SUNY College at Brockport Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students vary at Brockport. We're not just one stereotype. People have different believes and I have yet to see anyone ridiculed for that (unless you're a hater). If you're religious, our school has a church. We also have a LGBT alliance group, and we're constantly raising awareness for political and economic events (like Kony 2012). Our school mostly consists of middle class people, but most people who attend college are in the middle class range. A lot of students are from NY, specifically the Long Island and NYC area. Don't think you have to get dressed up to go to class. Wear what makes you comfortable. If you like dressing to the 9's, that's cool. If you wanna rock sweats and a graphic shirt, that's cool too.


We have a fantastic SOUL on campus for the GBLT community. I am the VP of Hillel on campus and we have several Christen clubs. There are dance clubs, eco friendly clubs you name it! If we don't have a club for you you can even start one. I think if you like a lot going on all the time you may feel out of place. Also if you are used to being in a big city all the time. We do have a large number of students from NYC who love it here but it does take a bit of transition. Most of the students are from NY we don't have many out of state kids. Even more of the students are with in a two hour drive.


My classmates are kind and they can be relied on to relay information learned in class.


My classmates were all very friendly and willing to help out


My classmates are very independent and hard workers.


The classmates at my school are all great people who know how to balance school and a social life.


Many of them are focused on having a successful career after college and put forth the effort necessary to accomplish their goals.


An extremely diverse, strange, wonderful, friendly group that should probably be in therapy, yet make everything in the world make sense.


My classmates are very friendly individuals who are willing to help answer any questions that I have and are open to forming study groups and such to prepare for exams or projects that are due.


My classmates range from male/female, straight/gay, and various ethnicities. and with that I have learned that it does not matter where you are from and how you where raised but that we all have the same wishes, dreams and hopes and with that , no matter what, working together with others is the only way that we will be able to accomplish helping to educate all.


My classmates were silent, studious, but attentive too.


My classmates are quiet when uninterested and amazing when interested.


Everyone is really nice, but there are those groups of people that everyone tries to avoid.


Intent on learning the material for the most part. Focused and not distracting to others. They want to do well.


People you learn with, some friendly.. others not. Same as people you will meet throughout your life.


The students that come in with you are immature and most are away from their parents and their restrictions for the first time. DOn't allow this to go to your head like the rest of them surely will.


The College at Brockport students are somewhat diverse ethnically/racially and very liberal; they are often outspoken and middle class.


mostly under achievers, or not smart


My classmates are smart, nice and wonderful.


My classmates are caring, intelligent, kind, helpful, and what who I look forward to seeing every weekday.


they are real people, and they will do as much to help you as you do to help them. long lasting friends if you want them.


Classmates in Brockport are very accepting, open to meet new people as well as willing to help someone that does not understand materials


My classmates are very goal oriented and opinionated.