SUNY at Fredonia Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Fredonia is very accepting and welcoming!


Fredonia is very open arms about diversity.


We, at Fredonia, breed success and we bleed blue!


SUNY Fredonia is a college that is inviting to diversity and greatness, and is a place that provides true quality education.


SUNY Fredonia is a small school where it's easy to fit it and to find what you're looking for, and it is clear that the school cares about your education and what you want to achieve.


My school is very diverse and for the most part accepting of everyone, with the exception of a few students here and there who are stuck in their ways and unwilling to accept the differences among others.


Located in scenic Western New York, SUNY Fredonia is a gorgeous, well-maintained campus that offers a wide variety of courses for a multitude of liberal art degrees to a diverse ethnic student population in an atmosphere of academic achievement and comraderie.


Fredonia is a great school for a great price that is academically challenging as well as opportunistic as to meeting new and interesting people


Attending SUNY Fredonia was an excellent experience and I found the school to be challenging, lively, community oriented, welcoming, entertaining, and exciting.


It's like a community, only not as diverse as most.


Fredonia is one of the few school's where everyone holds the door open for the person behind them.


SUNY Fredonia is a place where a student can recieve academics, athletics, and a family type atmosphere all in one place, giving them the greatest overall college experience anyone could ask for.


My school is a big school but with a small, friendly school feeling when you walk around it.


Fredonia offers a number of wonderful opportunities and programs that everyone should look at and get involved with. It really helps make the college experience all that it can be!


One of the friendliest places around.


Fredonia has everything I need, a solid education at a low cost.


SUNY Fredonia is comfortable and easy to become accustomed to.


very friendly and accepting environment


a environmentally aware school that wants to provide students with the most well-rounded education possible.


It is an ok school for the money and it is convenient for many people.


The perfect size for me, I meet new people alot, but I love always seeing good friends or familiar faces.


SUNY at Fredonia is VERY diverse.


Suny Fredonia is a decent school with very friendly people, most students should be able to find a successful niche here socially and academically.


SUNY Fredoia has such a safe and inviting atmosphere, its students and faculty are some of the friendliest people you'll meet, and there's always something on campus to do here. It's a college where right away you know you belong here, and it's easy to make friends and find extracurricular activities that interest you. The student body represents unity, there are no cliques or divided groups, everyone knows and gets along with everyone else. The school has a tradition of excellence in academics, assisting the community, and in moraIity.


Easy to get to every building quickly.


A small town school where you really have the opportunity to enhance your mind and social abilites.


A big small school with friendly people who are ready to start their lives after going to a great school




It is what you make it. You could do the very minimal at Fredonia and just get by, but if you really utilize the facilities and the professors you could come out with an amazing education.


SUNY Fredonia is a school that touches my heart.


Everyone is very friendly, outgoing and nice to each other.


Fredonia is like summer; when it comes around, you never want it to end


My school is well-rounded and contributes to both our social and academic needs as students.