SUNY Buffalo State Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Some professors because some of them are of no help when you need assistance.


availability of parking on weekday mornings


Same as before, in that some of the professors who taught entry level courses made the students really not want to learn. The attitude was sometimes so bad and demeaning towards the students, as if they had become jaded from years of teaching entry-level courses.


Right now there is a lot of construction going on so sometimes routes are blocked and it becomes a problem for students.


Parking has to be the worst part of my school. It is brutal trying to find a parking spot anywhere close to where you are going.


the food options at the school, i iwsh there were healthier options.


I think the worst thing about SUNY College at Buffalo is that there are a large amount of students that attend that have a bad attitude towards education and are generally apathetic towards their work. I would prefer to be surrounded by other people that actually are looking towards their future and want to be succesful in school and their career. There are many students who care, but sometimes they get drowned out by the others.


I would honestly say the worst thing about my school is the weather, durning the winter we can easliy get more than 10 inches and above in snow. Though i love snow storms someimes it can be difficult to walk through, but campus maintance makes sure that all path ways are cleared.


The fact you don't always see the same people everyday. It makes it hard to keep close friends.


The worst thing about the school is the lack of organization in some areas. You have to be well aware of what needs to be completed to graduate by keeping your own personal records. I have dealt with many mix up and mistakes in the administration dept.


There is not a lot of guidance by advisors. It is difficult to apply for a major, and to register for classes.


the worst thing about the school is the late of parking. alot of students are commuters and they drive to school and half the time there is no parking. some students would have to come to the school hours before there class just to get a parking stop and that is bad


The worst thing about my school would probably be the lack of parking space. This isnt a personal concern for me because I live on campus and therefore can't havea car on campus, but I hear my friends complain about it a lot. What is worse is that they just took away a parking lot in order to construct a new dormitory.


The financial aid that is offered to students is not fair from my perspective. You can only receive financial aid if you're parents don't make that much money. Also, scholarships are only offered to freshman. No scholarship opportunities are available to students who excel in college but are not freshman.


Stupid students


The parking situation... the parking lots are too far away and there are so many incidents of assault and rape. Also, there are not even enough parking spots for all of the students.


location of off campus housing near high crime area and poor police enforcement in the area