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Growing up in Brooklyn, it was difficult to decide what would be a good fit, being that most people searched for people that look like them, in skin color and actions. When attending several tours, I felt that some colleges were heading students in the same light, I became really fustrated, but I must say what makes my college unique is the Diversity, everyone gets along and you are judged on your merit not what you look like.


One of the things that is very unique about our school is the Greek life. The Greek life is very dedicated to helping the community. They spend much of their weekends in Breast Cancer walks, gardens, cleaning the streets of Buffalo, tutoring, and fundraising. Another unique part about Buffalo State is the diverity as well. There are people from all over the world coming to our college. Our Study Abroad program is enormous, as well at the National Student Exchange program. Both work closely with other SUNY schools to ensure that you travel to your dream school.


Buffalo State is very open to applications and was very helpful in transferring credits already gained at community college to different programs here.


The campus is very green, in the way of trees and grass. There is a lot of space outside that is not just concrete.


Buffalo State College is very engaged in the community. What's more, Buffalo State offers a quality four-year education that is very affordable. It is also a well known campus, bringing in students from all over the state and the country.


It is a mix between urban and rural, good balance.


What's unique about my school is that being that its a college it's sort of small so they do they best to make sure that we have fun. They always have activities around campus so we can always get involved in campus life. They offer tutorting to students so that they can get extra help, there are always computers available so that people can be able to study, and they offer jobs on and off campus to the students that want them. We have festivals, games, etc, so that students can interact with each other. Its the best


The teachers have all had experience in the field they teach and they really care about their student success.


One unique thing about the University at Buffalo that sets it apart from other colleges is the ethnic diversity of the students that attend the college.


in 2006-2010, administrators didn't really care about students, or even pretended to if i remember correctly. when tuition/fees/textbooks were all going up, whilst financial aid was going down, our "flagship" school's president didn't stand up to NYS or SUNY to say "hey, we will not accept these cuts! (or something similar to that effect). UB 2020 is looking to be a collossal joke, and the benefits, if any will not be reaped for many more generations to come. hopefully by then, our loans will be paid off and we can collect social security.


My school is unique because its diversity, and its ability to encourage students to go green. Buffalo State College also encourages students to be safe. All schools are unique and this is in what way my school is unique; by creating a peaceful environment and helping to guide students to make good chioces in life.


The campus size is what first attracted me to the school, as it's not too large, but yet has much diversity. Also my considerations for my career was either in the social work field, or the education feild and buffalo state offers amazing programs in both which are well respected, and would impress future employers.Lastly the art centers that suround the campus are second to none in this area. This i think brings culture to the school.


it is very large with large class sizes and very diverse


It's at home and much smaller.


The teachers Exercise Science program that I am in are very helpful and have good teaching techniques.


very diverse culture and offers many opportunities


I ended up attending Buffalo State because it was the only one that had a good academic program in my major, and also a competitive track team. Many students at BSC are equal opportunity, and the other schools I looked at were made up of a relatively wealthy student body.


It is like a small community so most students are comfortable here.


Diversity among students and campus layout


Cultural diversity is stressed at this school which you don't see in many other schools


My school has two art museums very close to it. There is plenty of shopping and a beautiful park within walking distance.


I would highly recommend this school for those who live in NY state. Out of state students, you can definitly find the same colleges closer to you


I wouldn't recommend UB for a major you could get somewhere else. It's cheap and has a good reputation, but you have to be very active/smart to be noticed. Get in touch with your advisers and pick the major YOU want to study. They may try to sway you from Art to Art Administration (because you can get more jobs in that field), but if you want to do ART, do it! Don't be afraid of changing your major either. Trust your gut. Intern. Talk to professors. Get the low-down of what job you're aiming for. I've heard it works lol. And me not doing any of those things probably proves it!


Buffalo is great. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise. If you dont like it, youre doing something wrong, because there is plenty to do and a ton of people to meet




The Buffalo area in general is beautiful, lived here my whole life.


UB, just like any big school, is what you make of it. If you want to pass through and slip through the cracks, than you will not get much more out of college than just class and information. You will know if you experienced college the right way if afterwards you have a great amount of experience and have learned and changed a good deal. The process is figuring out what type of person you are, what type of worker you are, etc.