SUNY at Fredonia Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Cannot give an opinion on that at the moment since I am still not enrolled at the college.


As a biology major and leadership studies minor, I took a variety of classes. For the most part, students were motivated and willing to help each other. They were competetive, but often studied in groups and explained things to each other. Most classes were diverse in race, gender, ethnicity, and age. Many classes include students from a variety of disciplines which makes class discussions very interesting.


We are FRED Heads forever more!


My classmates in the music department were very supportive. I can honestly say that competition was not valued by students at Fredonia. This created a highly supportive and open place to be creative and to grow as musicians with the constructive criticism and support of others.


there are different ranges of diversity in the classroom in most, which ever your subject of choice, most have different opinions on some of the work also there arent really ig cliques like we had in high school. my classmates all want to get to know each other by the end of the first week of school. most will ask what other class you have and they will give suggestions of teachers or basically give you a heads up on rather or not the class is easy or one that you really have to study for or be there.


I always tend to get to know the people that are in alot of the same classes with me or those that sit around me. We usually compare homeworks, make-up lost notes, and stuff. Usually classmates are pretty friendly and easy to get along with.


My classmates are helpful, friendly, and outgoing.


My classmates are a mixed bag. Many are not certain about their career path, others are, but are not certain how to get there. The few that are focused float above the rest. We do our work, we pay attention, we ask questions, we achieve.


Classmates vary from class to class. In General Education classes they are mostly lazy, rude, and generally disinterested with the subject matter. When you get into the major/core classes the students tend to be more well behaved and more attentive which really helps the learning process especially when you have to work with them on a project.


Classmates at Fredonia are encouraging to other students in academics and social life, which helps students in making the transition from a high school environment to the heightened standards of college.


They are all friendly and considerate, even people I do not know very well go out of their way to talk to me or say hi as they are passing in the hallway and hold doors open if they see you coming.


Free loving, diverse, and some of the most intresting people you will ever meet.


My classmates were understanding, fun, helpful, and became some of my additional friends.


My classmates are fun-loving, tolerant, and caring people who worry enough about their schoolwork to achieve what they want.


My classmates are the best friends I have ever had and the most interesting people I have had the opportunity to meet.


Surprisingly talented.


My classmates at SUNY Fredonia were diverse in age and ethnicity and and were open minded to new ideas and concepts.


My classmates were always fun-loving, energetic, enthusiastic, and overall pleased with life.


I love my classmates.


They are there for many different reasons.


Mostly artsy, with a few business majors. Very friendly and accepting of new people. Clubs are especially welcoming.


most people have there own ways on how to do things but will help someone out if need be.


Most of them are available for study groups and they are helpful


Everybody in the class is a little shy the first few days, but with the teachers assignments and icebreakers everybody gets to know each other really well. Everybody is so helpful and energetic, no need to worry if your sick somebody will help you out with catching you up/.


Very focused in my particular major and not always the most open minded to ideas of that other than a small town. ( Not racially)


My classmates are fun, intersting, and very hard working.