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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Cook outs and SpringFest


Partying is definitely the most popular activity in the school, if not, going on a date. SUNY Buffalo has many organizations, frats, and student associations that likes to organize parties for the students. You will hear about parties at least 4 times a week. However, if you're not a party-person and so is your friend, you will be most likely to be at the dormitory just relaxing in the common area. This is also a common sight in the school. Many people will just drop by at your room and relax, talk then go for a cigarette. This isn't a bad idea, especially during exam weeks. Because the school isn't too big, you can easily find your friends walking around in school so using the phone is very rare. There are 2 malls around the school and it is the hot spot for many students to go shop and play during holidays.


Popular? You would think it's our athletics right? Pffft. No- well, I guess it depends on your definition of popular. When I think of popular, I think of most memorable, and what is definitely the most memorable thing i've seen students doing was going to frats, sororities, and partying!


The University at Buffalo is committed to making sure that students always have an alternate to going out drinking on weekend nights. Though Stay-Up UB (which is a program that runs on weekend nights to make sure that Students have an alternative activity to going out,) to the Undergraduate Student Association's activities ranging from Circus's, Comedy Series, Small Concerts, and the major Concert Series of FallFest and SpringFest, which last year brought big names, such as Jason Mraz, B.O.B, Naz, Bruno Mars, and The Fray. UB also has the Distinguished Speakers Series, which in 2011 brought Michael J. Fox, and in past years have brought former Presidents, diplomats, the Dali Lama, and so many more. This is College though, so going out does play a part in the social scene at Buffalo. On a Tuesday night, I would either be home studying, or the bars on Main Street always have great specials or Flip Nights. Certain bars are strict about Id's, but there are plenty of 18+ bars by campus to cater to the under students. South Campus is where the Fraternities and Sororities have "unofficial" housing off campus. This is where the open parties happen, and where students go to let off some steam. The University provides 24 hour busing though from North Campus to South Campus, to make sure that students always have a safe ride home on the weekends. Going out is not everything though. I met my best friends in college through being active in Student Government, and other organizations on campus. About half the time on the weekends, we usually just cook big dinners together and have movie nights. The campus is large enough where one will find a weekend activity that best suits them.


The Student Association, or SA, is both the autonomous student government on campus and also the umbrella organization for the 300+ other clubs on campus- everything from religious groups, political clubs, our popular Ski Club, Students Against Sweatshops, Circle K, Quidditch Team (not kidding) and more. We also have twenty Division 1 sports teams, club sports, and intramural sports, and admission to all athletic events is free for students. Greek life only makes up about 5{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the student population and we don't have a Greek row, but fraternities and sororities are tight-knit and control much of the party scene. There are always events going on in the Student Union for students to go to, from holiday festivals to weekly free movie nights to poster sales to farmers markets. We also have our free semesterly concert series (called Springfest and Fallfest), our free guest speaker series (the Distinguished Speakers series), and our annual outdoor mud volleyball tournament (fittingly named Oozefest). If you're bored, you're doing something wrong.


The Student Association (student government) is the only 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} student run government in NY which sponsors over a 100 clubs. If a club does not exist the process for starting one is fairly simple. Many students on North campus use the 24/7 free busing system to join students on South to patronize bars on Main st. Buffalo is also a $40 cab ride, which isn't bad split between a few people.


One of the largest groups at UB is the Combined Martial Arts Club. A group of which I am on the E-Board for and the competition team. The best part about this club is that any student can join regardless of experience. We bring in experts in different martial arts, and participate in numerous community service events. The clubs and all others offer students the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. You can party with the clubs and make life time friends.The clubs are awesome because you meet great people and your fun goes beyond the club. With your new friends you go to the athletic events and Party hard on True Blue Avenue. You can join a Frat if that is your style, or you can enjoy the Buffalo community with your new friends.


There is a large group called Student Association where they set up all the student events such as fall fest, homecoming week, orientation week(in the beginning of school year), and events all year round. Each year, we have Fall Fest, in which there is concert with singers including a famous ones each year( this year, the frays came and last year jason maraz came). Also we have societies in every majors, such as business frat, pre-dental or pre-med association. There are game nights in Student Union a few times each semester. Also, each year, the Student Association invites number of guest speakers. I attended two, which are Kofi Annan and Michael J. Fox ones. Great influence and great experience to get to see the famous ones.


i am a commuter so i dont really knwo teh most popular groups


True Blue is probably the biggest organization here at UB. It is in charge of all the sporting events and there are way to get involved in school pride activities. There are lots of activities around campus. I am in the chess club, intramural basketball and football, Smash club (super smash brothers (video game)), and NSCS (National Society of Collegiate Scholars). Many people join fraternities/sororities. There are a few professional on campus fraternities/sororities, but many people join off-campus ones and there are a lot of those. It's best to stay away from them. They're not clean and many dangerous activities go on there.


north and south has its pros/cons @ N - pretty isolated with pockets of socialization, but then again, thats where the alleged kidnap/rape, alleged gunman in lockwood (spring '10), and suicide (june '10) happened @ S - bar scene with many good hangouts, always a fun time at S b/c of houseparties and the Drunk Bus, but also University Heights - UB police can't help you b/c you're a UB student, but live off campus, and city police can't help b/c you live in Buffalo city lines, but are a UB student (buffalo police is only good for giving parking tickets)


there are hundreds of academic clubs, sports clubs, intramurals, sirorities, frats to keep you busy. I will recommend you to join anything, even if it is just one club. Buffalo is not a booming city, and I don't see it to be in the near future, but it is a cheap city to live and play. Bowling, AAA Baseball games, free movies at the student union. There are a ton of stuff to do.


There are tons of different groups you can get involved in and if you are interested they are very easy to become a part of. Students are typically very friendly and open minded. As far as freshamn year i know most people left their doors open and it was very easy to meet people then. Most of my closest friends are the people i lived with on the same floor freshmen year however this is not the case for everyone. Many of my other friends are friends of friends and friends from classes, clubs and out of school activities. Athletic events are not that well attended but the concert series are usually well attended. There are many fraternities and sororities whcih are all located on south campus but i would say they get less important as you go through college if you are not involved in them. Off campus there are plently of restaurants, shopping, bars, and other events to do that do not involve drinking. So whatever you are interested in you can find things to do either way. Not involving drinking there are movie theaters, bowling alleys, shopping malls, indoor golf centers, arcades etc.


I was not involved very much on campus - probably due to commuting and not being a partier. Frats and sororities are loud. I think the campus doesn't work so well for people who do not dorm or live close by. It's hard "breaking in" to groups.


Whatever you become involved in is popular to you. The TrueBlue is a sports pride group which is probably the most widely known. I was President of the American Marketing Association, which is a national organization with a chapter here at SUNY Buffalo. The whole experience was great and I met a lot of close friends. I didn't dorm so I wouldn't know about life in a res hall. Athletic events are a ton of fun with your friends especially if you tailgate. Guest speakers and events are fun and usually are free. I met my closest friends in classes and organizations throughout campus. There is a lot to do in Buffalo when the weather is nice, take a short drive to Niagara Falls/Canada, go to the beach, go to a park, etc. In winter, sports games and skiing are very popular.


My circle of friends are all in athletics and i love it


Being in athletics, I'm obviously going to say that being a division I athlete is popular, but to be honest I'm really not sure what other groups/organization/etc. are popular on campus. I know there are a lot of club athletic teams as well. If you live on a dorm floor where everyone knows one another, yes doors are left open. Otherwise they usually aren't. Athletics events aren't as popular as they should be; guest speakers are usually pretty popular, and I'm unsure about theater events. I meet my closest friends through sports. Obviously athletes for the most part are going to hang out with other athletes. I'm sleeping at 2am, I usually have practice early in the morning. People do party constantly in Buffalo though. There's always something going on. On Saturdays I like to do things like ice skating, bowling, go to the movies, etc. (These are things I also do off campus).


I belong to the UB swim team, and therefore I am blessed with about 50 odd people that I am with every day. We do everything together and generally stick together, my teammates are my friends. We do mix with other athletic teams and through AFA I have been able to meet other people. True Blue is starting to break down the athlete-rest-of-the school divide but it's there. The athletes do not like the Greeks point and fact. People party at UB and it depends on who you hang out with the amount that you party. For some people the weekend starts on Thursday night, others never go out. For me if I go out in-season it's only Saturday night, but in the off season we tend to have a little more fun.


Amherst, where the North Campus is located, is pretty dull for the typical college student, although there are many places to shop and eat. Getting around Amherst, though, will require a car. In the City of Buffalo, where South Campus is located, students have access to a decent public transportation system. Many will say that there's nothing to do in Buffalo, but that's because most students don't look farther than the clubs and bars on Chippewa Street downtown. Buffalo also possesses a lot of unique architecture, a great park system, cultural amenities (art museum, historical society, symphony, theater), and entertainment. In addition, Ontario, Canada is right across the Peace Bridge and Niagara Falls is 30-40 minutes away.


I would say friends and clubs are pretty popular, especially when there is club activities, shows, and performances are very entertaining.


UB has had some amazing speakers, comedians, and concerts. Some include... and this is just SOME Kanye West, Incubus, American Rejects, T-Pain soo many more Dane Cook, Paton Oswald, Brian Regan, Steven Cobert, Conan O'Breian etc... The Dali Lama, George Bush Senior, Bill Clinton, etc... Sabres and Bills games ($20 tickets) Also the Center for the Arts gets a ton of acts to go there... plays etc And the best thing is- its all free if your a student Tons of annoying frats and sororities, and a ton of people from all over NYC especially... Pretty decently safe campus-


Theres frats, bars, clubs downtown. Its harder to meet girls during the day unless you are in a smaller class or a club. Ellicott dorms are its own little community.


Every group is popular in its own. The rugby team, schussmeisters ski club, and student association all have their fun. Rugby team is centered around team social experiences, while schussmeisters incorporates members and the UB community in its events. Student Association has clubs that throw their own parties for anyone that wants to go, and throws it's own many times during the year.