SUNY Buffalo State Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Friendly and Warm


Students at Buffalo State SUNY are complete with a wide range. All students at my school are unique in a way that they are focused on their future goals and strive to be the best they can be. We all come from different states and some from different countries, all with different backgrounds and life experiences.


Overall, I think t he majority are very friendly. On the first night at campus there was a party called the "First night." There were random people coming up to me introducing themselves and talking to me. Coming form NYC where most people are somewhat rude, I thought it was very nice.


Many of my classmates are like me. They came here from other schools where they felt the school system was not supportive of them or offered little outside the classroom. Here they feel they are given more attention.


Classmates are typically loud, obnoxious, and rude to others who are actually not going for free.


My classmates are enthusiastic and interested in the material we are learning.


My classmates are diverse, which makes my expeprience at Buffalo State exciting and fun.


My classmates at Buffalo State are always ready to lend a helping hand whether in class or out of class.


In the classroom you usually have students who want to get an a, people who have to try hard to get a good grade and people that don't care.


Students in SUNY Buffalo are like herds. They move and socialize with only with those they know. For example, many Koreans can be found in this school just because you can see them meet as a group and you wouldn't see any other foreigners in that group. Students aren't racists because they do this, it's just because they are comfortable being around people they have similar interest with. However you can find people interacting with other people commonly on campus. Sometimes you'll come across people that are rude and cocky but never feel annoyed of them. Just ignore them and do what you were doing. They will eventually stop bothering you. It is best to play a sport or play an instrument because many students in this school have that common interest.


There is every type of group at this University. There is an LGBTA, a Hillel, Chabad, Filipino-American Student Association, Black Student Union, Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship, Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Muslim Student Association, Soccer Team (men's and women's), Frisbee Team, Anime Club, Water Polo, Club Tennis, Japanese Student Association, College Democrats/Republicans, United Nations Student Alliance Association, etc (a complete list can be obtained from typing in UB SA clubs into google). Each group is open and welcoming to ALL students, without discrimination. They want involvement, they want participation, and they want to have fun. A student that is anti-social, very closed off, and looking for a close group of friends or "clique" to hang out with will feel out of place. This is not high school part 2. This is college. The students that come to the University looking to recreate their superior high school lives will end up joining sororities or fraternities (greek life), and will have their entire college experience within that box. Those students usually end up being drama filled nut cases who are overly miserable with their lives, yet so happy at the same time because their souls feed off of drama and a false sense of an elite status to remind themselves that they are better than everyone else. Those 2{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of students are what make up this University's Greek Life. Students wear anything to class. I personally dress nicely. I see students wearing sweats, work clothes, clubbing clothes, street clothing, anything really. I personally interact with all students. Some students stay within their niche groups. But for the most part, there is interaction between students, especially among the younger students. There are no cliques in the dining halls. If there were four seperate tables of students in the dining hall, they would all be freshman, because freshman eat in the dining hall. There tend to be high school jocks who find other high school jocks, and they work out together and then eat at the dining hall together afterwards. But for the most part, there are no real cliques at the University, just various groups of friends (mostly based on what floor you happen to live on). Most students are either from Buffalo, Rochester, Long Island, or Westchester. This is especially true for freshman. Older students will find more international students and commuter students in their classes and/or group of friends. Most students are financially stable. There are not necessarily wealthy students here, although there are a few. Most students do live comfortable lifestyles. Students at UB are NOT politically aware or active. The campus is very non political. There are hardly ever protests. When there are, they are usually pathetic and die out after not even an hour. No one discusses their future paycheck.


If you were to go to the student union ( you could say this is the main building on campus where all students go), you would never feel out of place. There are many varieties of students everywhere you look, of all different religion and political affiliation.


There are many different types of people at this school, but not a ton of interaction between different cliques. The athletes tend to stick among the athletes, Greek life among Greek life, art kids among art kids, etc. It's easy to find your niche here and also easy to meet different types of people, but those different types of people probably won't become your best friends. Some of the clumping is just common sense- most nursing majors are female, most engineering majors are male, etc. The best way to branch out (if that's what you want) is to join multiple different organizations and take classes in different departments. Also, don't assume that just because you're at a big school you won't see multiple people you know every day. You will. So don't try to get away with sporting pajama pants and unwashed hair to campus.


There are enough students at this school so that it will not be hard for you to find students to love and hate. Students from all backgrounds and interests go to UB. Many students are Asian, as UB is a major school for international study.


There are enough students at this school so that it will not be hard for you to find students to love and hate. Students from all backgrounds and interests go to UB. Many students are Asian, as UB is a major school for international study.


The University at Buffalo is an incredible melting pot of diversity. We have students from all over the world and it shows in the variety of colors seen in the class rooms. We have various clubs that represent every ethnicity. The greatest part of these clubs is that they intermingle so that all students can learn about the different people at UB. If there were four tables in the dining hall, at each one there would be a odd grouping of people. You would see at one table a student with a cast after having a great run at snow boarding. He would be laughing with his friend who had a Pokemon key chain hanging from his belt. They would be eagerly discussing a recent Bills game while another student checked his homework assignment on his phone. The other tables would be similarly diverse. The best part about our dining halls is that they allow all of the students to come together on common ground.


First of all, there are many international students. They are from all over the places in this world. Each year there are many study-abroad students visit UB for a year and learn. This will increase the religion-diversity and social diversity. There are so many international student associations which everyone can join to learn different cultures and others. If you want to interact with students from other country, you can definately join your favorite country's student association and participate in mayn events they hold.


the studetn are very diverse, there are so many countries represented you can not pinpoint one type of person at UB.


UB is a very diverse school. There are all kinds of people here from around the world. There are people with different ethnicities, political views, family backgrounds, social classes, sexualities, etc. It seems most people here are from lower middle to middle class. Different types of students interact all the time. It is generally the people who seclude themselves who don't interact with others, but that is by choice. Most students are not politically aware or active. Students occasionally will talk about how much they'll earn one day. Usually in the manner of someone telling someone else they have a dumb major and they won't get a job and then there's some type of argument/discussion about it. Students wear whatever they want to class. Most wear jeans and a t-shirt or sweatshirt depending on the weather. Some Muslim women wear black robe like things that cover their body to the point where all you can see is their eyes. Don't worry, they're friendly people too. Most people are. There is too much drug use here. It's almost expected that people will assume you take drugs just because so many other people do.


We have students from over 100 different countries, but people tend to group together based on where they're from. A typical classroom setting will have a very diverse population, but the different groups tend not to mix too much outside of class. That being said, it's a pretty tolerant campus, with a large emphasis on respect and support for LGBT and ethnic student organizations.


They are approachable, you are able to ask anyone if you are in need.


they're pretty solid. good if you want to be social, but also good if you want to be a loner. at the libraries, there's no security, and there are always reports of laptops/bags/books stolen.....what fellow student steals from another student ? they're loyal - always the best to talk about life and sports


They are invovled and egar to learn and be challenged.


They're moronic, idiotic, drunks, possibly potheads, 'nuff said.


Diverse and laidback/


Some of them were friendly. A lot of them also felt the same way I did in some classes.


My classmates are diverse.


A group of UB musicians having a jam session in the dorms.


Most of my classmates are genuinely nice people. I don't have any issues with anyone I have come across so far. In class, most of the students that I befriend seem focused on succeeding in school and in life. My dorming expericence has been good as well. There are some people that are obviously not disciplined or responsible and I keep my distance from them.


It is so easy to meet people at Buffalo. It is very important for incoming freshman to live on campus. If you are set out to meet people, go out to parties, join clubs, then in the long run, you will have lots and lots of friends, no matter what you were like in High School.


At UB you will find ALL types of people. Every race, religion, socio-economic background, etc. There are large groups of both Asians and Long Islanders . However i dont think anyone has ever felt out of place at UB. Most students come from all over NY however there is a good mix of students from out of state from all over the country. There is also a large portion of people from rochester and buffalo. I think the environment of UB allows for a lot of mixing within the different groups. Most students at UB along with most college campuses are predominantly on the left side of the political spectrum.


UB has an extremely diverse population of students - it's awesome. There are people from all walks of life - non-traditional returning students, fresh out of high school, working their butt off to pay for gas, getting $200 from daddy every week, never have to study they're so smart, spending every free moment reading their notes. There are different ethnic backgrounds in every class. Close minded people will not do well on this campus. UB is very left liberal in its allowances of marches, speakers, and "days." Students walking around hear conversations about ANYTHING imaginable - even in different languages. Students attire ranges from business suits to pajamas. A nice middle ground is always good. lol. Please shower before coming to class, seriously. It's a little silly that UB claims to not be a religious school, yet we have off on all Jewish holidays. I don't mind the days off, but then why not have ALL major religious holidays off?


Very diverse campus, known for being a jewish school. and lots of international students. Lots of chances to meet new people though and many oppurtonities to go out at night and have a good time.


I like that UB is very diverse, or at least I felt like it used to be. There are still many students from all over but I feel like Chinese and Indians are dominating!


With the large amount of student clubs for everyone on campus, there is a place for everyone. And if for some reason there isn't, you can get 10 of your friends and form a new one. I've had interactions with many, and I feel that this would not have happened if I attended a smaller school. I'm thankful for the opportunity to interact with diversity, it makes me a better person. Class wardrobe varies. As a freshman, most student cannot believe you can wear pajamas, and wear those pretty much until their sophomore year. After that, especially in the Buiness school, I noticed a shift into Business casual and Business professional. That's how you knew you were growing up. Everyone interacts with each other, and I personally have not noticed "cliques" but fraternities and sororities do tend to sit together. Students are politically aware, however sad most get their information from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert (shout out to Stephen as he was just a distinguished speaker for our series).


I hate spandex.


I think we have an extremely diverse student body, and not any race would feel out of place at our school. Most students wear normal clothes, athletes usually wear sweatpants, and if ones race has a particular clothing attire, that's what is worn. Yes, different types of students interact, but it is normal for students to stay within their own comfort zone. Four tables in the the dining hall: An athletic team, A fraternity and/or sorority, and the two other tables would just consist of friends from the dorms or anywhere else. The students from Buffalo are from various parts of the country, and it appears that it's mostly middle class students.


I think that at UB if you look for it you can find it. There are tons of different kinds of groups and people around that someone is surely to find people like them as long as they make the effort to meet them. This is good because it allows everyone to do what they want. Some people dress nicely for class, others come in their clothes that they slept in. Its clear that some people have more money than others, but UB isn't a rich kids school. UB is incredibly diverse, there is no other way to put it.


UB is extremely diverse . . . it was the most diverse of the three public colleges I attended. Most students are from New York State . . . many are from Long Island. Unfortunately, some students from the NYC area display a disturbing lack of respect for Buffalo and its neighborhoods. While the campus is generally liberal, there is a deep mix of people. It would be difficult to feel out of place there, unless you don't like big schools.


Buffalo have lots of clubs, and lots of interesting people to meet.


There is honestly a group for everything... I work for SA (student association) and thats great too. The only way you will feel out of place is if your socially retarded and afraid to talk to anyone. You can talk about politics, religion, movies etc with anyone, everything is very prominent everywhere- I find it kind-of annoying at times, but thats because I like my set ways.


Awesome student body.


I have worked and represented the UB Student Association for the past years. I have had to deal with all types of racial groups and the experiences have been positive. I have learned very much about those around me, but more so about myself. Political thoughts are all across the board. You can find a scientologist on campus if you want.