SUNY at Binghamton Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the support sysem here. Whether you need academic or personal advice and guidance, there is someone to help you. You never feel alone and I love knowing that there are people looking out for me and want me to succeed.


The best thing about Binghamton is definitely the people. The majority of students at Binghamton are welcoming and friendly. It is no problem to talk to someone in one of your classes and make a buddy or go across the hall in the dorms and strike up a conversation. Even in the suite style dorms, which are usually assumed to be antisocial, the common room doors are left open and people always come to hang out.


Many things makes your life beautiful being a Binghamton student. The activities, especially late night binghamton on friday till saturday makes you creat great memories, during your student life. Also the faculty is always there helping you for every questions you might have. You never feel alone, there's always something or somebody that will change your day.


The Theatre department because they are so welcoming and are like a family.


Binghamton is unique in that it offers top-notch education for a generous price. Students here get the most out of their money. A lot is offered for free (in other words, included in tuition) such as music lessons, transportation, intercollegiate athletics, and various activities. The school's various traditions are unique as well. Of course every school has traditions, but Binghamton's are out of the ordinary, fun, and diverse.


They prepare you for graduate school, careers, studying abroad, internships, and build up leadership skills. This is very important for your future and to do as many things as you can with a positive attitude. There are so many things to do over there and so many opportunities you can be able to try such as community service activitites, join clubs (there are so many of them), job and internship fairs, study abroad fairs, tutoring, receiving a leadership certificate, and so much more.


The campus is perfectly sized. You can walk everywhere and anywhere. Also, buses are running consistently to food markets, the mall, walmart, and wherever else you may need to go. Many of the major programs become close nit communities because you end up taking the same classes with the same people and you get to know each other really well.


My favorite thing about Binghamton is the way the school incorporates both the advantages of going to a small school and the advantages of a big school. It truly feels like a small school because of the individual attention you get, both academically -- our academic advising and career advising are both really strong, and both really look at you as an individual, and we have a lot of small classes and plenty of opportunities to get to know professors outside of class -- and socially -- dorms are clustered into mini-communities. And we have the fantastic resources of a major university.


One of the Best things that my school provides is EOP, the Educational Opportunity Program. It's allowed me to have the social and financial support I need to be successful in school. They are always there for counseling or advising. Our bold director Randall Edouard, advisors like the ever sweet Joanna Cardona-Lozada and our own outgoing Karima Legette aren't just staff--they're family to me.


AFFORDABLE! Great education great social life so much to do perfect size


One of the best things about Binghamton is probably its strong focus on academics, while having many options for extracurriculars, and of course parties on the weekend. The majority of students study a lot, working hard for good grades, which are not easy to get (personal experience with science classes). Many students are extremely passionate about their classes, and almost everyone I know is involved in some form of extracurricular activity. All that, however, does not hurt your social life, and although your sleeping schedule might be slightly reduced, you will have fun with friends on the evenings and weekends.


I consider the friendly atmosphere the best thing about my school. Not only are professors and administrators helpful, but so are fellow students. The most probably reason for this is because of the small setting. The campus is not too small, but as everything is in walking distance, a community is clearly defined. Thus, I consider the atmosphere the best thing because it allows students to thrive.


Professor student ratio because it allows you to get help from your professor and do the best you can in school.


There is an unbelievable amount of activities available to students new and returning that make transitioning from high school or other colleges easy. The professors and TA's are well qualified and are here to help us learn. My roommates have been great and everyone gets along well. If I had to choose all over again, I'd definitely pick here.


One of the best things about my school is the size and the atmosphere the size provides. The school is somewhere between a large school and a small school. It has aspects of both. It is "large" in the sense that all sports are Division one, there are some well-known guest speakers that come to speak and groups that perform. It is small in the sense that, the campus itself is not that large. It is easy to walk almost anywhere on campus. I never feel overwhelmed by the size of the school. It's perfect for me.


The best thing about Binghamton would be the nature preserve that is located on campus. In the preserve you can take hikes and get away from school and your daily life. It is a nice way to clear your head and appreciate the world around you. The preserve is a great place to explore and has around 200 acres of land.


Coming to Binghamton without knowing a single person was tough. But I soon discovered the very active social life of the students that makes meeting all kinds of people possible. Binghamton students study ceaselessly during the week & really know how to enjoy themselves on the weekends. I appreciate more than anything that we are not a bunch of all work & no play, because we realize that having a good time makes studying like mad during the weekday possible.


We have a nature preserve on campus. You can go walking in it by yourself, or they will periodically have guided tours with the Nature preserve keeper. He is so knowledgeable about the area. We are one of the top "green campuses."


the atmosphere is friendly and it's easy to find people who you fit in with


the fiversity of the students, diversity of the classes, freedom to make choices


They really give you a feeling of independence so this way you truly are responsible for all of your actions.


I believe that price for the education is wonderful.


It is certainly affordable for those who live in New York State, and it is not too expensive for those who do not live in the state. The faculty is fantastic; all of my teachers have been approachable, friendly, and willing to help. The students are generally friendly, albeit a little too homogenous (they are basically all from Long Island or Westchester). However, there is a certain degree of comfort garnered by this consistency within the student body. Also, the teaching assistants, comprised mostly by graduate students, are all fantastic.


Going to Binghamton is like going to an Ivy League except it is affordable and the atmosphere isn't as intense. Students here are just as intelligent and hard working but much more down to earth. Economic status definitely doesn't come into play at Binghamton and that alone makes the experience much more pleasurable.


Academic esteem


The best thing about Binghamton University is how friendly the other students are. Upper classmen are always willing to help out those younger then them and making friendships that will last is extremely easy. The night life has something for everyone, in the downtown Binghamton area.


small community because people are more close knit


The best thing about my school is that it is small enough to become close with students and factulty, but big enough to always meet new people or join new clubs.


There is a Nature Preserve at my school which I actually didn't know about until I got here! I like it, and I also like the people.


it is cheap




I would say that the best thing about my school are the professors, who are all very knowledgable and have a good teaching style. The library is very good as well. I like the fact that they have chem-free floors, which make it easier to study in peace and quiet and hang out with students with similar interests. Residential life is also highly innovative in the way they set up the dorms in the individual communities to encourage student interaction.


The level of education offered because it challenges and encourages you to work harder.


I like this school because it is not that big so you can meet a lot of people. All of the people here are very nice so it is really easy to make friends.


Binghamton University students drop dead to raise awareness of North Korean human rights violations.


The diversity--all different types of people, a nice campus with very motivated people.


Its in a safe place fairly secluded from the city areas that border it. More rural and practically in the boondocks but it helps with the academic environment. Its near clubs and a walmart which helps with partying after exams and when you need to do some shopping.

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