SUNY Broome Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The school is affordable so it makes it popular for low income students and those who are trying to save money but get a decent education. Also the transfer to a 4 year school is also very easy from a community college.


I feel that anyone who wants to put their foot in the door to a good quality education; has a need to succeed and wants to experience a wonderful classroom experience should attend this school. It has serves starting college experience for myself and I would recommend it to anyone. The class times are very flexible and offering night classing. This makes it possible to adjust a schedule to meet anyone’s needs. Anyone and everyone could and should attend this school.


At Broome Community College you get a well rounded education. We have a wonderful music department, an inspiring English department, a strong criminal justice department and a dramatic drama department. Basically anything you want to study you can so here. I've taken Italian and I'm currently taking Astronomy. So if you are looking for a wide range of classes and a school with inspiring teachers Broome Community College is the place for you!


Anyone that is not quite sure what their career path may be. There is a broad variety of classes and subjects.