SUNY at Fredonia Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Professors function as the academic advisors and often are not fully qualified to assist students. I sought assistance from the career development office and did extensive research, but many other students who did not pay attention to requirements for graduation or graduate programs were not on track. Many advisors are great, but if you are with one who is not as knowledgable you must recognize this and seek help from others.


The most frustrating thing is that there are only two dining halls so food options are pretty limited.


Others may not agree with me but in my mind there are very few things that frustrate me about SUNY Fredonia. Since there are slim pickings, I would have to say that the dorm rooms for upper classmen are not as large as most people would like them to be. When you have to room with another individual, space is key in buliding a relationship with new people.


The most frustrating thing about my school is meeting new people. I currently transferred to Fredonia and everyone else already has their group of friends because they met as freshman. Being a junior transfer dosen't make things easy, and i think that my school and every other school should offer get togethers for transfers. With these get togethers transfer students could meet more people and also talk to others that are in the same boat as them. I have had a hard time adjusting to my school and i think having more opportunities to meet people would be helpful.


The most frustrating thing about SUNY Fredonia is having to walk across campus outside in the harshly cold winter!


The meal plan situation. Meals are an alloted $5 however just about everything in the dining hall costs about $4-5 so for the cost of about a meal you're not actually getting a full meal. This leads to you eating way less than you probably should in an effort to conserve your meals so you can eat everyday.


The weather! Oy, can you say snow?? haha


The most frustrating thing about my university is the scarcity of support and resources for the older, non-traditional student returning to academic life after an absence of two decades and lacking familiarity with modern technology and dealing with overwhelming personal challenges with family and finances.


Theater majors are everywhere. If you have a real major that requires work you will have to deal with people bitching about their workload when you have it 100 times harder in the physical sciences.


The advising isn't that good.


The same as any school, doing all of the work


I don't find much frustrating at this school. I like it, it's very friendly, open to everyone, and beautiful. Sometimes the best food places are closed, that could be frustrating.


The winters are the most frustrating aspect that we have to deal with on campus.


Location location location! It's far from large cities and resources.


Since I choose to not drink or do drugs, I am alienated when it comes to typical college activities (that involve both of these). It is also difficult to find other things to entertain myself that don't involve either of these things, since Fredonia is such a small town.


Sometimes professors and adminstration people are hard to deal with and are frustrating to try and talk to.


The architecture induces very strong winds and in the winter months it can be quite chilly, so blundle up!


The changing of seasons is most frustrating because it snows, rains and sometimes is unbearably hot in the summer.