SUNY at Binghamton Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


I wanted a college that had a strong science and art department because I knew going in that I wanted to Major in Biochemistry and Sculpture. Also, with the economy being as it is I wanted a college that was affordable. Thus, Binghamton was the perfect choice


I wasn't as picky about schools as a lot of my friends were. All I was looking for was a large school in an urban or suburban setting, with thousands of students to meet, the sports I enjoyed, an exceptional music program, the major I wanted, and a beautiful campus. Binghamton definitely met all of these requirements and more. When I visited, the campus appeared even more gorgeous than it seemed in my mind from all the pictures online and in brochures. Also, I had to make sure I went to a school with a noteworthy reputation. Being that Binghamton is the top SUNY school and considered the "public ivy school" of the northeast, it was easily my first choice and one of my only choices.


I chose Bing because it was right for me. I live int he city and I did not want to stay there. i wanted to get out and really experience college. I got into other schools but I chose Binghamton because it was not in the city and because tuition was so inexpensive. I did my own research and realized I would get a great education at Binghamton. I wouldn't have to pay the Ivy price for an Ivy education. The school provides the same challenges and the same competition without the expense. And overall I'm excited to be at Binghamton. I really do love it here.


I decided to go to SUNY Binghamton because the campus was attractive, and it had a great variety of majors.


Binghamton is a great balance of Academics and Affordability. I recognized the fact that I would not only be with some of the state and even countries top scholars, but that I would do so while getting an ivy league level education for only 19k a year, and only 2k out of my pocket. Binghamton had everything to offer to me; a large school to make myself known in, a campus with plenty of activities, living communities that are exactly what they sound like and make for a great experience, and classes all within a 5-10 minute walk from the dorm. I think the overall factor that pushed me to Binghamton was that I could succeed with them, without having to drown myself in student loans that would haunt my professional career to come.

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