SUNY College at Brockport Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If a person does not like a smaller campus and a small town, they should not attend this school. Otherwise, I personally feel that this school is very welcoming to everyone, and anyone can fit right in easily. There is always something to do at this school whether it be a sports game, organization/event, or a night out in town.


A person who is not dedicated should not attend this school. The College at Brockport really focuses on helping you do your best. If you aren't willing to try and put in time and effort, than it is simply a waste of everyone's time!


A person with a strong interest in the sciences. Brockport does not have a strong science faculty, especially for advance sciences and the buildings for lab space and research is not state or the art. There were very few people I knew who majored in sciences like Chemistry and I never knew anyone doing research projects. Besides having poor facilities and faculty, the programs are not diverse either in the sciences, there is basically biology or chemistry.


I've learned that college is not for everyone, but that doesn't apply to me. So I guess someone who is the opposite of me. Someone who is not aggressive with their education. Someone who is not confident in their future apirations. College is an the process by which a person makes an investment towards their future by advancing their place in society based on an education that they will most likely use to better themselves in their specific career choice.


Someone who wants a big city college with lots of people around and just and all around busy city life. Brockport is located in a rural part of Rochester, so many times you have to travel out towards Rochester to get a glimpse of "city life"


Partiers that don't intend on doing any work whatsoever.


Everyone is welcomed.


people that are attracted to big city environments and impersonal teaching styles


The kind of person who should not attend this school is a person who does not like cold weather and hard classes. Also there aren't majors for engineering and arcitechture at Brockport.


Someone who likes a small school atmosphere (and Squirrels!)


anyone can attend


If you are very liberal, creative, or artistic. If you are independent minded and don't like sheep mentality.


Not sure. Anyone should go