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What is the stereotype of students at your school?


The stereotype is usually that we're all Jewish, Asian, from Long Island, or a combination of the three. I've also heard that Binghamton students are the ones that "can't get into actual ivy schools," and another stereotype I heard once is that we're the ones who "can't get into Cornell." No idea where those came from.


The stereotype is that students are filled to the brim with long islanders and the kids who couldn't afford to go to ivys.


The stereotype is that students are filled to the brim with long islanders and the kids who couldn't afford to go to ivys.


I've heard conflicting stereotypes about Binghamton students -- some people say we do nothing but study, others say we do nothing but party. We also have kind of a reputation for focusing on career preparation to the exclusion of education for its own sake.


A lot of Long Island students, middle-class people who can't get into Ivy Leagues


Their strange.


They're all from Long Island, or Jewish or Asian, or some combination of the above.


that binghamton is a party school. binghamton;s students dont get along with each other because of race and culture




Stereotypes about Binghamton itself include (but are not limited to) the idea that there is nothing to do here, and that local people are lower class "hicks" who don't shop anywhere but Wal-Mart. Stereotypes about Binghamton students include (but, again, are not limited to) the idea that all Binghamton students are spoiled little downstate rich kids.


The town in small and townies are scary. If you are from a big city, such as NYC, then it may take some adjusting. You can tell, from the stereotype look, the people that are from upstate, NYC and Long Island.


All Asian and Jewish. Mountainview Kids are unsocial CIW Kids are potheads People who live in Dickinson love it, but to those who dont live there, it's abysmal Best SUNY School, good science programs/great business program Filled with preppy Long Islanders Freezing Temperatures Only thing to do is Wal-Mart, Binghamton is a run-down town


Binghamton is rural and there is not much activity compared to New York City; diverse student population at BU


lots of long island jews and townies.....and sucky cold winters


We drink and party alot, the asians tend to group together and not promote diversity


Asians from Queens, shallow Long Island frat boys


Ugly Girls, Lots of Jewish People, Crappy Town, 2nd worst weather in the country.


Everyone is from Long Island, Everyone is Jewish or Asian, The city and surrounding area is filled with "townies", We don't have a football team so our sports suck


Everyone is a wealthy snob from new york city. long island


Binghamton students are poor but smart


Nerdy, Asian, Long Island


They are all from long island, they are 1/3 Jewish and 1/3 Asian, all the minorities live in dickenson, Frats/Sororities live in Newing, Mountainview is full of Asians and no one is social, Jews and pot-smokers tend to live in CIW (even on the chem-free floors), local students and people are scary and sketchy, student government is one big clique, there is nothing to do in the city of binghamton besides going to state street and drinking.


Cornell rejects, long islanders, people from westchester, a lot of jewish people, really cold, "upstate"


There are a lot of sterotypes having to do with Long Island spoiled brats, esspecially long Island Princesses with their north faces, tights and ugg boots.


-cliquey -everyone is from New York, More specifically... Long Island -Hardly any race interraction


I dont think I know of any!


You're either asian or from long island


Wealthy yet diverse, drink a lot, intelligent, lazy.


That everyone is from long island.


Binghamton is not a bustling town. The stereotype about Binghamton residents is that they are impoverished, toothless hicks. The general stereotype about Binghamton students is that they are Jews from Long Island.


The briefly naive. The insane. The pathologically hopeless.


We're all quiet, smart, non-partiers, everyone's either Jewish or Asian, and we're hippies.


Everybody hates Binghamton in their freshman year and loves the rest. It rains a lot


They party a lot, yet are focused about doing good in school and doing community service.


It's very jewish, very Long Island. It's hard not to run into a girl with her Coach bag and Ugg boots, especially in the winter. A lot of Asian students. Whether of Asian descent or actually an international student, a lot of them tend to be very cliquey. Binghamton locals are very white trash, we don't get along well.


we are party heads, and we are not focused on studying. that we are too asian in the wrong way


They are mostly Jewish and from New York City or Long Island NY.


There are a ton of Long Islanders and Asians. The school caters mostly to the sciences. It is a party school. The city of Binghamton is not a great place. It is the hardest SUNY school to get into and has the smartest students.


We dont go out and have fun. Everyone's Jewish. There are a lot of forigen students.


"Best Public University in the Northeast" Good not great...


they're all drunks Asians all smoke, every single one of them


-That the school of management students are stuck up. -College In the woods is a bunch of potheads -Newing is mostly greek life students


all long island and downstate NY, all jewish, all asian.


Smart Academia Apathetic to tangible issues Party School


Well, there are a ton of Long Islanders and a ton of Asians...


Binghamton has a lot of cliques. especially racial cliques. the Asians have nice clothes and drive nice cars.


Students- BU is known for having ALOT of Jewish and Asian students. Many Asian students are foreign, and they tend to throw off the curves in large classes (annoying.) Hinman Community is where most Asian students live. The Jewish students generally fall in to 2 categories. There are the really religious ones, and the really annoying ones. There are ALOT of long island kids, and most of the annoying Jewish kids are from Long Island. The jewish girls are really jappy, and they all tend to be in greek life. ALthough there are about 14000 undergrads, I joke that I am one of 10 blondes in the whole school. I personally can't stand them or greek life. Its basically a bunch of people who were not "cool" in high school (and nor was I) and now that they joined a frat or sorority they think they run everything and make everyone else crazy. I am from long island and they give us a bad name. Your best bet for finding kids who are not asian or jewish (jappy ones) is to live in College in the Woods. Newing is full of jewish kids who will join greek life. Overall, the student population is very diverse. Binghamton- Intro level classes tend to be very large, and science professors usually don't speak very good english. It can be hard to do well if you are not self motivated, because attendance is not required in lectures. On the weekends, people usually go down town to a strip of about 10 bars, and there are different types of bars for different personalities. The sports teams are not too great, and the basketball games are the only ones people go to, even though they are not too good. Again, BU is known for its asians and jewish kids, and other than that I dont see it as having any particular reputation. It is the "Ivy League" of SUNY schools, so you will be well prepared when you graduate and find it fairly easy to get a job. You may be able to find more stereotypes at


Binghamton students are cocky Binghamton can students can be cut throat at times The quality of education isn't all it's caked up to be


People think that there is nothing to do in the town and that there a ton of people from long island go here.


About Binghamton University, many people believe the classes are easy because this is a public school. A lot of my friends also think this is a party school and that everyone does good in their classes because the materials taught here are easier than the materials taught in Colgate and Williams (because they are private schools).

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