SUNY at Binghamton Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Everyone should attend. Binghamton is amazing.


Students who don't live in the city of Binghamton and are very attached to their family. Also, someone who is sensitive to the cold weather and rain or snow should not come either.


People shouldn't attend this school if they are not willing to open up and aid others. They shouldn't attend this school if they don't think that they will be able to manage the amount of work given.


Someone who won't take the initiative to go out and make friends... if you don't do it yourself you will get lost in the crowd.


Person that wants to succeed for a reasonable price.


Binghamton is an extremley large institution, and its size can render the school impersonal at times. A person who needs individual guidance and feels uncomfortably anonymous amidst large crowds would probably have a difficult time at SUNY Binghamton. It is the kind of school in which one has to learn how to do things independently, from choosing classes to locating buildings to making friends. This can be very rewarding because it serves as preparation for adult life, in which there is little guidance. Nevertheless, in one's first year of college a lack of advising can be jarring.


Those who can balance work and play. It's for those who don't mind harsh weather. The only social things to do are parties, the area doesnt have much to do. its for those who know when to seek help.


someone who loves the warm weather, and is not ready to work hard


anyone that is unable to more or less live on their own and take care of themselves


A very conservative close minded person who is seeking the urban city life.


The kind of person to attend Binghamton should be down to earth, personable, focused and determined to succeed. They should be open to knew experiences and different cultures. This person should also be aware of current world situations and have some sort of desire to help.


Someone who expects anyomity. You do meet new people, but someone everyone knows each other. It's not like a big city school.


If someone is looking to slack of in college and think a SUNY is the best choice, they are probably not suited from Binghamton. Of all the SUNY's, Binghamton is one of the top academic premier colleges in New York. It is not meant for people the do not plan on putting in their maximum time and effort in order to achieve the best success possible. It is more competitive here than most people think, so no one should think it will be easy.


Anyone who is looking for a great education and a good time should definitely come to Binghamton. Binghamton is extremely diverse and people looking to be exposed to different cultures and opinions will definitely benefit from attending.


Someone who is lazy, unmotivated and doesnt like to work hard to reach their goals


A person that wants a great education for a very reasonable price.


The close-minded student who only values the business-field, who hates nature, and who dislikes diversity.


Somebody who is only comfortable on a campus and not that into meeting new people. Somebody who can't deal with wet and rainy weather. Somebody who isn't academically driven.


This school is very fitting for anyone that is serious about their academics, yet loves to make new friends, get involved in activities and go out and have a good time. There is something here for everyone, so I really wouldn't say that someone shouldn't attend.


This school is very diverse and accomodates everyone.


Someone who isn't willing to put time and effort into their classes.


None, there is a place for everyone here.


There are not too many slackers at this school, even the frat guys go to the library and everyone works. But most also play hard too, and the social scene is important here though Greek Life gets like High School 2.0. Most students are Jewish . Bottom Line I am graduating in May with 0 debt and I had a choice of jobs even in this economy. Employers are impressed by Binghamton, my friends who went to Syracuse, Albany, Buffalo, Miami and Michigan did not have my choices. I turned down OSU and Cornell (kicking and screaming) Thanks M&D.


A person who likes a small community should not go to this school, although its not a huge school its big enough that it can be intimidatating for some. Also if you do not like chain restuarants and prefer to eat at mom and pop establishments or local restuarants Binghamton is not a good area.


Binghamton University offers a wonderful space filled with culture and diversity. Those students who are more familiar with a small ethnically homogenous town may find it rather difficult to in adjusting to the social environment that Binghamton has to offer.


There is no football team here, so if that is a priority, don't go here. There are a lot of people from downstate NY (LI, NYC), so if that sort of person grates on you, you might find too many of them here. It's also cold, and snows for much of the time that school is in session, so if you are looking for always-sunny, warm weather, this is not a good choice. If you are looking for a truly unique education, this is not the school for you, though it is an adequate education.


Someone who does not like to be in a large school and is easily homesick.


Somebody who is very artistic probably wouldn't find much.


someone who just got by in highschool, or someone who isn't prepared for the work.


Very politically active people. People with too much school spirit. Lazy people. Fatties. Peple who don't know how to navigate a bus system. Stuck up asshats. People who are going to need to get a job.

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