SUNY Buffalo State Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


clueless, unintelligent, friendly


Buffalo is too big of a school.


A lot of UB students come from Long Island, New York. So the native buffolonians make fun of Long Islanders while the LI's say the Buffolonains are jealous.


Buffalo has a wide range of Diversity in its population.


that it is a huge school and you will never see the same people all the time lots of long island people


Buffalo isn't exactly a "friendly" place.


Buffalo gets lot of snow, but its also a very nice place in the warm months. We are known for our chicken wings of course. We have great food here. You will never go hungry here. We are known for the night life, one word Chippewa!


Buffalo is assumed to be a boring place to live because essential there is not much to do.


About Buffalo in general, bad sports teams and it snows year round. However, recently I heard that another undergraduate student from another Buffalo college thought that the University at Buffalo was too large, everyone gets lost, no one talks to anyone because everyone walks around with their headphones on and everyone is Jewish.


its always cold, the weather sucks, everyone is into hockey, a lot of jewish students, the athletes suck


Too much snow; Students have no school pride and do not really care about their athletics


When people think of UB they think of a few things: terrible athletics, Jewish Holidays, Asians, pharmacy/math,science based majors and Snow. People think that the students at UB are of a lesser intelligence than at other schools simply because the school is in the SUNY system.


Buffalo is cold and snowy. Buffalo is a dying city. Buffalo is a small town.




We are eskimos. We are hicks. We are Toronto's bitch. We can't win at anything.


That Buffalo is always under snow... yes we have had some crazy snow storms and ice storms, but our summers are some of the best, absolutely beautiful. Also, we know that the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres are yet to win a championship- so stop telling us. It will happen some day! Another- we are all drunks... well our bars close at 4:00-am! What do you expect?


Its cold. People talk funny. Long Island girls are skanky.


They don't care about the athletics program and just go there to get an education, not have a social time.