SUNY College at Brockport Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The SUNY College at Brockport is not only a place for education but a source of interactions between students and instructors with knowledge and experience; giving them the upmost expertise in their career and allowing that knowledge to educate young students who may be upcoming in the field of study.


one big community where u can achieve student success


SUNY Brockport is suitabile for students interested in a learning environment that is decicated, ethical, and has classrooms that aren't overcrowded.


The College at Brockport provides a friendly environment where it is easy to learn.


A close community focused on learning.


The professors care about your success and if you need help they are always there and there are a variety of extra curricular activities to do from clubs to club sports or fraternaties/sororities and clubs specifcally for your major.


Bombtastically relevant


Brockport has a friendly small college-town vibe, but is really close to the city of Rochester, NY.


A friendly community.


High quality overall educational experience, but you get out whatever you put in.


Brockport is a good place to learn and has alot of oppurtunities for their students, but grades have to be kept up in a lot of specific programs.


Typcial college that opens you up to opportunities that you would not have if you did not go here.


The College at Brockport is a small liberal arts college located in a rural town that focuses on student participation in the learning process and creating career goals and connections.


SUNY Brockport is an extremely friendly and diverse school with both the students and staff.


my school is a small family with children adaopted from around the world.


My school has really good professors but needs to work on other things to improve their quality.


SUNY Brockport is a higher educational institution that cares about the professional development and academic success of its students.