SUNY at Binghamton Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Traveling home via the Greyhound bus. I wish there was a train that would come to Binghamton; it would probably be more convenient.


I did not think, when I chose schools, that the surrounding area would matter very much. However, it does. There is not much to do around Binghamton and anything that there is is not very close and usually requires a car. There are buses to the bars downtown and there are buses to the grocery stores, although I have been stranded by them before, but there are not many recreational places to go and spend time.


School is very supportive to school of business, which could be both an advantage and a disadvantage. It is advantage for business school enrolled students, however, other students might complain about this.


The climate and the tuition is the worst part of that school. It is always freezing up there during the winter and the tuition is about 20 thousand a year if you dorm on campus.


The weather here isn't much colder than the weather in my hometown, New York City, but because I have cold-induced asthma, it does make a difference to me. During the winter I try to avoid walking outside as much as possible, and it becomes frustrating when I'm in a hurry because I may need to choose between the shortest route and the route that allows me to cut through buildings for the greatest proportion of time. The weather does have some benefits, though, like super-fun snow days, and it is beautiful in the springtime.


The campus is very large so walking from class to class in the cold winter temperatures is frustrating.


The most frustrating thing at my school is the internet connection, the network constantly kicks students out and I have had to go to computer services about a "virus" that quarantined me from using the internet, but no virus exists. The internet is an important tool for a college student and it is extremely frustrating when a vital tool does not function properly.


crazy unpredictable weather, diversity without interaction


The most frustrating part of school for me is still being in Binghamton. I love the school, but I hate the area because I grew up here.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the area in which it is located. Binghamton University is surrounded by


The thing that frustrates me most is that there have been talks to privatize SUNYs. It bothers me more than I can say how concerned people seem to be with making the most money off of everything -even the education of middle class families like the ones that attend Binghamton. An affordable education at a University that has a very good reputation should not attract the attention of money-mongerers. There should be a greater understanding that making people pay money back their entire lives for four years of school is ludicrous & should be a crime.


Sometimes administration is a little unresponsive, and the dining halls are terrible!


The cold weather makes it difficult to walk around campus to go to class, library or the dining hall. On Campus part-time jobs are also only given to those students receiving financial aid and neighboring businesses don't like to hire college students which makes it impossible to get a job during the academic school year.


There are not enough computers in the library.


The administration isn't all that great. They seem to be concerned with an image that is largely a joke to many. Large class sizes can scare you.


I have had few frustrations with my school. The cost is a bit overwhelming, especially since I have a family to provide for.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that its located upstate where its gets real cold. With the snow and cold weather everyone on campus seems to suffer from having colds to not being able to go out evenings. Sometimes this unbearable weather stifles activities you would want to do with your friends outside such as running around or laying down on the quad outside to do homework.


the courses where a gratuate student is teaching - they seem to not have very good teaching skills ; don't speak good english


The school faces a lot of budget cuts as per the state's economic plans. Therefore, class sizes are somewhat large, it is difficult to get one-on-one time with professors and you sometimes feel insignificant. Also, the weather isn't very hospitable.


The cold weather during the winter kind of makes you want to say in bed and not get out of your room.


I believe that the most frusterating this is the lack of computers for the students.


The professors don't take into consideration that students are taking other classes and the work load is tremendous


The most frustrating thing about my school is registering for courses. The process is very stressful and courses fill up quickly and student's get closed out.


The lack of sidewalks outside of the campus; you can only get around with a car. The food could also deal with some improvement.


The dining service is a monopoly


The Commute home


The other thing that is frustrating for me as a student is the perceived lack of support from the neighboring towns. it seems like sometimes the locals just do not want students in the area.


The campus is very enclosed, so getting to places without a car is very tough, and it is almost impossible to transfer into the school of management if your a liberal arts student.


Many things: TAs grade the exams, and since some classes are large, there are several TAs for each class which leads to unfair grading practices. Some TAs have higher standards than others etc. I also get the feeling that I, as an individual student am not very important to my community. I do not like the surrouding city or the look of the campus itself. There is hostility between the people that live in the city of Binghamton and the students. They don't want us to be able to rent houses off-campus etc.


It is cold and the drearyness of the town takes a semester or two to get used to. Be prepared to want to go home your first few weeks, then be ready to never want to leave after you find your niche.


its a poor under funded public school with over crowded classes and terrible teachers


No attempts to make is a clasically designed campus (nicely paved and with manicured agriculture/ historic buildings)


I am sure that every individual attending a university is bound to find something at their school that frustrates them. I am also sure that it is never the same for any one person. For me, I wish there were more small classes to choose from. Many classes at our university are lectures, thus having hundreds of students. Although I like lecture classes, it makes it very difficult to get to know your professors and is less personal.

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