SUNY Buffalo State Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Buffalo state is a great school with a warm environment that makes you feel like you are still at home without the nagging parents.


Buffalo state is a great place to be there's a lot of things to do on campus and off, pretty diverse in many areas, a lot of the teachers are amazing.


wow! what college looks this big, cool and friendly campus


2 different campuses....north is big and long...but connects inside, and south is quite big as well and does not connect so it stinks walkinga roudn in teh winter


Most of my school just looks like a bunch of old rectangular brick buildings. Elicott (the biggest dorm complex on North Campus) looks very strange. The building looks like a bunch of lego pieces were randomly stuck on each other. Pieces of the building jut out which is not normal at all. In my opinion I think it looks kinda cool. It breaks all the rules of what a building is supposed to look like. It looks big, because it is big. Someone might be intimidated by the size of the campuses. In reality, there really isn't any need to go all over campus. All the classes are in one section unless you have classes on both North and South campus, which is annoying. There is a lot of open fields on and around the campus. The stadium is nice and the Alumni Arena is a great place to play sports and workout.


A beautiful campus with a lot of things to offer.


Diverse and easy to navigate.


The State University College at Buffalo has a very eclectic and diverse student population and is a school with a wide variety of majors suited for just about anyone.


The SUNY college of Buffalo is a very culturally diverse university that is extremely research oriented and dedicated to providing an excellent education to students in a wide array of academic fields.


My school is exciting and provides its students with an experiance that they will never forget.


Buffalo State College is a school that is full of immaturity and non-appreciative students that are not ready for the real-world, and ready to grow up and start their lives.


Its large, diverse, and a great educational value for the price


Bfalo state is a campus which is rich in arts and diversity. The campus does recieve alot of bad weather, but is truely beautifully maintained in spring and summer. The teacher's are for the most part very involved educated, and repectful people who impart knowledge gracefully to those who wish to take it in. The school is not too difficult, or overly demanding, but rather practical in most courses workload. There is also much support for acedemic need, social needs, and financial needs. All and all it's a great place to be.


Buffalo State University is the school I selected to attend for Dietetics; it has the coordinated program witch means I am able to do my internship while attending school.


There are lots and lots of research opportunities with really great professors.


The University at Buffalo is very diverse, fun and challenging!


Buffalo State College is a liberal arts college that offers a variety of programs geared towards numerous careers and it offers many activities, helping to flourish students' learning.


it is large, diverse, many activities, fun, expanding, research leading, with the experience to never be forgotten


My school is very diverse.


UB campus after Buffalo thunderstorm.