am not very pleased with it. However, the things I do appreciate are the buses, the academic advising and certain classes that I have taken. I have only had a few Professors in my three years at Binghamton that I have liked, but I usually reference them in discussions about the school.


How hard the course work is.


Good education for a good price, good professors. The weather (though I love the rain and snow and that's all Binghamton gets).


The nature preserve with trails.


I brag about my friends and how easily I adjusted. I also brag a lot about my roommate and how i got a boyfriend with in a week of going there.

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