SUNY College at Brockport Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


It has the best Excercise Science and Kinesiology program in the Northeast.


When i talk about Brockport i like to emphasize the location. Nice country town on the canal. Brockport also at the top for food quality among SUNY shcools. Good food makes for happy students.


I brag about how much fun I had at Brockport. I joined a sorority and had a ton of friends to socalize with, go shopping to near by malls, go to sports events, lunch/dinner, and through our sorority/farternity activities we always had a place to go party at least Thursday-Saturday. I also made great friends in my dorm freshman year, who are still my closest college friends, they played sports so I was able to go vist them at games and had a more diverse group of friends than just my sorority/farternity friends.


There are small, intimate classes, nice on-campus housing, and accessible and readily available computer labs.


I brag about my friends at school because they are the best friends I have ever had.


Trax- the food place being on the erie canal


The dining services provided by BASC! (Brockport Auxiliary Services Corporation)


The professors are very nice and caring.