SUNY at Binghamton Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend this school is a student who is looking to get the most for their money in terms of education. This school is considered one of the best public schools in New York and lives up to its name.


I am a shy person. Never had the courage to be the first one, who will take the first step towards making friends. But coming in this University, everything changed. Made me feel more comfortable, and gave me courage to get to know people and make friends. Thats why i want to say that if it worked for me, it can work for any kind of person.


I really think anyone could be happy at Binghamton -- any sort of person could find their place here because it's a big school with a lot of social diversity. Whether you like to spend your free time learning about undersea creatures, pretending to be a zombie, listening to classical music, watching indie films, or getting weird fruits from the amazing Wegman's supermarket a bus ride away, you'll meet people who'd like to join you. In terms of academics, it helps to be independent enough to seek out help, but we've got whatever classes interest you.


anyone is welcome here. i would have to say that their are all kinds of people here.


Someone who loves a mixture between parties and strong academics. As long as you do work, you will get a high grade and it allows you to have a social life.


Binghamton University could be attended by any type of student. In my short time at the school I have made friends with people from Kansas, Las Vegas, Turkey, Scotland, and Russia (not to mention all the fellow New Yorkers-from all over the state). There is a wonderful mix of people from all over the country and the world. This is a place where there is definitely something for everyone. With the numerous classes, clubs, sports, and activities to choose from everyone can find a place to belong, you just have to be willing to get involved.


Someone who is intelligent and willing to put in the effort to do well.


A student at Binghamton University should be hard working, intelligent and he should preferably be utilizing what he learns at the university to assist others in having a better life.


Ones looking for a good cheap education.


people who are loooking to have a real college experience. any student willing to work hard but also would want to have fun while preparing for a future career.


Anyone, since the campus is extremely welcoming and diverse.


if you are very focused on your accademics and want to get ahead in life and are willing to work hard for it then this might just be the school for you.


focused and ambitious


Motivated, hungry people


Generally anyone can attend this school; whether one is outgoing or shy, they will find a niche in Binghamton.


I think that there is something for everyone at Binghamton University, although I would say that people who are open minded, excited to learn new things, experience new people, and share with others do the best here.


Anyone interested in learning


Someone driven by their own desires, not necessarily by those around them.


Anyone who is open-minded and enjoys a large, diversified campus.


If you're willing to try new things, have new experiences, meet tons of different people from different places and backrounds, and have a serious want to challenge yourself and be independent, this is definetly the school for you.


An open-minded, very academic oriented student. The students that go to Binghamton are very academically driven, and the professors encourage that. Balancing your social life and work is easily done if you are in that frame of mind. Students who are just going to school for the parties should not go here. There is tons of fun to be had, but after your work is done.


People who are able to self-motivate, who don't mind lots of precipitation, who are good at making friends. People who find losers interesting. People who like men's soccer. People who like really cheap theatre. People who don't mind going to a bar called "the rat".


Binghamton welcomes any student with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for service. Revered as the ?public ivy,? Binghamton is the perfect place for an assiduous student who may not have the funds to attend a private institution. The campus is filled with innovative minds and determined hearts. Students from all walks of life find solace in Binghamton?s many organizations. The university?s traditional campus offers a peaceful alternative for those who are tired of the hustle-and-bustle of cities. Intellectuals eager to become active members of an academic community would not be disappointed at Binghamton.

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