SUNY at Fredonia Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I tell my friends about Fredonia, I brag to them about the happy and easy-going atmosphere. There's something beautiful about the people on this campus, the way they are so friendly and easy to approach. The campus itself is beautiful, and the people, the activities and the education make it even more worthwhile. SUNY Fredonia was not my first choice for college, but in coming here I'm glad I made this decision because I don't believe I would have been this happy anywhere else.


How good the education department is. How close to home it is.


The people are really outgoing and relaxed. Most everyone i meet is courteous and friendly. Also i tell people about the great education. The Psychology department is a challenging yet exciting course.


I always talk about the beautiful scenery we have, the clubs and activities that are available to us, and all the amazing people that you meet. You really can find teachers as well as friends that you know you can trust and that will be there for you whenever you need them. We also have so many programs that other schools have never heard of. For example the study abroad program, it's one of the best offered in the state.


How the competitive nature of the school provides valuable experiences & forces you to rise to a new level.


I only knew a few people within my personal social crowd who left Fredonia where as compared to many other schools it can be more frequent to see people leave before the 4 years is up.


The wonerderful environment where the college is located. I love small towns that makes walking a viable option. Small community with a lot of great nature spots around town that allow for walks in the woods to hicking around a waterfall. The GREAT class sizes at Fredonia are ideal as well. The size of the classes allow for a lot of individual attention from the professors and I believe it has greatly enhanced my education.


Its location and atmosphere. People are friendly and willing to help each other. We are all here to enjoy life and learn.


It's really artsy, really musical, and really accepting of all different cultures.


The friends I've made there.


my professors are amazing


How liberal it is, how amazing the people are. The student body is so close-knit that if one thing happens, everyone is affected. We had a protester on campus protesting homosexuality and nearly the entire school went to rally against him for 6 hours. Fredonia isn't just a campus, it's a family. I feel more connected to my friends than I do any of my extended family. When I talk about 'home', I always mean Fredonia.


When talking to my friends about my school, I brag about the closeness of the student body. One memory that lives forever in my memory is when a man came to Fredonia, bashing homosexuals and intended to get a student to strike him in anger so that he can sue the school. Instead, the students, teachers, administration and security came together to make this dreadful time into a time of celebration of diversity. I was so proud of every single person attending the rally, and will truely reflect that strength and that wonderful comradery throughout my life.


I think i would talk about the jobs available on campus, the library , computer labs and the opportunity to study abroad.


I usually brag about how much I have learned in their music education program. I could have spent a whole lot more at a school like NYU and have gotten half the education for this particular degree.